HANNITY: The feds don’t even own the land Bundy’s cattle have been grazing on, it’s STATE PROPERTY


This is getting ridiculous. Hannity reported on Greta tonight that the land the BLM has taken over to capture Bundy’s cattle is STATE property, not federal property, and that BLM is using the Endangered Species Act to control it. He also says there’s no eminent domain at work here and this land where Bundy’s cattle are grazing isn’t going to be used by anybody for anything:

Dana Loesch is reporting on the back story behind what’s going here and it appears that Harry Reid’s tentacles are all over this:

A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67 year-old rancher. They want his land. The tortoise wasn’t of concern when Harry Reid worked BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore was convicted of illegal campaign contributions to Senator Reid. Reid’s former senior adviser is now the head of BLM. Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land (already over 84% of which is owned by the federal government) and pay back special interests. BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development. Clearly these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area. If only Clive Bundy were a big Reid donor.

BLM has also tried to argue that the rules have changed, long after Bundy claims he secured rights and paid his dues to Clark County, Nevada. BLM says they supersede whatever agreement Bundy had prior; they demanded that he reduce his living, his thousand-some-odd head of cattle down to a tiny herd of 150. It’s easy for the government to grant itself powers of overreach, but it doesn’t make it right. Many bad things are done in the name of unjust laws. Just look at Obamacare. This heavy-handed tactic has run the other ranchers from the area and now Bundy is the last one. He’s the last one because he stood up to the federal government.

She pointed out above that the tortoise isn’t the issue. Why? Because there was already plans in 2014 to euthanize half of the tortoise population at The Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in Nevada because of lack of funding.

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155 thoughts on “HANNITY: The feds don’t even own the land Bundy’s cattle have been grazing on, it’s STATE PROPERTY

  1. Where was/is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and the rest of the so called Constitutional people in relation to the Bundy Ranch stand off.

  2. I really hate to say this folks, but, it is not just about Harry Reid. If Harry Reid was the only usurping tyrant in our government he would have been buried in obscurity long ago. All of the people in our government, that run our government, reek of corruption!

    We need to clean house and set up severe consequences for intentional deceiving and manipulating the people of our country for their own agendas and profit. Treason against the people = Death.

  3. As a native Nevadan, I stand with the Bundy’s as they have been there since the 1880’s, leave them be. As for Harry Reid, he has been a good environmentalist Senator for Nevada. He was first elected into office when i was a child, and I have always been impressed with the way he said he would keep nuclear waste out of Yucca mountain and off the fault lines, and he did. He is the greenest member of congress and is trying to bring Nevada as up to date with renewable energy sources like solar paneling as possible. Stop demonizing people and start thinking on a higher level. No one owns the land, the land owns the People. This can be worked out thru diplomacy, I’m sure.

    1. You may be too naive for your own good. If you treasure the land and the animals that live on it, how could you support foreign (Chinese) solar farms that kill birds?

  4. Oh, the smell! Harry Reid…typical Mormon? I hope not. I’ve heard a lot of solutions to Harry Reid on here, but ruin him and his minions financially is most appropriate. For a “man” like him, the ruination of what he has corruptly created over the decades will have the most devastating effect. Plus pipe a 24/7 loop of his Senate speeches and press conference comments into his cell. Senator Reid is a stain on himself, his family, the Senate, Nevada, and the Mormon Church.

  5. Nothing should be state or federal property. The state, and the federal government is run by taxes paid for by the taxpayers. So the land belongs to the taxpayers. It’s like paying someone to take care of my land and then they start claiming it’s their land…

  6. I wish that someone would bury this useless cadaver, piece of shit. He doesn’t care a thing about America or Americans….only his own pocketbook and his family’s.

    C’mon, Feds…..stop by for a visit. I will tell you the same thing, if you read my posts, that you are as slimy as “Dirty Harry” Reid….

  7. Reid is the typical, corrupt, arrogant, wealthy, crooked politician that has ordered the BLM to back away -for the moment -due to the unwanted attention and negative pr focused on his abuse of power. His advisers, aides, lobbyists and political consultants are as corrupt as he. But he will be back. Be ready.

  8. It’s state land and federally “managed’ , which means ranchers do not pay “fees” or get “permits” to the Feds for grazing or mining rights, as the BLM has claimed
    The Feds can not own either according to the US Constitution which lists what lands the Feds can own.
    BLM is a land management SERVICE, not some permiting org.
    The ranchers grazing rights have nothing to do with BLM or the fee charge they ask for for their services. Yes services to the rancher that the rancher pays for
    NO tax money is used in grazing land improvements,, like roads and water ect. The ranchers pay for those things

  9. Hannity is covering up for them big time! Sick and tired of him. Why aren’t Cruse and Ryan speaking up with the truth about Harry and his son????????

  10. Hannity has some of this right and some of it wrong. He
    is correct that the land is owned by the state, not the Federal
    Government. But he missed mentioning that the BLM is itself
    exterminating the very tortoises they cited as justification for
    limiting Bundy’s cattle back in 1993. and Hannity is apparently unaware
    that one of Harry Reid’s (illegal) campaign donors, Harvey Whittemore,
    who has plans to commercially develop that land.

  11. The BLM 2014 strategic planning report includes a discussion of “solar development” in this area. It’s clear what is going on. Reid and his son and cronies want this land for commercial development.

  12. This is the shape of things to come. The government is going to continue to overreach more and more until we elect pols with some sense or this boils over into revolution. Sean said several times (When doesn’t he?) that he could see this ending badly and I think Mark said it, too. I agree, this could devolve into a bloodbath if tempers flare. Rush has said repeatedly that some event, perhaps inconsequential, could finally turn the sheeple against the 0 junta. But with the complicit media, who will know about this but talk radio listeners and Scoopers?

    1. I do believe this story is getting out despite the MSM attempt to squash it. The unrelenting overreach of this administration into every aspect of our lives is finally getting noticed, even by the low info crowd who voted this Obamination into office. The increased militarization of law enforcement and the heavy weaponry they are arming themselves with does not bode well for our liberty. The situation in Nevada seems to be escalating by the hour, I too believe this will not end well. Citizens whose only crime is standing up for liberty and our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble are being tormented by BLM, FBI, and other federal agents on the scene into throwing the first punch, so to speak, that will give them the go signal to start firing. As government overreach has steadily eroded our liberty, it was only a matter of time before American citizens decide enough is enough and draw the line. Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton warned of government overreach early in our nation’s infancy, they gave us the safeguards and the tools: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with which to preserve the Republic, are we of the same mettle as our founders? Could this event be our Lexington and Concord moment? Stay tuned.

      1. Agreed. At some point, one these situations will turn into a Waco or Ruby Ridge. If enough patriots get pushed up against the wall, look out.

  13. Welcome to Mystery Babylon the Great, which has three prongs: apostate religion, commercial Babylon and political Babylon. The “woman” – representing apostate Christianity, “rides” the Beast, who is the final Antichrist. In other words, apostate Christianity joins with political and commercial Babylon. Mystery Babylon is the US, the Antichrist is American, and is alive now (you, like me, probably have an idea of who it is, though he doesn’t appear to be possessed by Satan yet). Read Revelation chapters 17 and 18 and tell me I’m wrong. Chapter 18 describes what will happen to this country shortly before Jesus returns physically to earth. Yes, we are very close. Time to get right with God. “Come out of her”, that is, obey God and don’t become part of the immorality of this world. Don’t dilute your Christianity now. There is too much at stake.

  14. What difference does it make. The Feds are out of control. It does not matter to anyone other than those of us who are paying attention to this site, Fox News, but unfortunately in the minority of jerks that keep voting for morons like Harry Reid and Obama. I guess we get to look forward to Hillary or Jebbie Bush or Crispy Creme. Boehner, Cantor, Kentucky’s McConnell and now the latest and greatest from Rand Paul giving love to the illegals who are flooding into this country like this is some sort of open borders love fest. Try living in a boarder state Mr. Paul. These people are so clueless it makes me sick. We are screwed, period.

  15. Harry, I hope you meet a horrible end, you bastard, fascist, pig. I hope you die in prison, where you belong. Others, too.

  16. If they don’t own this property, the Governor needs to stop this. Send in your National Guard and tell them to get the hell out of your state. Here’s a list, just fyi.

    Secretary of the Interior (BLM is part of Dept. of Interior):

    Sarah Margaret Roffey Jewell (born February 21, 1956) a.k.a. Sally Jewell

    Husband: Warren C.R. Jewell
    2200 Sunset Ave. SW (For sale, asking price > 1M)
    Seattle, Wash.

    (206) 938-4340
    (206) 935-4577

    Bedrooms:4 beds
    Bathrooms:2.25 baths
    Single Family:3,175 sq ft
    Lot:8,668 sqft
    Year Built:1987
    Last Sold:Jun 1992
    Heating Type:Forced air

    Seattle Flyers, Llc (LLC that owns their airplane)
    (206) 937-1081
    UBI Number 602023491
    Category LLC
    Active/Inactive Active
    State of Incorporation WA
    WA Filing Date 03/23/2000
    Expiration Date 03/31/2015
    Inactive Date
    Duration 30 years
    Registered Agent Information
    Agent Name WARREN C R JEWELL
    Address 2201 SUNSET AVE SW
    City SEATTLE

    Aircraft: Piper PA-28R-201T
    Cat: Land
    Seats: 4
    Wt: < 12,499 lbs.
    Speed: 108 m.p.h.
    Engine: Reciprocating
    N-Number: 1254H
    S/N: 28R-7703018
    Airworthiness Date: Jan. 12, 1977
    Registrant (Corp.): Seattle Flyers LLC, 2200 Sunset Ave. SW., Seattle, Wa.

    Jewell Technologies, Inc

    Past Addresses
    4451 53rd Ave., Seattle
    889 Steele St., Denver, Co.
    2600 Sunset Ave., Seattle
    130 Nickerson St. #105, Seattle

    Clifford F Jewell
    Sm R Jewell
    Peter C Jewell
    Anne J Jewell April 11, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    Anonymous said… Janine M. Velasco, BLM Acting Deputy Director (Operations)
    3118 8th St. N.
    Arlington, Va.
    (703) 812-4661 April 11, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    Anonymous said… BLM Nevada State Office
    1340 Financial Blvd.,
    Reno, NV 89502
    Front Desk: 775-861-6400
    Fax: 775-861-6601
    Email: [email protected]

    State Director: Amy Lueders

    Amy Lynn Lueders
    Age 51

    2465 Solitude Dr
    Reno, NV 89511
    (505) 532-1112

    Associated Phone Numbers:

    (505) 525-4499
    (775) 853-6738
    (301) 649-9660 April 11, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    Anonymous said… More Nevada BLM Personnel

    Associate State Director: Marci Todd
    Phone: 775-861-6590

    Deputy State Director, Natural Resource,
    Land & Planning: Raul Morales
    Phone: 775-861-6464

    Deputy State Director, Minerals Management: Gary Johnson
    Phone: 775-861-6576

    Deputy State Director, Support Services: Bob Scruggs (Admin. Officer)
    Phone: 775-861-6644

    EEO Manager: DeAnna Garrett
    Phone: 775-861-6584

    Office of Communications Chief: Erica Haspiel-Szlosek
    Phone: 775-861-6586

    Great Basin Restoration Initiative Coordinator: Linda Kelly Lynne
    Phone: 775-861-6400 April 11, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    Southern Nevada Employee Directory


  17. Those citizens should be armed with wasp spray. It shoots 22 to 25 feet. It would burn the eyes and skin of the jackboots without any long term effects The jackboots and the dogs would be left impotent to do anything except wipe their eyes, making it worse…Then, simply leave…

    1. Wasp spray is a nerve agent and if used, even defensively, could be considered a terrorist act with a weapon of mass destruction. While this may sound outlandish, would you put it past the DC junta?

          1. Not true. I have killed. I did in the Southeast Asian “conflict.” Not a problem for the right cause. Next a snake (in my case a copperhead) or a dog (in my case a Rottweiler) threatens you, spray them with WASP spray. It will kill the snake and cause unbelievable pain to the dog rendering him impotent..

            I will shoot when and if the right time presents itself. Otherwise, I’ll stick with the WASP spray. It will shoot further than a taser. Those jackboots with their tasers are NO MATCH for WASP spray, pal.

            You talk big, but I doubt you would do anything to kill if you are not actually in a life threatening situation. The idiot jackboots had tasers. WASP spray will get the job done on the level at which that threat is positioned, including their dogs.

            1. Do what you want with Reid, the BLM and Fox News…just leave the dogs out of it. They and the cattle are probably the only creatures involved worth saving.

    2. Never shoot anything unless it is with intent to kill. Wasp spray? Good way to get yourself a permanent dirt nap.

  18. The son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Rory Reid, is the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese energy company seeking to build a $5 billion solar panel plant on a 9,000-acre Clark County desert plot in Laughlin, Nevada.

    ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.
    Sen. Reid has been one of ENN’s biggest supporters, having recruited the company during a 2011 trip to China. According to Reuters, last month Sen. Reid tried to “pressure Nevada’s largest power company, NV Energy, to sign up as ENN’s first customer.”
    Both Rory Reid and Harry Reid deny having ever discussed the $5 billion Chinese solar panel plant deal:
    “I have never discussed the project with my father or his staff,” said Rory Reid. Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for the senator, said he had not discussed the project with his son.
    This isn’t the first time the Reids have come under fire for alleged cronyism. In 2003, allegations emerged that Nevada industries frequently lobbied Sen. Reid through his well-connected relatives.

      1. I KNEW it! When I first saw this story a couple of days ago…the first thing I said to my hubby was that only Sen. Reid would have the power to do this and it sure as he ll wasn’t about tortoises! The same man who fears the Koch Brothers is the most corrupt and abusive demon in his party!

  19. Watching Fox today, Meghan Kelly and The Five all are sounding like they are siding with the Feds and the “rule of law.” After listening to Mark Levin tonight, there is so much more to this story.

    1. I’ve been so frustrated with the reporting on this. Even my favorites are all wet on the issues. Dana Loesch did an interview with the rancher that was really good. It’s over on thegatewaypundit – I think it was yesterday or the day before.

      1. They’re idiots. I don’t know how anyone watches FOX, or any so called news. Without chaos in hades, aka, Washington, D.C., they don’t have their 24 hour so called news. They feed off of each other.

        To all of them, what makes you think one day, they won’t come for your property? They’ve shut down mining, fishing, and now cattle ranching.

      1. the law today is arbitrary…it applies to one person but not to another, it applies to the serfs, but not the monarchs and their noble men!! In other words, it’s useless!!. you can’t even appeal to the law to defend yourself.

          1. If they have to have “discretion” in enforcing federal laws, then perhaps they KNOW deep within themselves that the laws are UNLAWFUL??

        1. That all depends on what law u are talking about-there are two distinct sides to our legal system, the ‘ At Law ‘ side which is ‘ privilege ‘, ‘ General ‘ statutes and codes debtor creditor, front door banking, negotiable instruments or the ‘ special ‘ side which is Equity/Chancery which is a God Given Rights, maxims, special relationship, back door banking non- negotiable instruments.

  20. wise up and rise up america our government is not turning america into the laughing stock of the world we are by allowing the government to carry on as they are . the government does not give us the power we are the power . down with tyrants .

  21. Reid is up to his slimy ass in this, you can bet money on it. It wouldn’t be the first time. :-[

    1. His former policy advisor is the acting director – or some such – of BLM. That’s why the old fool has been holding his tongue today.

        1. In my dreams, the ill gotten gains of these crooks is returned to the people as they won’t need it during their incarcerations.

    1. I posted a cut from his campaign page (it’s lengthy) that makes me question how far removed he could be from the Reids of Nevada.


  22. All of your comments lead me to this one thought. This country is being systematically taken over by forces we do not agree with. Pretty much a given, I think.

    If we only knew who the real enemy is, perhaps we could form a defense. Problem is, the enemy is a Ghost. One time its Obama, the next time its Holder, the next time its the IRS. You see, the enemy takes many forms.

    Corruption is like that. It is so prevalent in this government, that you don’t know who to go after. You also have to factor into the equation, that all the criminals support each other.

    How many Congressional Investigations have we had, in this man’s Presidency? It seems not sooner than we get into one, another begins. I don’t know about you, but I was raised that government was not like that.

    But then, I was raised a long time ago, by good parents.

    1. In answer to all of the above, I would make this one statement.

      Thank God, for Ted Cruz. I would also put Trey Goudy in that same reference. This country is going down in flames, at the hands of Liberals.

      Me? I’m looking for a few Patrick Henrys at this point. I don’t really care what they look like. I just care what they believe in.

    2. Not so much a ghost as a syndicate, and they’re all part of the syndicate. Even those who claim to be our friends.

    3. I think someone should find out the names and addresses of every federal employee, especially the higher ups, and post them for everyone to see. Edward Snowden?

  23. Correct me if I am wrong, but the governor can order the BLM off of state land? Even at a minimum this would defuse the situation.

    Why don’t the freakin governors find some intestinal fortitude and use their authority!!!

      1. He was a federal judge previously I believe. Not too sure which way he blows considering his personal info cut from his campaign page. Could be a Reid ally:
        Brian Sandoval was appointed United States District Judge for the District of Nevada by President George W. Bush in October 2005, becoming the state’s first Hispanic federal judge.
        Brian is so committed to restoring integrity and common sense to the Governorship that he is the first federal judge in Nevada to give up a lifetime appointment to the bench. Prior to serving as a federal judge, Sandoval was Nevada’s Attorney General.
        As Attorney General, Brian Sandoval set up the first public integrity unit to investigate and prosecute officials who violated the public trust, led the state’s legal fight against the storage of high level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain and sponsored important legislation strengthening Nevada’s laws against domestic violence, drug abuse and human trafficking.
        Prior to his election as Attorney General, Sandoval served as a member and chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which oversees Nevada’s gaming industry. At age 35, Sandoval was the youngest person ever to serve as the state’s chief gaming regulator.

        Sandoval also served for three years as Nevada’s at-large member of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (“TRPA”) Governing Board. The TRPA is a bi-state agency that governs land use policies at Lake Tahoe.

        Before his Gaming Commission and TRPA appointments, Sandoval served two terms in the Nevada Legislature where he served on the Judiciary, Taxation and Natural Resources Committees and sponsored 14 bills that became law. As a legislator, Sandoval also served on the Nevada Legislative Commission, the Advisory Commission on Sentencing, the Juvenile Justice Commission, the Advisory Council on Community Notification of Sex Offenders and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Oversight Committee.

        1. Wow, great work, Patriot.

          Wonder if this gives us a hint how he feels about the situation?

          ” The TRPA is a bi-state agency that governs land use policies at Lake Tahoe.”

    1. Because they have become Prostitutes to the Federal Government. Millions in subsidies that they depend upon, to run their states.

  24. If the Gov doesn’t take charge and take charge soon, this WILL go bad. He has the authority to use the Guard and the legal authority to stop this and protect one of his citizens from being harmed. He’s in this so deep the longer he waits.

    1. He should have stepped in before the Feds built up what is now an army and when they first started rounding up Bundy’s cattle.

  25. The Feds need to tread lightly here, because there are many showing up in support of the Bundys. This could be a very very grave mistake by the Feds if they use deadly force!

    1. If more and more show up it may prove, once again, that numbers count. I doubt the feds will open fire on a huge number of citizens and may just back down.
      I reserve the right to retract that considering this is the con man’s administration.

      1. There is the one County guy calling Utahans who came to help all kind of nasty names. Inbred idiots who better go home.

        1. That was Clark County, Nevada Commissioner Tom Collins. He was once handcuffed by police (but not arrested) for shooting his tree. He told police he was mad at it.

      2. With the alphabet media watching their backs, you think they wouldn’t? Don’t you think MSLSD would be more than happy to report how those evil Tea Partiers opened fire on the officers who were just doing their jobs?

        1. You have a very valid point. The headlines on yahoo this morning is the Tea Party is Losing Steam. The establishment takes every opportunity to malign this movement.

    2. Once this Reid connection is known and that the Chinese are involved all hell could break loose. And the entire plot including a reference to the Massive solar farm was right there on the website.

  26. Feds helping Reid…solar power plant planned by Chinese company:


    The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser,
    has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants
    Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has
    worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power
    “[Reid] and his oldest son, Rory, are both involved in an effort by a
    Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm
    and panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert,” he wrote.
    “Reid has been one of the project’s most prominent advocates, helping
    recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his
    political muscle on behalf of the project in Nevada.”

  27. The corruption in our government is so explicit, so, “in your face.” Its amazing when you think about it. That we have come this far, from the intentions of our Founders. It sickens me.

      1. Agreed. We suffered less abuse under George III. The Stamp Act pales in comparison to 0care.

    1. It would make a national case. Perhaps something to wake up a sleeping America, to what the Federal Government is really about.

        1. wales, we are a nation of lawyers. It has been said there are more lawyers in this country than Real Estate agents, and we all know how many Real Estate agents there are in this country.

          Why then, can a foreign born President come out of the dark streets of Chicago, and become the President of this great land? Please tell me how that was even possible.

          I’ll save you the trouble. The way that was possible, is that we have become a nation of idiots. We care more about the comfort things that freedom provides us, than the actual freedom itself.

          That mentality provides the perfect platform to take that freedom away from us. The process began when this man was elected President.

          He wasn’t born here. The Founders warned us about that.

          He doesn’t love this country. The Founders warned us about that.

          He seeks to hand over control of this country, to foreign interests. The Founders warned us about that.

          He seeks to decimate our Military and reduce The United States of America, to a third world status.

          The Founders didn’t actually warn us about that one, but then The Founders never thought we would be capable of electing such an absolute Idiot, in the first place.

          Give them a break. Its been over two hundred years, since they put pen to parchment, and wrote The Constitution.

          1. All the warning signs were there for all to see,but sadly too many only care about what is in it for them.I say kneel down and lick the hand that feeds you libs.

            1. When they start starving they’ll figure it all out. On second thought may be that won’t jostle their feathers.

    2. Wouldn’t it be great if Landmark Legal would take this up pro-bono? I would certainly contribute to the cause.

      Hello…. Hello…. calling Mark Levin!

      1. I thought about that the other day and had the same reaction. Unfortunately Mark doesn’t seen to be too interested in this story. The weird thing is it’s really at the heart of his entire passion. Life, liberty and PROPERTY is the key to our freedom. Alas… not counting on it.

        1. Maybe he is overwhelmed like the rest of us with the relentless lawlessness of the regime.We all have a lot on our plates.

          1. That’s the truth. I’ve contended that this administration is engaged in their version of shock and awe and it’s humanly impossible to keep up!

            1. You said it! Even if you could keep track of everything that goes on, it is emotionally draining. That’s what they want. To flatten the spirits of even those among us who see the truth whether the network news delivers it or not.

        2. Don’t despair. We never know what goes on in his great mind until he is willing to reveal it. Let’s face it, the reporting on this has been pi$$ poor this week (federal land, or not, etc.). We’re finally getting some facts. I’m sure he’s researching and will give us his opinion in due time.

          I’m sure if Reid is up to his eyeballs in this, Mark will be the one to jump on it.

  28. This is going on in Colorado, Texas and Arizona and has for years. Bundy is the first man to stand up to the land grab! God Bless and protect him!

    1. Actually, I think it is going on in every western state – blue states are okay with this land grab and work with the feds to accomplish it but few citizens groups have the fortitude and funding to stand up against it.
      The environazis have been using the Endangered Species Act and every other EPA regulation available to restrict land useage. I applaud this rancher for having guts.

  29. There could be a common sense solution to this but that time happened 20 years ago when the BLM first showed up. Not at the ranch gate with a court order in hand to remove the cows.

  30. Of all places to challenge the freedom of individual Americans. Have you ever been to Eastern Nevada? Folks, there’s nothing there. If these cows and these tortoises were not there, there wouldn’t be anything.

    This rancher and his family, have proved that you can take even worthless land, like Eastern Nevada, and make it productive. And now in the their wisdom, they want to prevent even that.

  31. There’s a delegation from the AZ state legislature that is traveling to NV tomorrow in support of the Bundy family. Nothing from the Nev, gov.! Outrageous!

  32. Well no sheep Sh!t Sherlock Hannity. ’bout time you caught on. Folks this is getting bad. The Feds are confiscating guns from everyone driving in. They’re shutting down the cell towers. The Gov and Sheriff have an obligation to protect the people of Nev from the Fed gov and they are not doing it!!!

    1. Do I smell some Beetle Larva Harry Reid payola – perhaps in the form of some kind of special funding – for the Governor and Sheriff?

      1. There is no doubt that there are many many hands in this Chinese till. Disgusting! And treasonous!

      1. I would agree, Scoop. I watched the interview. Show some wisdom, wales. Hannity put this on the big screen. Kudos to Hannity.

      2. Because he didn’t do his homework. Bundy explained this to him in their first interview and Hannity kept referring to it as Federal Land. He should know better when he goes on air to have his facts straight before he sends out wrong info to millions of people. It’s harder to fix the facts after you’ve filled the viewers heads with false information. Everyone is saying it’s “federal land” and Bundy is wrong. Mostly because of bad reporting from people like Hannity.

        1. Yup.I listened to his show on the way home and he drove me crazy with his constant repeating of the same wrong info.I like Hannity,but at times comes across as short on info,and his repeating of the same points over and over and over again gets on my nerves.

  33. I’ve been watching this story from the beginning. It is ridiculous on its very surface. Mr. Bundy’s family has been grazing cattle on this land since the 1800’s, long before the BLM even existed. Not only that, it is State land, not Federal.

    The cattle of Mr Bundy’s family have been grazing side by side with the Desert Tortoise for a couple of hundred years now. After all that time, the Desert Tortoise seems to have survived the experience. To make an appropriate cattle reference, this is just bullshit.

    Folks, this is what The Founders were afraid of. An ever expanding, all powerful Federal Government. This is just the most recent example of it.

      1. I read that the tortoises were actually MOVED to this land to facilitate a land deal for a developer. Another Reid land deal.

        1. I saw the same thing. I think this is one Reid stink bomb that’s about to explode. Let’s hope all the good patriots that go to support the Bundy’s don’t fire the first shot. They poke and poke us everyday. Guess no one told them not to “poke” a cowpoke patriot!

          1. I will pay good money to see this blow up in that ratfink’s face! He ought to know that when you are the last man standing and your family has been working this land for generations, he should think twice.
            Of course if he is becoming demented maybe that isn’t possible. I hope his son & son in law get nailed too. The son in law somehow acquired almost 1000 acres of highly desirable metro LV land for development … stink bomb is right. We need some good legal minds to find all the cracks in this to send it airborne.

    1. This is primary reason the 2nd Amendment is there. The Fedcoats heard the cry from American militias coming to defend the rights of Bundy and are in fear of their lives. Nothing puts fear into illegal federal activities more than an armed populace massing.

      1. I’m glad you said that, warpmine. If more people studied The Constitution, and what The Founders were trying to do when they wrote it, the Federal Government today would be one-third the size it has grown to.

  34. To the current regime in ,the term common sense does not come into play.This is going to become another Waco,Ruby Ridge scenario.Especially when you consider who the AG of the US is.Harry Reids Chinese buddies want this land for a wind farm,Correction.Solar farm.

    1. According to a breitbart article yes, yes there is. Reid’s son has been negotiating the deal.

  35. The federal government is in the cattle rustling business now, it appears.
    Isn’t there supposed to be a plan for a solar array/farm in this vicinity?

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