HannityTantrum!! Sean berates ‘STUBBORN, STUPID’ Republicans for not supporting Trump!

The Hannitizer is beginning to panic, and he’s at the “blame anyone else but yourself” stage. After months of breathlessly telling us that “Never Trump” is irrelevant and his gimp-master Trump will prevail over all his enemies, all of a sudden it’s their fault if the cheeto-faced idiot loses!

Well that’s convenient.

If you can stand watching his stupid face mutter inane absurdities, here’s the meathead moron blaming Republicans because Trump can’t seal the deal with regular Americans:

This makes no sense whatsoever – what is more likely, that the “never Trump” crowd ALL of a sudden got terribly efficient at opposing him 2 weeks ago, OR, that all of the stupid missteps Trump keeps making are the reason he’s drowning?

But to this meathead moron, his emotionally abusive emperor is simply beyond reproach. Meanwhile, it was this very idiot Hannity who was URGING Trump to stay the course and continue being a moron while the polls tanked!!! LOL!!

OH… one last irony – remember when Trump-humpers were hopping angry that people were compiling lists of those idiots who supported Trump? Guess what Hannity does in this clip? He literally says he’s going to “name names” and puts out a list!! I love it.

It’s just too delicious not to enjoy.

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