Hannity interrogates kid who McKinney cop pointed a gun at

Adrian Martin, the kid in the controversial McKinney video who made a cop pull a gun went on Fox News with his lawyer and battled it out verbally with Sean Hannity.

Watch below:

Hannity makes a good point and they seem to contradict each other in answering him. The cop felt threatened by these kids who were very close to him while he was making an arrest. At one point, Adrian says he was just trying to tell her that he was gonna call her momma, because she was screeching “call my momma!” but then later the lawyer says they were trying to make sure she didn’t get a concussion. So which was it? And if it was the latter, how were they preventing that? By getting in the cop’s face?

This doesn’t excuse the officer’s actions at all, especially since he himself admits fault, but, those who are calling him racist aren’t taking into account what would have appeared like a threat from anyone, no matter what color they were.

You gotta give him this much – he went on Fox News knowing Hannity would be aggressively questioning him, and he was very respectful. If only he had been that respectful at the McKinney pool perhaps none of this would have happened.

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