Hannity: Thomas Sowell discusses Derrick Bell

It was great for Hannity to bring on Thomas Sowell to talk more about Derrick Bell and how that mindset is a part of Obama’s administration, specifically with Eric Holder:

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36 thoughts on “Hannity: Thomas Sowell discusses Derrick Bell

  1. Loved Dr. Sowell’s paraphrasing of Dinesh D’Souza’s comment about the vested interest most civil rights and race activists have in keeping racism alive. Truly, what the hell would the likes of Rev. Al and Jesse Jackson do, and what would they have to say if they couldn’t claim racism was alive and well?

  2. Thomas Sowell is a great man. And he really summed it up perfectly here when he said that Obama was for a “getting even society, a revenge society”.

    That’s it. That’s liberalism. You can call it Progressive or Marxist or Socialist or whatever you want. But that sums up how liberals think. All of them. That’s the Democrat Party today.

    And it’s all based on the notion that America was founded on evil and has prospered by promoting evil. All liberals think that way. They believe it because they’ve been taught to believe it.

  3. The mainstream media is finally picking up the thread that Glen Beck talked about a couple years ago. There’s sad naivety in the expectation that an expose of Obama’s radical past will repulse his followers. If he had killed and eaten his grandmother, his supporters would find a way to blame Bush. That’s the mentality you’re trying to convince.

    1. There’s a 19-21% solid base behind Obama. He can eat his grandmother and they will say she was deserving of it. 38-43% strongly disagree with Obama and will vote against him with no need to prove his evil ways.

      It’s the 40% undecideds that need this information, to turn them away from Obama and into the light. We must continue to fight the LSM and the bogus arguments of the left to get to these people.

      If we do, we will be victorious against Obama and there will be nothing he can do or say to change it. It’s the difference between losing by a slim margin or winning by a landslide.

  4. We have a racist anti-American president. A large number of people knew he was a racist because of his association with Wright. We also knew he was a socialist because of his Alinsky teaching and involvement with Acorn as a community organizer. Can you say communism.

    Hannity did a spectacular job of exposing Obama agenda before he was elected. What good is this going to do this time around. The only people who are going to be informed are the ones that were informed the last time around. The ones on the internet and the ones who watch and listen to Hannity.

    I’m not saying it hopeless or anything but how is the message going to be spread other than these two venues.

    Jeesh!! I doubt many voters even know what Obama’s been up to while in office. We need to get some conservatives totally in charge of a National TV station and run this stuff 24/7. I have no idea how to do that either.

    Thanks Hannity, Sowell rocks!!

  5. Dr. Sowell is a wise and great man.
    Neil Cavuto had him on last night on the Business Network (See at Fox News).
    He paints a frightening picture for America if Obama is re-elected.
    Actually Chilling…he gets into all the damage he could do with the stroke of a pen and the possibilty of packing the Supreme Court for 30 years.
    He also said the only two ways to stop him them, both highly unlikely, would be impeachment or a military coup.

    1. …and the possibilty of packing the Supreme Court for 30 years‘ – anne

      That is the most dangerous aspect of Obama right now. All he needs to do is replace one older conservative justice with another younger liberal one and we’re in big trouble for a long time. They’ll look like the 9th Circuit Court for 30 years and that damage is hard to undo.

      A combination of getting the liberal Ginsburg (79) or Breyer (74) to retire this year, along with an ‘unexpected death by natural causes’ of the conservative Kennedy (76) or Scalia (76) would seal the deal for Obama.

      Don’t discount, also, the unfortunate demise of the younger Alito (62), Thomas (64) or Roberts (57). The ‘Chicago Way’ always considers this possibility.

  6. Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest economic intellectuals of our time but because he is a conservative black man he has been pushed to the fringe and not accepted by the mainstream, race baiting, blacks of the democratic party.

  7. Sowell supports Newt as the best among the candidates (as does Palin, Cain and Perry).

    Romney has McCain and Dole.

    Speaks volumes and Dr. Sowell is a man with a valued opinion.

  8. I am not very familiar with Professor Sowell but I do know he’s a stand up guy who is conservative and doesn’t play the race card. It’s rare to see a black person not live with this kind of mentality. They say the United States will always be stained by slavery. However, many in the black community are the ones perpetuating the problem of racism not because it exists but because it is advantageous to them to get something for nothing-power, money, respect, homes, jobs-without working for it or earning it. A person can’t acquire any of this unless they are responsible, accountable and try to live a God filled life.

    It truly is unfortunate that the United States didn’t elect it’s first black president as someone like Professor Sowell or Col. Allen West. Obama is inept, incompetent, radical, racist, shortsighted, and dishonest. He is another stain to the history of the United States.

  9. Thomas Sowell needs to be on Hannity for a one hour interview. But I’m sure some people will still complain about one thing or another. I suggest to my fellow true conservatives that we should be concentrating on the enemy not our own flesh and blood. Just a thought, have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

    1. “I suggest to my fellow true conservatives that we should be concentrating on the enemy not our own flesh and blood.”

      what are you referring to?

  10. Thomas Sowell is a genius and can explalin in common sense language why the left and their race card is so imperative to achieving their goal. I can listen to this guy for hours and not disagree… he is brilliant!

  11. Thomas Sowell is a giant in intellectual thought because he speaks the truth. It’s a sad state for America when truth is thought to be brilliant. Most don’t.

  12. “But it’s one of those cases where people….they have made up their mind what they want to see in someone, and really they’re going to explain away anything that deviates from that.”

    Like for instance believing that Mitt Romney is not a statist.

    1. Gee, so Rick Santorum sat in on Bryan Fischers radio show for over twenty years straight and Bryan married the Santorum’s and baptised their children? Who knew? You are a logical fallacy genius. A laughably unread incoherent witless and phony twit, but “the same thing,” so five stars. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  13. Arrrrrrgh. I had to drop Fox Business and Cavuto has the great Thomas Sowell on, and you give us Hannity? I know, don’t bite the hand… I denounce myself. I would just prefer Cavuto – as noted, Hannity is a blunderbuss when a virtuoso is on!!!

  14. I am, and have aways been a political activist. Anyone who starts using racial, or black, or white people, as a topic, I tune out. As a professer, I have known several very smart people. They are usually so focusted on their field, they are idiots, talking about another. Asking an art major about math, is not different than asking a linquist about politics. I am racially color blind. I was raised under LBJ, I was forced, by my well being to fight that evil. I have had my losses, and my victories. I am retired. That means I am too sick and old, to carry on the battle. Obama rot, was my worst nightmare. My heart and mind, are lifted by RS. Fact, there are no black slaves in the USA, today. Any racial talk, is for MONEY. Mark Levin, my hero, just like G BECK, gets distracted, okay. We have a big, rich, enemy, destroying the greatest democracy, ever produced. Let’s stay focused. Obama rot is the target. He must be removed from power. Anything else is simply a waste of our lives.

  15. Open your minds and hearts to Prof Bell? Sorry Barry, my mind filters out stupid people. And my heart would immediately tell my conscious that Mr Bell and you Barry, serve the most low god.

    So Derrick Bell was placed in a job intially that was over his head. Well isn’t that a great commentary on our schools? No wonder Johnnie and Jackie are blithering idiots.

    Too many blacks are still playing the racism game because they are afraid that racism just doesn’t exist anymore…not in housing, education, jobs, or whatever. This ain’t 1950 or 1960, its 2012. Get over your selves. Getting revenge against whitey is counterproductive. Its also something that slickie-boys like Holder can’t hide. Its obvious for all to see.

    If you want to get some real revenge against whitey, then close down PP, whose founder was white and who wanted to eliminate the black race.

    Shysters like Al and Jessie need a schtick like Derrick Bell did. Otherwise they’d have to get a real job and be judged for what they really are: nobody in particular.

    Note to Hannity: I’d like to hear more of Dr Sowell and less of Hannity next time.

  16. At 7 min 30 sec….Sean interrupted what was about to be a great analogy. It still was, but I would have liked to hear Sowell continue.

      1. It’s because there’s a delay in the audio signal and if he pauses too long to make sure the guest has stopped talking there is several seconds of silence. They are trained to anticipate any pause and jump in so the guest/novice doesn’t get into a stop/start/interrupt/stop/pause/you go/no, you go kind of thing.

        The guy who REALLY interrupts people is O’Reilly who has been getting on my nerves now since the presidential election cycle has gotten under way.

        1. As of late, Billo only has guests on to either agree with his point of view or to be convinced of his point of view. The first thing he says to them now is, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ If they say nowhere, he’s happy. If they say anything contrary, he tears them down.

          Billo’s agendas are priority one and guests just get in the way now. He thinks ‘the folks’ need his insight and expertise. He’s become what he used to combat.

      2. That is one of the most irritating things. I have to admit that I couldn’t watch Hannity anymore because of that. I still respect the guy big time, but I just can’t deal with that.

    1. Come on now, he apologized 2 or 3 times because he interupted. I felt the same way but when I went back and looked at it I thought it was an honest mistake on Sean’s part.

      Thomas Sowell Rocks!

      1. I wasn’t being critical of Hannity, just pointing out that Sowell was making an excellent point. If I wanted to bash Hannity I would have said that he needs to stop asking every single guest ever in the history of every show he’s done ever “If the same thing happened to Republicans….?”. We get it, the media is biased, thanks Sherlock for turning us on to this, now can you let the guest get to their substance.

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