Hamas Imam: “Kill all the Jews”

While lefties in this country politicize mass shootings and attempt to demonize speech from the Right as vitriolic hate speech, this is just a not so subtle reminder of what real hate speech looks like:

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20 thoughts on “Hamas Imam: “Kill all the Jews”

  1. The difference between the 3 Religions of being a Muslim, a Jew , and a Christian. Muslims serve a God and feel that they have to prove themselves to God, Jews were waiting for a savior and missed the boat when Jesus came, and they are more into the Law and ritual than Worship, and Christianity where through Christ death on the cross, and resurrected our God loves us, has paid for our sins and is a living tangible God who we don’t have to justify ourselves to, for through Jesus i have been justified and I am to only follow the bible, and the Holy Spirit to work to do my best to live a sin free life but when I fall short repent and get away from that sin and back towards God.
    Not trying to insult anyone of any other background I don’t have to be right but if you see Islam in the way I do, you will see where the hate and the action comes from.
    Agree disagree I don’t need to be right that is just in my heart how i see the 3 religions

    1. islam is not a religion, it’s a culture of people that have had their DNA mutated over the centuries. It is a mental illness.

  2. There is no excuse for anyone who has internet access to not know basic facts about Islam. Muslims are very proud of Islam because they believe Islam is the only true religion. This is a fact that can be readily seen in about 10 minutes of reading any pro-Islam site that comes up after a basic Google search using the single word Islam.

    Curious people need not read a single word of any anti-Islam site they find. Skip those. Read just a few pro-Islam sites and you will learn all you need to know about the basic beliefs of all Muslims. Not “radical” Muslims. Not “extremist” Muslims. Basic, plain, vanilla Islam that all Muslims must believe in in order to call themselves Muslim.

    Anyone does that simple, easy reading would not find that video shocking. Those are your average Muslims, folks. And they’re very proud of themselves.

  3. You know, if I were somehow kidnapped by some radical Muslims and they were filming a movie entitled “Off With His Head” and I were the Star of it…

    …I’d say, “Hey, that’s not very Christian of you!” and when they said “Hey, we’re Wahhabi Muslims!” I’d have to say, “Well then, go right ahead.”

    1. R- LOL, I’m trying to type a response, LOL, I had to shut off Michael Savage to concentrate on your comment because as soon as I read “if I were somehow kidnapped”, I couldn’t stop laughing…….Those poor Muslim would have their hands full…..

        1. And to shut off Savage as he’s interviewing Trump and hitting Islam and China hard……..

          1. Sniff…I have a single tear, teetering precariously on me lower lash, and you’re to blame. It’s plump and full…rotund even…like a 9 and 1/2 month expectant Mother. Full of gratitude, humility, and new life. Sniff…there it goes…splash….right on my keyboard.

            Who turned out the lights?! I think I shorted out my house…the whole thing!

            Darn you Grizmarelda! Darn you to heck.

        2. Mommy used to tell me that I was “smaaaht” but nobody ever called me “Genus” before. U da, Grizzliest…

          …but to stay on subject. I don’t think Muslims should kill Jewish people. I think they should read “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” 🙂

  4. I will never forget the images of the men handing out candy in the streets of Gaza and Palestine and Afganistan after 9/11 to the children who were dancing. They were happy about the Twin Towers falling. They too, were “yelling death to the …” The women who usually are stone faced were smiing too.

  5. I thought I would translate for the libs. – “Oh Satan, we adore you, Oh Satan you are number 1 in our deceptive book, Oh Satan we think you’re a cool dude, Oh Satan you do deception like no other, Oh Satan you are a great teacher, Oh Satan we are so ready to do some head chopping, Oh Satan thank you for your kindness to our boys who can’t wait to chop some Jew heads off and use them for their next soccer game.”

    Obviously I’m not talking about Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims are tolerant and find a perfect fit within the welcoming arms of America. You all know that only hypocrites, stupid, narrow minded, intolerant, Islamophobes stereotype all of Islam, which backs them into a corner forcing them to fly jets into buildings, kill, rape, bomb subways and chop off heads. If it wasn’t for lying conservative media we wouldn’t even know this was going on.

    A lot of research and friends who’ve survived Islam helps to share truth.

      1. Yes, and those “good Muslims” who speak out against the “infidels” that have left the perfect religion of hate call these testimonies… violent rhetoric….Good Muslims (by Islam’s standard) have to attack anyone who has discovered truth and left Satans religion. Islam is not known for its open minded debates. It’s their way or the highway and that is without your head….

  6. Wouldn’t it have been perfect timing for a missile to pass overhead, just as the idiot was crying for the demon he worshiped to “make the Earth shake”, dropping APCBMs (Anti-Personnel Cluster Bomb Munitions)? This is precisely why the USA (Army) needs to heavily invest in seabasing (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/seabase.htm), as does the USMC and USN. The DOD and MIC (Military Industrial Complex) needs to get their heads out of their asses and un-f*ck themselves when it comes to replacing the M4 (http://www.bushmaster.com/acr/#/intro), getting a good LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/lcs.htm) online and making the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) something other than a BIG POS. We need the Raptor back in full production. Maybe when we get another Operation Overlord style beach invasion of Soldiers and Marines coming ashore, backed by USN, USMC and USA air support and un-mothballed battleship guns, terrorists might start considering the possibly severe consequences of attacking American interests. Rummy (Rumsfeld) was right: let SOCOM start calling the shots. It’s time for the Little Army to start running the show, and have the Big Army go along for the ride. Cutting guys like SF, Rangers, SeALs and Force Recon loose for the Worldwide Mayhem Tour 2011 would probably discourage public displays of stupidity like the one in the video. Especially, considering they’d probably have a few of these handy to watch the show (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett_M82).

  7. They are calling the wrath of God upon their own heads and don’t know it.
    I am very sorry for them.

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