Hannity to Cuomo: I’m leaving New York and I’m taking all my money with me…

Hannity announced on his radio show today that he’s preparing to leave the highly-taxed liberal mecca of New York, and he’s taking all his money with him. After all, as he pointed out, as a conservative he’s no longer welcome in the state of New York according to Cuomo. So he’s gonna pack up ship and head out:

“Now I want to tell you something – I was born and raised in New York,” Hannity said. “I want you to know that and I can’t wait to get out of here. I really can’t. I don’t want to pay their 10-percent state tax anymore. I live in the second-highest property taxed county in the entire country in Nassau County. I can’t wait to sell my house to somebody who wants it. I can’t wait to pay no state income tax down in Florida or Texas. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning Florida because I like the water and I like to fish.”

“Gov. Cuomo, I’m going to leave and I’m taking all of my money with me – every single solitary penny,” he added. “And by the way governor, because I work here – there’s a whole bunch of people that work for me and benefit because I do two shows. And I guess maybe some of them will be out of work, governor. I’m sure you’ll take care of them.”

Listen to the full audio below:

(h/t: Breitbart)

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217 thoughts on “Hannity to Cuomo: I’m leaving New York and I’m taking all my money with me…

  1. It’s about time our talking heads put their money where their mouth is! Glad you joined the boycott of NY and NYC! I will never spend another dime to support these dens of inequity!

  2. Good for him. I’ve lived in New York State for 30 years, and I almost gagged when I heard the governor’s comments over the weekend. What a stupid, arrogant, gratuitous thing to say. And BTW, how is it that I’m not so “unwelcome” when this asshole is picking my pocket for both state sales AND payroll taxes?

    He needs to resign.

  3. If the patriots won’t/can’t kick these Marxists out, then leave them to their tyranny.

    Those who voted for this totalitarian, and the commie mayor of NY, deserve to lose their liberty and their money.

  4. Well see whether Hannity actually follows through, or if Cuomo cares. Meanwhile, Obama has a new plan to make Obamacare work. Legalize Marijuana, get everyone so high, they’ll sign up for anything.

    Enter the Choom King.

  5. If he follows through, this is good. Fight fire with – money! Or by removing money.

    Eat your liver, cuomo.

      1. Kalifornica 65 years..(D)em-wits turned PARADISE into a freaking PIG PEN..moved to America last year…(D)isgusting.

        1. I lived there from 1948 to 1997. I (and you) are what is known as ‘California Tax Exiles’. 😉

          1. 48′-13′..48 was a very good year..LOL..(D)amn place is a MESS now, could be (D)estro-it 2.0…ON ROIDS!!!!!

  6. I don’t know why anyone would want to live in New York…..As far as Florida or Texas..Florida would be easier for you to get used to..Texas has some great fishing like I have never seen before but it’s so dang hot and humid I can’t stand it….

      1. Be advised friend, I am 6’2″, 225 lbs and do not live under a bridge. Additionally, I am a combat veteran of a useless war for which Chicken Hawk Hannity was a proud cheerleader. Not to mention his dogmatic regurgitation of Karl Rove and GOP talking points. Is it any wonder that he was moved to second rate talk stations in most markets. We have enough go along to get along republicans in this state (See Rick Perry).

          1. My understanding of the word is that it is one who continually advocates
            for war/conflict without they themselves or their children being direct
            participants. His unrepentant support for the Iraq war as well as
            continual advocacy for confrontation with Iran are the reasons why I
            view him this way. He himself never served, and his children are not of
            military age.

              1. I suppose you’ll go or you’ll send your children if there is a war? We can’t adequately take care of the veterans we have now, yet you would advocate creating more? We don’t have to fight them to bring them down. All we have to do is produce enough oil so that the world wide price plummets dramatically, thus undermining their already unstable economy.

                1. Then I suggest you get busy tearing after this administration and all of the environmentalist whackos and anyone who votes in support of them.

                  And BTW…that wouldn’t of brought down Afghanistan nor Iraq nor will it bring down or stop Iran.

                2. And thousands of dead American children will somehow? No it probably wouldn’t have prevented Afghanistan. (BTW I don’ disagree with going in there to begin with, just how the war is being conducted now). And did we REALLY need to take down Iraq? Saddam was effectively contained, and as loathsome as he was, he was the only effective check to Iran in the region. The Iranian people by and large do not like their government, so when they start going hungry and see the mullahs building bombs instead of buying food they’ll probably rise up again and this time in greater numbers. And I am no fan of this administration by any stretch. I simply do not think that establishment republicanism is a good alternative, and Hannity seems to defend the establishment more than denounce it.

                3. I knew we would get there in the end. See we can agree on some things.

                  Ever hear of Oil for food scandal? No Saddam was not effectively contained. and no it wouldn’t stop Afghanistan, Iraq, nor will it stop Iran…why? Because we get the bulk of our oil from our own sources and Canada. We do not get oil from Irna or Iraq. Afghanistan has none.

                  What would happen though is the oil markets would be destabilized and aggressive countries like China and Russia would move in. It has the capability to touch off WWIII and or cause a world wide depression that results in a lot of death including those children you emotionally like to refer to.

                  If you notice Saddam would not of stayed contained regardless because as we see now the Sunni vs. Shia conflict is igniting all over the ME. Count on having an arms race thanks to Iran.

                  Where we agree is the tactics fighting the war. I despise establishment Republicans as well but for different reasons. Until the PC mindset of imperialism and how it is currently defined, which is incorrect btw, is changed we will have more kinder gentler wars. The next time the people of this country need to rise up and demand we openly declare war but partisan politics never wants to grant that kind of power to any sitting president.

                4. Shoot Laurel, I never doubted we would! (Going off your picture. I too am a dog lover 🙂 The oil solution only works if we produce more of it domestically, and out produce the other countries which we are quite capable of doing. We also void these assenine laws demanding that we import a certain amount of crude. We should not let OPEC countries dictate our domestic policies when we have the means to do better on our own. Saddam’s military was effectively decimated after the first go around. He was only an immediate threat to the region, which lets face it WHO CARES!??? What have the Saudi’s ever done for us, and the Iranians?? Let them deal with each other. Don’t forget that Saddam was a secular leader.

                5. Until we take control back of the oil markets, which Jimmy Carter gave them control btw, they can destabilize the economies of the free world. Ever live through a depression? That’s nothing to sneeze at. Saudi’s have the market cornered. And yes we should do more at home but that opens another can of worms. Ask yourself why we ceded our markets to begin with? Where does that originate? Why? Bad science by environmentalists for starters. If I had nickel for every time I hear the world was going to run out oil I would be able to retire.

                  As to being a threat to his neighbors..no. Saddam was a threat to everyone including his neighbors. He was funding terrorism which of course that is what brought down Twin Towers. So he was a threat to more than his neighbors. However because we didn’t put the hammer down in the ME, we now have more Saddam’s, not less. Obama has exponentially increased that during his presidency as well as made the rest of the world uneasy.

                  There is a much bigger picture here in the world of geopolitics and you must understand it as a soldier and a citizen. Admittedly this is the cliff notes version.

                  Be well dear and thank you for your service and don’t knock Hannity for not serving because he worships the military. Not everyone is fit to serve. We have the best military because we say no to some.

              1. Yeah. Call em Fobits now. Though I think this is a misnomer since getting to the FOB’s in most cases is quite dangerous.

        1. I also would like to hear you explain your use of the term “chicken hawk”. Where I come from that’s a man who prefers under-age sex partners. If that is true of Hannity, there are a great many of us who need to know.

          I don’t care for Hannity myself, but there is a world of difference between a rino and a child molestor.

          1. My understanding of the word is that it is one who continually advocates for war/conflict without they themselves or their children being direct participants. His unrepentant support for the Iraq war as well as continual advocacy for confrontation with Iran are the reasons why I view him this way. He himself never served, and his children are not of military age. I have never heard of any other definition, so I apologize if I came off as crass.

                1. The harping on the word chicken hawk is dumb. Trying to infer sexual innuendo is idiotic.

                  You guys are trying to communicate your positions and there is squawking on chicken hawks butting in.

            1. OK, thanks for the explanation. I agree that is not a good characteristic in a person, and I personally believe we we should bring our troops home. Not being eligible for military service should not by itself bar one from advocating war, but if one is advocating continually for wars of intervention, that’s a different matter. Shills for the military/ industrial complex are not good citizens. I don’t follow Hannity, so I don’t know his pattern.

              We have, IMO, only one valid reason for going to war, and that is to protect America, or Israel, our only ally in the Mideast. No nation-building, no propping up regimes. Let them stand or fall on their own.

              And no foreign aid, military or otherwise, except possibly for disaster relief, AFTER we get our finances in order.

              I suspect Israel could do a great job of defending themselves if our “leaders” at the moment weren’t so determined to prevent them.

              1. Disagree unless you are going to continually bomb them. Personally there is no reason on earth why Afghanistan should be a country. You scream nation building but fail to address what happens when a vacuum is created and then filled as is the current case in Afghanistan and Iraq.

                1. Laurel, I’m not sure what you’re proposing “unless you are going to continually bomb them” as an alternative to.

                  I’m not ignoring what happens when a vacuum is created. There will be internecine warfare. Either the Russians or the Chinese will try to move in. Let them. Let someone else, for a change, experience the joys of a conflict with the “religion of peace”. I don’t think the Russians will try to move into the Mideast. I think they’re smart enough not to want a repeat of their invasion of Afghanistan.

                  We should seal our borders, deal with terrorists already here, strengthen our defenses, develop our overseas intel, and if there is a threat, a la Iranian nukes, take out the threat. Warn the world only once, immediately after the last of our troops are off foreign soil, and if a threat arises, annihilate it, preferably via a replenished, upgraded ICBM response. No invasion, no reparations, no apologies, no guilt. Just the one warning: mess with us, threaten us, and we will eliminate the threat. We will accept no excuses and listen to no apologies. We also will not occupy or rebuild your nation.

                  I repeat what I’ve said before: we do not have the money to fight any more wars, let alone the astronomically expensive generational wars required by nation-building. The money just does not exist.

                  When I was young, I enlisted Army Airborne. (If I haven’t explained to you before, I was 4F’d. Never even got into Basic.) My reasoning was that if we didn’t fight the communists in Vietnam, we’d have to fight them here. How did that work out?

                  We have American communists (aka socialists, marxists, democrats) currently running the country to a large extent. While we were alienating two generation (and burying a lot of one) we lost the schools, so we lost the generation which is now assisting obama to destroy America. We lost America here, and Vietnam was lost anyway.

                  If we do not fall back and regroup and win back our nation, there will be nothing for our troops to return home to, and, as we’re seeing now, no logistical support for them in the field. We have deadly enemies “advising” Homeland Security and re-writing the rules for the FBI and the military, for pete’s sake. Frequently visiting the White House. Advising the “president’. We’re in trouble here and now. Talk about “a clear and present danger”. Whew.

                  We ARE at war, Laurel, right here, and this one’s not going to be easy to win. If we try to fight other people’s battles for them at the same time, we will surely lose everything.

                2. Sorry but I disagree with your foreign policy views. Creating a vacuum costs more in lives and treasure. is inhumane and creates a bigger opponent. No clear thinking individual would agree with that. We do not live in a feudal society so why would we create one?

                  As to my comment it means bomb them repeatedly until they can’t get up again. I sincerely doubt the rest of the world would tolerate that approach since it would take place over years.

                  Spare me the lecture at home. I well aware what’s going on here. If we did things your way in Afghanistan we would still have the same result. You also seem to ignore other things like economic effects, trade agreements, etc.

                  There dabbling at nation building and then there is actual nation building…we just dabble at it since WWII.

                  Do you have the money to live? Will you have the future prospects of money if you piss off the entire world?

                  And yes we are at war and not necessarily at home but the world with Islam abroad is absolutely for real. War at home is a turf war between gangs that pales in comparison. Rampant emotionalism is not clear thinking.

                  And no I never heard your back story before…thanks. My Dad is a POW from that war and he went for the same reasons you joined. What he has had to admit is the commies were in the government and ensconced in American life before you were ever born.

                  Be aware I’m not advocating permanent war. Afghanistan and Iraq are lost and in large part due to Obama but bush shares some of that…but this country shoulders the bulk of it when it adopted the kinder gentler war approach. We need to go to war all out, level the place, then supervise the rebuilding so they rebuild not in the image of Mohammed but in the image of the West.

                3. Laurel, thank you for your reply. I read statements in your response that I consider to be the result of incorrect analysis, and apparently you feel the same way about my comment. We’ve each read the other’s statements, and we both remain “committed to our own hypotheses”, as one of my college professors put it, so for me, it’s time to end this discussion. Best wishes.

                4. I don’t totally disagree with you. We should do your at home checklist because it does strengthen us. However you have a vein of isolationism that will not work in a global work. Of course there is no perfect solution either.

                  Have a nice day lawngren.

                5. I love how you think. We had a very powerful military under Reagen yet the fact that we had it was deterrent enough. We did not feel the need to project it as often as subsequent administrations have.

                6. Address how though is the question. By continually sending our son’s and daughters there to be maimed? There has to be a better way. (I’m speaking mostly of Iraq here).

                7. While no war can avoid casualties I believe the bulk of our sons and daughters are maimed due to going to war lightly and lightly fighting the war. We have the best military hands down in the world and not using them to their fullest extent sends a message of weakness abroad and is a waste of time and resources.
                  Afghanistan and Iraq should be a lesson in how not to fight a war. Now of course this my opinion but history is on my side in this. It’s time to revive Sun Tzu.

              1. He would do better to not advocate sending them into more fool hearted wars. I know he holds those concerts nationwide which are kind gestures.

                1. That is an opinion not based in any sort of reality and not worthy of someone wearing his service as a moniker and quite proudly.

                  What was that oath you swore again? Did you swear it only for yourself?

                2. Ever hear of the War Powers Act? How does that jibe with the Constitution? Why blame Hannity for that? Hannity works within the existing parameters provided.

                  P.S. I agree we should declare war openly. I just don’t blame Hannity for that.

                3. And I would never claim that Hannity is exclusively to blame for such thinking. Plenty of administrations form both parties have used and abused the war powers act.

        2. I doubt your claim of being a combat veteran. I know far too many, including family members, and none would post their physical dimensions to make a foolhardy political point. No one who served in active combat, who witnessed the deaths of fellow vets or those who were severely injured would stoop so low as you did.

          Real active combat vets have no need to prove how big and tough they are on an anonymous comment section. They proved it on the battlefield.

          1. The user called me a troll, I refuted his claim with supporting evidence. I am indeed a combat veteran, and served in the Iraq War, a pointless and destructive endeavor which Hannity defends to this day. I only mentioned this to elaborate on just how detestable I find Sean Hannity’s policies. Remember, us veterans have the rights to our own opinions and beliefs just like those for whom we fought. I can assure you sir, that I have more than proven myself and did not mention my dimensions or past as a way to intimidate. (Trolls are short in stature and live under bridges).

            1. Your feelings toward Hannity are irreverent. I have nephews who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The horror of war and their experiences in fighting those wars are never discussed at family gatherings. It’s still to painful for them. They will speak to one another because it is a form of therapy to them.

              Now you’re stating the reason you shared your physical mettle is because some anonymous person labeled you a troll. I am sorry but that’s a very difficult tale to believe. The experience of witnessing fellow comrades being blown apart and using it on this forum is revolting when you admit it was because someone called you a name; troll really?

              If you are a veteran, combat or not, I apologize, but it is very hard to believe.

              1. This is an open forum wherein people are allowed to express their feelings and opinions on a particular subject. This one happens to pertain to bSean Hannity. The supporting evidence that I used to refute the claim that I was a troll was my physical specifications and my choice of dwelling. (It was a joke). If you find my stature intimidating, that is entirely a personal issue. I listed my status as a combat veteran again not to intimidate, but to add credence as to why I do not agree with Sean Hannity on many issues including foreign policy. Your nephews have my undying gratitude, but I don’t see how them serving in Afghanistan and me serving in Iraq makes my feelings on Sean Hannity irrelevant. I never listed any specifics about my combat service, only that I was there. Please read a little more carefully before you generalize next time. Be well.

                1. So in short only those that serve can have an opinion about war…that is the essence of your post.

                  Constitution, Bill of Rights, and tax payers beg to differ.

                2. In previous post I wrote, “I have nephews who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Thus, before telling me to read more carefully, perhaps you will do so in future.

                  Also if you served in Iraq as you claim, you are a combat veteran. The term is used for all who served in an active war zone, regardless if you ever fired a shot on the battlefield.

                  Now your stating you never listed any specifics about your combat service. It seems to me you don’t know the definition of a combat vet and that makes your tale even harder to believe.

                  I’ve already said I’m sorry if I’m wrong about your service. Yet with each additional comment you post, your tale is becoming harder to believe.

                  I can’t prove it one way or the other, so I won’t waste anymore of your time.

                3. I did read it. Again God Bless your nephews for what they endured and continue to endure as a result of their service. I would know. You are both sorry and wrong for attempting to invalidate my opinions simply because you don’t agree, and invalidate my background which admittedly you know nothing about. You seem to think that everyone of us has to think or act a certain way to fit your definition of a combat vet. Not so. Many different types of people from a variety of backgrounds serve our country, and as a result have different perspectives of their time in the service. Peace.

            2. Thank you for your service in the ‘Sand Box’ Brother. I served in ‘Johnson’s War’ (Viet Nam).
              Just for the record, we’re all the same size here.
              Screen Size. 😉 😉

                1. Just for the record, you and I won’t ‘arguing’ too much here because we would be arguing over ‘punctuation’. 😉 😉

        3. your size is only relevant if you’re sitting on your keyboard, or you recognize the post from a guy in your neighborhood. But first time I’ve heard a military man take issue with a political opinion just bc you disagree. If not for Hannity (and Fox) we would have zero diversity of opinion on TV and most supported Iraq (incl Dems) at the time. Dems were preparing for an election, so had the luxury of bailing and blaming Bush, stoking unpopularity for political campaigns (Hillary & Obama). Not a very partisan issue therefore, unless you hold both parties in contempt.

          1. Is it then your premise that military men (whether current, or former) should not express their own political opinions? This person called me a troll and I simply refuted his assertion with supporting evidence. And yes, I do hold both parties in contempt.

        4. So what does your military experience have to with anything?

          And your size actually speaks to being a troll so my suggestion is don’t post in the future.

          BTW…going to war itself is not useless nor was Afghanistan and Iraq. The way those wars were fought were. Be smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

          1. I’m not categorically opposed to going to war. Having been there myself however, I would never advocate going preemptively as was the case in Iraq, nor indefinitely as is the case in Afghanistan. Hannity continually defends the policies that led us into Iraq and has advocated for armed incursions into Iran. As someone who witnessed the Iraqi policies with m own eyes, I happen to disagree with them.

            1. I have never ever heard him say any such thing in regards to Iran who does pose a huge threat. What purpose does it serve to continually ignore the same threats over and over again? However…so? He is entitled to make his case just as you are. We did that with Bin Laden and 3000 civilians died.

              I am not for indefinite war either but that isn’t what anyone is advocating. What they advocate is doing the right thing and putting the hammer down…which is probably too late for Afghanistan so we will be back there again…now that is an indefinite war. Afghanistan was bungled at the planning level due to political correctness and the stupid late 20th century notion that imperialism is evil. That notion has put warped a view on war along with Truman Doctrine that has us fighting kinder gentler wars that usually end up installing corrupt governments. See Korea. See Vietnam. See Desert Storm aka Kuwait.

              P.S. everyone has witnessed the Iraqi policies….and we are paying for them as well. However policy and purpose are two separate things. I may disagree with the policy but not the purpose.

              1. To clarify, I am absolutely all for checking any threat to my beloved country. However, we as a public were clearly mislead as to how big a threat Iraq was and I fear the case could possibly be the same with Iran.

                1. No we weren’t. That is media talking points. Far too many reports have vindicated the Bush administration and GB on that.

                2. I understand what you’re saying….nothing changes your outlook on war, like war. I support our soldiers, not wars.

            2. As a Conservative and an ex-soldier, I can’t say I blame you brother on all counts. If you want to fight a war, then fight it, if not then politicians should spill their own blood.

              1. I never meant to imply that one party is more to blame than the other. O wanted a Syrian war as well as a few RINO’s in the senate. Both are equally dispicable

        5. War is not just a Repulican thing, remember FDR? Remember Johnson? What about Trumen? Clinton with Somalia?

          1. I never implied that it was. And I’ll go further to point out that it was Clinton that got us into the Balkans. TWICE!

  7. …Bravo Sean Bravo , I can see you in Florida because as you well know Sean they have great Tennis Facility’s for your aspiring children . “

  8. “Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to surrender their incomes, jobs, property rights, children, and sanity in exchange for the security that only a plethora of wonderfully inneffective social programs can provide, while human decency requires that we mock and ridicule barbaric Christian traditions like monogamy and pre-marital abstinence, progressivism is a rich tapestry of customs that must be respected and preserved, end of discussion.”

  9. Fascists like Cuomo and Obama behave like little dictators because nobody stands up to them. Americans have become scheeples, complaining on blogs, but then meekly falling in line with the fascist dictats.

    Hannity is acting in accordance with his principles. Hopefully, more Americans will grow a pair and refuse to be held hostage by these political thugs.

  10. There is great fishing in Texas lakes. Good for you Sean…get out of that hell hole called Manhattan.

  11. Hey sean….most of the time its to hot to fish in florida and their fish is awful if you lived with ne or new england seafood all your life..if your moving to fla for fish……BIG MISTAKE

    1. With the money Sean saves on income taxes and property taxes he can get central A/C. He will be fine.

      1. ya i guess so…the central air has to be in your boat not only your home…..hopefully save enough to fly in some new england seafood

      1. ya……..try some fresh cold water cod or maine lobster some day…..or even blues from the northeast…..BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!

        1. Cod I’ve never tried, although I lived in Massachusetts for 5 years. My mind just kept repeating “cod liver oil … cod liver oil …” and somehow I couldn’t force myself.

          Lobster, now – alright!

          I remember reading about the unmatched fishing that the colonists found off the Great Banks. It appears, at least then, to have been one of the world’s top, teeming fishing spots.

  12. Someone may have to correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Amazon.com do the same thing to California? California (from what I remember) was trying to squeeze more tax money out of them, and Amazon said ”screw you, we’re moving next door to tax-friendly Nevada”, taking the jobs with them. LOL, well, if such were true, you would think other tax-greedy states would sit up and take notice.

  13. I pray Sean doesn’t leave. Did Washington pack up and leave? Libs move to red states to take them over at the polls and schools. Stand up and stand tall, but don’t leave. United we stand.

    1. Why shouldn’t he leave and take his family, his show,his employees AND his taxes with him? The Governor has laid down the gauntlet when it comes to his real feelings about people who do not share the same opinions as he does.

    2. At some point in time it doesn’t pay to be abused financially and culturally to stay in places such as NY, MA, CA, and MD. You have to get out for your own sanity. As a fugitive from both NY and MD staying and fighting is a lost cause for the short run. I don’t have that much time left and I assume that Hannity is feeling this also. It’s easier to fight when there are more like-minded folks around you to help. Even Dan Bongino is mulling around this thought in MD.

    3. Leaving, and taking a bunch of money and jobs with him, is the only thing that gets the attention of powerful incumbents like cuomo. You have to hit them between the eyes with a 2×4 (speaking metaphorically, of course) to make them see the light.

      1. I doubt it. Democrats manufacture poverty. Cuomo is probably eyeing up Detroit and is envious of their accomplishments.

  14. When the Colts left Baltimore, their owner packed them up and left in the dead of night.
    Sean, start packing, take a loss on your house in a quick sale and BOLT !

    1. I suspect Hannity has enough shekels, to move before selling, and then market the house is in a normal manner.

  15. Maybe they’ll punish him with an audit every year like they did to Rush after he left. I’m an economic refugee from IL, myself.

  16. Back in the late 70’s and 80’s CT had no state income tax or business tax….they were booming while NY, NJ, MA and RI were drying up….then some socialist progressives got a hold on CT and started the taxing….and they dried up! Moral of the story…pay attention to history…it tells the story..nothing has changed, heavy taxation destroys economies!

    1. Except for State Prosecutors like Corey…and their ridiculous legal procedures and forensics….and all the wannabe Trayvons.

      1. … and the kissing bugs, and mosquitos, and ticks … but it was the Marielitos that really ruined it. Castro sent us a bunch of really nasty criminals along with the political refugees.

    2. some people love it…i lived there for ten years….back in new england….i hate winter up here but the florida summers are too long for me

  17. As Conservatives leave NY if they’re able, I hope Conservatives planning to take holiday trips to visit NY will choose different vacation spots and the tourist industry will feel their Govenor’s policies.

  18. I know a lot of people that want to leave Communist New York but they don’t have the money or wherewithal to make it happen.

    1. Same circumstance as Detroit. Detroit is the debris field that it is because of economic flight. Everyone, black and white, with the means to depart, did exactly that, Splitsville. The result a city of poor people. The tax base voted with their feet.

  19. Caution note to Hannity: NY is more than likely thinking of an exit tax. They don’t want you, they don’t want your conservative ideals, but they really, really DO want your money. Better take it quick before they get too smart and tax you 150% as an exit fee.

      1. Built with increasingly more and more useless paper, as the federal reserve prints away at their hearts content.

        1. I don’t think that the fed bothers with printing anymore. It’s just 1s & 0s careening through cyberspace.

      2. I think that’s what they will do with amnesty, that is, they will make it impossible for Americans to leave the country as they want the American people to pay for the illegals, their off-spring and extended families. How else will the gov’t pay for them?

  20. Congrats Sean for “putting your money where your mouth is” and giving a very good example for all us dissidents in America and Canada. Didn”t take them long to come after conservatives, AS PEOPLE, after “Che” , I mean de Blasio, was elected, did it. Violence will come eventually, as they run out of other people’s money. The idea must be that if they can control America, China will loan more Trillions, to really set the hook.

  21. Good for you Sean. Personally, I would be perfectly happy if we split the country, gave the dems the blue states and conservatives keep the red ones. There are quite a few more red states than blue even if the libs own the east and west coasts. We could do away with all the liberal programs in the red states, let them keep their poverty and ghettos they have pimped so long. And we would end up getting the red states back fairly soon anyway. When they fail, we can take them back with constitutional govt and none of the garbage the libs have crammed down our throats.They can not survive without flyover country and all of its working class people and producers. Come join us in Texas Sean. I wish we could kick all the libs out of Texas but at least there are still more of us than them down here.

    1. This would be a good idea except for the fact the libs would be illegally crossing our borders as soon as the blue states ran out of free stuff. Please Sean, carry through with your threat and leave and take as many with you as you can.

    2. Conservatives could demand a social justice program to be implemented like some states have for the homeless: a one-way ticket out.

  22. That moron just doesn’t get it. The wealthy are getting tired of footing the bill and pretty soon…New York is going to try and pass laws to make it illegal to move out of the state if you’re wealthy…LMAO! Friggin’ Cuomo… you are the epitome of DUMBA$$

  23. AAaah. The joy of lassiez faire economics at work. The half-wits never really understand sound economic theories like: Money tends to go where it is appreciated. Leftie/progressives should take heed of the following: “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.”–Margret Thatcher

  24. Before I knew about this I told my hubby Sean was going to be livid about what Cuomo said because I knew Sean was unhappy with living in NY.. God speed Sean.

  25. Cuomo doesn’t care if you leave. It will be one less person to vote against him. As far as the money goes, he’ll just raise taxes on everyone else.

    1. When amnesty is given, NY will be a Third world city with out the revenues from hard working legal Americans. Illegals will not pay any taxes after they are given amnesty as they have worked under the table for years now. And it won’t change the fact that they will continue to get an array of free goodies with out putting anything into the system.

  26. Hasn’t Hannity been saying repeatedly over recent years that he wants to leave NY because of the taxes, and the only reason he doesn’t is because of his work?
    Why is this now news?

  27. I’d leave too, screw Cuomo and the high horse he road in on! If Trump did this, that would really make a statement too.

    1. Many New Yorkers want to leave but don’t have the money to do so. Also, where should they go? Is there really any state that isn’t effected by this leftists regime? Any comments would be appreciated. Does anyone know any “safe states” for legal American citizens?

      1. Wild Bill recently did a video about Kansas protecting their States’ 10th Amendment; they got a letter from Holder and replied that they are a sovereign State. Montana is sovereign, along with Wyoming. Several counties in 3 or 4 states want to cede to get conservative representation. And as discussed on a previous post, rural areas in many states are conservative.

  28. Sounds great, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Fox built a studio for him close to his house so he can be home for dinner most nights. Not sure how that would work in Florida or Texas.

        1. Not really but VA is better than NY which is the highest taxed state in the nation. My own state of NJ is 2nd or 3rd. Just thinking in terms of his TV contract with Fox which I think he recently signed.

          1. That was a radio contract he recently signed. Hannity last signed a TV contract back in 2012. With recent changes in the Fox lineup he appears to be the odd man out there. My guess is that Hannity leaves Fox when his current contract expires.

    1. I love both of these states however Florida and Texas are inundated with illegals, this is a problem. Also, Texas is so close to the border of Mexico.

  29. Well, I had some disagreements from time to time with Hannity, especially with the way he and CFR Roger Ailes treated Dr Ron Paul. Also, Murdoch is a Globalist and it seems that he will let Fox go conservative up until a certain point and that point appears to be when such people as Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck start asking the tough questions and exposing the Oligarchs NWO agenda. Seems that once you cross that threshold then you are dismissed or suddenly no longer on the network.
    It was nice to see Lou Dobbs get on with Fox but there again…I haven’t
    watched the network in years as I stopped watching TV a long time ago.
    I wonder if Lou Dobbs will be allowed to tell us whats going on with TPP which is referred to as NAFTA on steroids. Wonder if Lou will be allowed to discuss the real deal and what the CFR Elites have in store next for the serfs??
    I agree with Mark Levin on most everything except that “Birchers are Crazy” although I believe you can find crazy people in just about any group whether it be liberal, conservative or somewhere in between.I believe Levin should be careful not to generalize all people of a certain group like that. I don’t agree with Levin on “Amending or Calling for a Constitutional Convention” either. Our three branches don’t seem to adhere to the Constitution anyway so what makes him think it will make a difference. In addition, I think the Constitution can stand alone on its own. All we need to do is follow it and the laws already on the books. The Oligarchs would like nothing better than to tamper with our Constitution. Its the KING JAMES VERSION of our entire culture as Americans. Its the Holy Books of Scripture untampered with.
    Maybe Hannity has had an epiphany, I remember he filled in for Neal Boortz on WGST in Atlanta. I enjoyed his show and he was fair to those who called in. In my opinion, he was the fairest of them all if you called into the show and he didn’t bully people like many others. I hope he has learned a lot as all of us are getting older and we need to move on and save our country while there is still time. The Oligarchs have plans for the whole world not just America. We have to take our country back. Of course now I would be labeled as crazy too. I really could care less. Somebody has to do the dirty work !! There is always tomorrow and in that tomorrow there is always honor for great men. God Bless You and
    Good Luck. BTW. if Hannity needs help moving, I went to high school with the owner of Buckhead Movers!! in Atlanta. : )

  30. Fox is based out of New York. Does that mean he’s planning on leaving or will he be doing his show remotely? Also, I sympathize with his desire to leave the oppresive climate of a blue state like New York. The state income tax, etc. are reasons enough to do so, but don’t leave just because a jackass like Cuomo tries to unilateraly declare that there’s no place for conservatives in New York. The state belongs to the citizens that live there, not Cuomo.

    It’s just like with Obama when he thinks he can do whatever he wants because he was elected President. Like Mark Levin so often says – the Constitution was not up for election. Same here. The State of New York is not Cuomo’s personal fiefdome where he gets to decide who is welcome and who is not, just bebecause he was elected Governor.

    1. Many people think that NY has gotten what it deserves but there are many Conservatives, particularly in upstate NY that are fighting oppression, like crazy.

      It seems to be a losing battle because the cities are filled with the “entitlement” groups and corrupt leftist politicians that steal income from the working members of the state.

      Yes, it would be great if every Conservative could get up and more from NY but most can’t afford to do that.

  31. I’ve been saying this since Obama got reelected. The conservatives from blue states should move to the South and then we should split the country.

  32. I was in NYC almost 3yrs ago, enjoyed every minute of it and want to go back up there, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until Cuomo leaves office. I hope that there is a strong republican/conservative candidate there that can take on Cuomo in this years election and I hope the voters up there are taking note and really thinking hard about reelecting Cuomo because if they do, then they will be justifying Cuomo’s comments which would make them look just as bad as him.

  33. THREE CHEERS for Sean Hannity, If I were him I would get the Hell out also. It seems that this country is fracturing into Liberal and Conservative and I am all for it. Enough of all this crap like Cuomo is enough. Let them have obama and Cuomo and Socialism….I’ll keep my Constitutional Conservatism and Capitalism .

  34. Bob Grant had a name for Papa Mario, called him sfachim! It fits sonny boy even better! These libtards never think things through before they open their stupid mouths! It will be interesting to watch many New Yorkers leave, especially NYC….where the quality of life as we knew it disappears. The only people with money shopping in Bloomies will be people on the dole!

    1. Why would anyone choose to live in NYC where cockroaches, mice and rats are in the living spaces of even the richest and famous-est? And for that privelege, human residents get to pay enormous taxes?

      1. This is a true observation… I went to pick a friend up at airport and when they opened the plane door it smelled horrible, friends clothes smelled like ….. Urine! I will never go there.

  35. Awesome Fox News needs to leave to oh yeah Donald Trump time for you to find a better place to

  36. We’d love to have you down here in sunny Florida. I know Rick Scott would treat you a lot better, and you get to keep all your money. What’s better than that? Come on down.

    1. And ship all the NY liberals who have moved down here to get away from ‘their fair share’ of all the taxes (they voted for), BACK UP THERE! :-/

  37. Let this be a clarion call to all non-communist productive New Yorkers.

    Productive citizens need to relocate to more hospitable states or upstate New York needs to secede from the state.

  38. I’ve always admired Hannity and especially his efforts to expose Obama before he was elected the first time. Conservatives everywhere need to refuse to spend their money supporting the left but it takes real guts to go this far.

  39. He’s already got a place down here, so he might as well come to Florida. Even though I haven’t listened to him for over a year. I do have to ask though, what took him so long to decide it.

          1. They moved to Calif. back when it was ‘The Sunshine State’ rather than ‘The Moonbeam State’. 🙁

  40. Aaahh. NY will be a liberal ghetto mecca. Who will pay all the taxes to pay for their vote buying scheme? LOL

    1. NYC is already a liberal ghetto. I guess DeBlasio and Nanny Bloomberg may have to pony up the cash to keep the socialists and low info voters in the public trough lifestyle that have become accustomed to.

    2. The lefty unions, the only people with jobs….oh and they plan on bringing back the squeegee people…they pay taxes too…Hahahahahahahahahah!

  41. That was absolutely awesome. Only one question what has taken you so long my friend?, run as fast as you can. There is a very important point in this, that communists like Gov. Cuomo do not seem to understand, they think that if they attack the rich and successful that somehow that makes them benevolent, they don’t seem to grasp that by for every rich person that leaves their state there is a couple of hundred people that are going to be suffering the consequence.

        1. Thank you, my friend. I have friends in various states and would pay the extra money to fly from Canada to bypass New York State.

      1. Its only a matter of time before their utopia crashes and burns since everyone is going to leave.

        1. That’s the intentions of the communist/socialist for the entire country, break the country apart one person at a time then one state at a time to cause a uncivil war between Americans. With someone like the Kenyan in office call for marshal law. To a communist that is winning the battle of America.
          So far the communist have managed to take over all federal funded education in Academia. Now its state after state their after and their using every arm of government to accomplish that goal.

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