Hackers have taken down a conservative website over THIS “BLACKS ONLY” manual for ‘Black Brunch’ protests!

When hackers attack a website because they’re angry about information being spread, you can bet we won’t back down. That’s exactly what happened to our friends at WeaselZippers.us when their incontinent writer @DefendWallSt discovered and published a manual for the stupid “black brunch” protests this weekend.

HERE are the screenshots they don’t want you to see!! (screw em!)


black brunch manual - defendwallst

The term “diaspora” means “scattering” and usually is applied to Jews being cast out of Israel, but it has been co-opted by black activists to apply to those who were taken out of Africa to other countries. So in other words, no white eyeballs are supposed to look at this page or your face will melt like at the end of Indiana Jones!!

Oh here’s more:

black brunch manual - defendwallst-4 black brunch manual - defendwallst-3

We are in possession of the rest of the manual, but it’s pretty dull, so we’ve only posted these excerpts. This is what you can expect in the days to come as the “Black Brunch” protests spread to other cities to annoy white people eating their eggs benedict.

Help spread this far and wide and piss off the idiot racist protesters!!

Thanks to WeaselZippers for defending itself against these degenerate hackers! We stand with you!!

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