Hannity exposes NBC hack-editing of 911 tape in Trayon Martin case, NBC to do internal investigation

Hannity had a great segment on his show Friday night where he and Brent Bozell of the MRC went through the bad coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, and in so doing exposed NBC’s hack-job edit of the original 911 tape. First here’s the segment (via Newsbusters):

The Today show played this edit of the 911 tape:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

But the actual conversation on the 911 tape went like this:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

According to the Washington Post, NBC has said it will now conduct an internal investigation:

NBC told this blog today that it would investigate its handling of a piece on the “Today” show that ham-handedly abridged the conversation between George Zimmerman and a dispatcher in the moments before the death of Trayvon Martin. A statement from NBC:

“We have launched an internal investigation into the editorial process surrounding this particular story.”

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47 thoughts on “Hannity exposes NBC hack-editing of 911 tape in Trayon Martin case, NBC to do internal investigation

  1. These people are evil. They are willfully, with full knowledge and forethought, doing great harm. The media used to play an important role in society – keeping others honest. Now that they are as corrupt as those they cover, we are all poorer for it.

  2. Hello news to anyone that can read…….Zimmerman was told not to persue but to stay in his car…Zimmerman’s dad is a retired supreme court judge &friends with the attorney general who made a special trip to the police station that night and over ruled the detective’s decision to charge with manslaughter….Zimmerman did not have a broken nose, Tayvon was the one heard screaming according to FBI analysis, George still had on the clothes (from the scuffle?) no blood spatter anywhere….since when is it a block watch persons right to shoot anyone walking down the sidewalk in the rain? Most criminals 9 out of 10 will run from someone thought to be a law officer not to them to fight???Get real people. If you were a teen and some stranger came up to you in the dark that was twice your size what would you do? shake his hand? Zimmerman was a flustrated want to be cop, that killed a teen because he wanted to be a bad ass. Look at his past criminal history of arrest. Tayvon was never arrested just a kid walking home. Shame on this TV right wing BS

  3. From Breitbart:

    “…President Barack Obama’s very own Chicago on a weekend when 49 people were shot and 10 others were killed.”


    Is there a more disgusting performance by any other people on this planet? Even cannibals honor their dead before eating the carcass. If somebody dies and you can get a buck or you can cower whitey back to the suburbs, then the death of that black person matters.

    10 people dead in Chicago, killed by hoodie scum in their own neighborhoods, doesn’t even get honorable mention by the Greased President and his cow, Chew-baca. The man is insane. He pretend that everyone in this country is as thick-head, dull witted as….

    Parents of dead children, does this not give you pause? If your black child is killed by whites, it’s important. If your child is murdered by blacks, well, it’s just another day in the hood?

    What is it you wanted from your fellow citizens? You wanted respect? Tax Dollars?

    lv. msg.

  4. This is the tail wagging the dog. All these racial Aholes are the tail because they reside near the stinky part of the dog. Thank God this is being brought to light because all those people must be held accountable for these slanderous acts of biggotry.

  5. Didn’t Dan Rather & all of his colleagues get canned for something less inflammatory than this with the GWB story? If heads don’t roll at NBC and the other networks don’t pick up on this & run with it, then they’re all equally guilty.

    I also wonder if the Hispanic community is paying attention to this? Are the demoncrats the ones who are “championing” their cause?

    Ugh – this whole thing just makes me SICK!

  6. An internal investigation…yeah, whatever. You have to pretend like it wasn’t known to be a hack job. Crap like this has very serious consequences, and could spark riots or people getting killed. They are intentionally stirring up racial anger and the left along with the media needs to be outed. People need to start being charged with criminal behavior. I would say this is instigating violence.

  7. A civilized country is defined in good part by its citizen’s obedience to the rule of law.
    The most glaring omission in this case has been the absence of the law – in arresting the lawbreakers who are offering bounties and inciting riots and further criminal activity. The fact that many of these are ‘lawmakers’ in Congress should make no difference. Where are the enforcers of the law?
    The longer this crap goes on the more of a precedent is set for the upcoming summer riots to wreak more havoc, with no resistance.
    This is just part one of 0zero’s continuing series. Stay tuned.

  8. I will bet ONE TRILLION Counterfeit Chinese American Dollars that Bernanke is using to prop up the Economy on behalf of El Presidente’ that not a single person or persons will be found, named, identified, or even snitched on…And another coverup begins…

    1. I don’t believe for a second it was a single individual that sneaked this in on them. Quite a few of them had to hear the original tape, so they knew…as an organization…that it had been spliced. They should be massively fined and maybe even charged with a crime. Why crime? Because things like this have potential to spark riots and violence that gets people killed…and they are doing it on purpose.

  9. First, I am shocked that Brent Bozell said, “I don’t know if he did this. If he did I hope they string him up”. At this point the facts aren’t known and NO ONE – from either side – should be using inflammatory language in connection with this case. It’s not helping. This whole thing needs to be calmed down. People need to take a breath and step back.

    That said, I don’t expect Nincompoops, Boobs and Charletans (NBC) will “find any wrongdoing” with their coverage. After all, this is the network that deliberately rigged a GMC pickup to explode to “prove” that the trucks had a problem with “catching on fire”. This is how NBC rolls. It’s what they do.


    1. I think when things like this happen they should be threatened with losing their liscense to even be on air and eventually lose it if behavior doesn’t get corrected. I’m not talking political twists of the truth, but flat out lies that have major and serious consequences.

  10. Regardless of what the left media or the right media is saying a teen got shot by a guy who had no right to act like a cop.

    If everyone starts walking around with guys and starts shooting the moment they are questioned or challenged it will be a lawless land..

    Zimmerman should have been charged and the court should have been asked to decide .. now things have gone out of hand and the media is deciding..
    In most countries Zimmerman would have been in prison waiting trail.. Goes to show how shoddy american legal system is.

    1. It’s to bad he got shot, but all accounts and witnesses say Zimmerman was attacked by Martin and was on the ground in a beat down. The stand your ground rule doesn’t really apply here, the rule of self defense does, because Zimmerman didn’t have the option of retreating, he was on the ground. He couldn’t retreat. Stop trying to make Martin out to be the only victim here. He’s the one that started the altercation and unfortunately for him Zimmerman was armed. You threaten someone’s life, they have a natural right to defend themselves even if deadly force is necessary.

    2. Being a member of a neighborhood watch is not “acting like a cop”. There isn’t enough law enforcement out there to watch every block of every neighborhood. Citizens need to fill the the holes. You weren’t there and neither was I but you would be lying if you did not agree that if you saw the same thing in your neighborhood, you would not be suspicious. The guy was shot in the chest, not in the back. I don’t believe Zimmerman ran up to him and shot him for no reason. It’s not logical. Yes, it seems profiling was going on, but to deny that it should is hypocritical. You are going overboard in suggesting the “guy” started shooting the moment he was questioned or challenged. You don’t know. And I disagree with your statement that he should have been charged. Yes, things are out of hand and the media is pushing a racist agenda. But that would have happened, charged or not. And yes, in some countries, Zimmerman would have been in prison awaiting trail. But America is not ‘some country’. It was not obvious a crime had been committed. A grand jury will decide if an indictment is in order. You say the media is rushing to judgement. It is apparent you are also rushing to judgement. Let the system work.

      1. Exactly my point.. i dont know who is guilty but i think in the very least Zimmerman should have been charged and the case should have gone to court.

        1. Charged with what? At this point, according to law enforcement, it is a case of self-defense. If that is the initial conclusion, why arrest him? Now, when the case is studied and looked at and massaged by the state’s Grand Jury, and they conclude it is other than self-defense, then he will be charged and the case will go to court. That is the system, like it or not. I’m not trying to be ugly or disrespectful to your opinion. All I am saying is this; Until they find evidence or otherwise conclude that Zimmerman did not act in self-defense, they have no reason or right, thanks to the Law, to arrest him.

          1. Whatever has come in the media seems sufficient to go to court.. until it goes to court the media circus will continue.

            1. Do not depend on the media to provide sufficient evidence. They are only interested in their ratings and agenda. Sufficient evidence of a crime is not there at this point. Maybe later, but not now. Whichever way it goes, the media circus is in it for the long haul; to milk it, gin it, pump it. If it was possible to remove them from the equation, as we should all strive to do, the system will most likely work. I say ‘most likely’, because it has failed before. But, it’s all we have. Thank you for the civil discourse.

        2. Well, lucky for the rest of us, the American justice system does work well and it’s not up to ignorant people such as yourself to decide who gets “charged” and who does not. You criticize a system for not giving you the results you want. Brilliant. You have no facts about what actually happened, you have no knowledge of what was discussed and looked at within the justice system, yet you criticize it for….what exactly? Unreal.

    3. People who argue that Zimmerman just walked up to Martin and shot him for no good reason are out of touch with reality. What reason would Zimmerman have to do that?? Because Martin was “wwb in a gc”? Do you honestly believe that Zimmerman, being a concealed carry permit holder so knowing the laws that deal with drawing a weapon, would just start shooting because he was questioned or challenged by Martin?? Do you think he would have done that KNOWING that the cops that HE CALLED were on the way?? C’mon, it’s just not logical. People don’t act like that.

      The state will not arrest someone who they believe has not committed a crime. If they believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense and committed no crime then he will not be arrested. What crime do you want him to be charged with?

    1. My father has been saying that sincere far back as I can remember in the 70’s. I was too young to understand then and thankful now that so many more Americans are on to the treachery!

  11. NBC commits journalist fraud that helps to incite the modern day “lynching” of George Zimmerman, and could potentially be used by violent perpetrators to justify their violent acts. Yet, it is Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and the Tea Party that need to be censored or removed from the airwaves.

    As VirusX said earlier in the thread, Zimmerman is a fool if he doesn’t sue NBC and Comcast.

  12. Well just like the Tawna Bradley case and Gov. Palin being accused of being an accessory to murder in the Arizona shootings, don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from ANYONE on this one either. Again…most conservative leaders are silent or have deemed Zimmerman guilty as well. Gingrich and Palin were two of few who said something about holding judgment.

    1. Why dont the people of Sanford sue NBC for destabilising the community and putting the citizens at risk? Injecting sensitive racial undertones into this story is dispicable.

      NBC is trying to manufacture contraversy with lies so it can then report it.

      Hannity is the real hero here.

  13. Tortious slander, plain and simple. His father used to be a judge; if he doesn’t pursue a [multi-million dollar] lawsuit against NBC, and anyone else that ran that altered footage, he’s an idiot.

  14. And this would be the show that Palin is going to host. Yeah Sarah, that’ll learn ’em.

  15. Face the facts, the left want’s MOB Rule… It is the only way they can stay in power.

    The race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton and Obama know mob rule is the easy way for them to stay relevant..
    Until the black community outgrows this phenomena they are destine to remain on the plantation.

    It is certainty not difficult to figure out why democrats hate a man like Allen West or a woman like Condi Rice…. It’s not hard to understand at all.

    1. I agree, the Left knows they have no positive accomplishments to run on, and are hoping to sail in on a tide of formented hatred through race-baiting chaos to re-election.

    2. get your head out of your ass and maybe see the truth…. black people are killed everyday with little or no concern as to their innocent or guilt. Your statemnt is racist and ignorant. You make me ashame that I am white 64yr old and living among such garbage. Get a life

      1. Oh’ Mae, have you been going through life with your eyes closed. Yes there are a lot of super black people and they don’t go around with there hand out for freebies. However you need to wake up to the fact that the black on white crime rate is off of the scale in proportion to white on black. In 64 yr’s it is hard to believe you can’t do some simple research to gain more knowledge about things you let upset you. I am white and not racist, I have many black friends and I know how they live and think. Please do some research so you can walk around without being ashamed.

  16. BHO is a total complete epic failure. all he’s got left is race war mongering. ive been away on vaca, what did i miss??

      1. ….and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and ilk crawled out from the remnants of dinosaur turd to evolve into what we have today.

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