UPDATE: Byron York calls it “a big tactical error” – Harry Reid calls Obamacare medical device tax ‘stupid’

But even though he think it’s stupid, he still won’t get rid of it in the CR:

He also is taking the position of the president in saying ‘no compromise’ on debt ceiling:

And people wonder why there is gridlock…

UPDATE: Interesting insight from Byron York:

Republicans need to jump all over this. STAT!

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67 thoughts on “UPDATE: Byron York calls it “a big tactical error” – Harry Reid calls Obamacare medical device tax ‘stupid’

  1. Chuckie Shoomer with stupid smile on his face looks like ice cream man who secretly kidnaps kids!! Creepy!! But then again they all are!!

  2. Reid is trying to make it look like it will be a concession if this tax is stripped out. Just more theater. The ‘rats want the tax stripped out, because it makes Boehnercare more palitable.

  3. Shut the whole corrupt mess down. Americans need to learn that they can survive without government. The Sun will come up everyday without these freaks in the WH and DC as a whole trying to control our lives. Shut it all down.

  4. I love the clock counting down in the background. Straight out of Hollywood. In just about every Hollywood movie I’ve ever seen, a clock counting down in the background is synonymous with a hostage situation, which is exactly what this feels like.

  5. Reid and Obama repeatedly refuse to work with Republican Congressmen, and they virtually shut them out of the process entirely when they had a super majority. Yet, it’s Republicans that get blamed for not working with Obama.

    In this world, if you don’t accept Obama’s demands in full with no modifications, you’re an obstructionist….a “do nothing Congress”. I am so fed up with the media and the Dems twisting reality 180 degrees.

  6. People like Harry Reid (and OBAMA!!!) that are covering their butts and protecting their wealth building schemes are despicable! We the People are cranky and will NOT take much more!!! We will be coming for those of you who do not listen to YOUR EMPLOYERS!!!! DAMN partisanship!!! WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY???? IT IS NOT OBAMACARE(TAX)!!!! It effectively kills the 40 hour work week…the backbone of our success! Welcome to the world of part-time work…and thank a democrat!!!

  7. There you have it folks, projection rears it’s ugly head. Harry, just stuck his foot in his mouth another time because he’s lying to the American public, he knows it and he now has to live with his screw up.

  8. No, Byron. Unfortunately Reid didn’t make a tactical error. As long as the boot lickers in the media continue to fawn over him and laugh when he calls the medical device tax stupid rather than ask him why he’s supported it these last three years, he can say whatever he wants without any serious repurcussions

    1. Because Chuck the Shmuck never saw a microphone that he could stay away from, that’s why. He and Reid are two of just many despicable slugs in the US Senate. A pox on ALL of DC and it’s many slimey denizens.

    1. And any who DO try to will be ‘attacked’ by the party elites – after all they would be just whacko birds to go against the party elites, right?

      1. Exactly. Someone ask the party elites if they are so right how did we get to this point in the first place? And how did we get 17T in debt? Why is the country such a mess if they are such geniuses?

  9. After reading Byron York’s tweet, I would suggest that Reid doesn’t JUST “Sound like he is willing to allow govt shutdown,” he’s determine to shut it down unless he and Obama get 100% of what they want.

    1. Yep, dingyharry and his cronies would be MORE than nappy to allow a gummint shutdown, after all ‘everybody knows’ that it would the fault of them obstructionist republicans (was I snarky enough?) – oh wait, I forgot to call them evil as well……………..

  10. White men can’t jump. (sorry, couldn’t resist)
    Sorry to be pessimistic but these clowns in the GOPe leadership have proven both inept and impotent from the beginning. Boehner put us in this position by handing his spine and testicles over to the Dems. McConnell sold his soul to the devil (Reid). And the rest of these (cough) leaders are keystone cops.
    Let Cruz and the other conservative heroes run this (and they will anyway, they don’t need these idiots’ consent) and we’ll get things done. Otherwise, let the damn government shut down. So what? At least that way they’ll stop the spending.
    One more thing… after this CR passes (again, sigh) – and it will – watch our country’s credit rating be downgraded again. It’s inevitable… these boobs never learn and seemingly don’t care. We already know Obama doesn’t.

    1. I was watching a news conference today by Boehner and some other republicans. The questions were all geared towards the republicans being the dirty rotten government shut downers. The media is sickening in it’s worship of o bama and anything he does or doesn’t do.

  11. Okay, no compromise on debt ceiling. When my checkbook is empty I quit spending. See ya Harry, no money to pay you idiots, looks like you start working for free. By my count, you owe us the taxpayers about $17 trillion, time to start working it off.

      1. I’ll settle for him resigning and sweeping casino floors….and he doesn’t get to keep the loose coins he finds either.

  12. Since they have all news venues on the payroll, why WOULDNT they want to force the nuclear answer??? The truth will never get out and they will milk it to the nth degree.

    1. In a recent poll, Reid was rated “the most hated member of Congress.”

      Call his bluff and make him eat it! If it isn’t a bluff, he will eat it all the more!

      Dagnabbit! I wish I were in there…but my mouth would get me in trouble, and it would be likely that I would actually take swing at some of these milquetoasts…on our side. I can’t say what I would do to members of the other side. Some of our members are on that same side.

  13. Here’s what I would say to Reid privately. “Look at the polls bitch. You’re going down. Pass the house bill or shut the MF’r down! Check your calender. It ain’t the 90’s any longer! The American people want your head, and I am perfectly willing to hand it to them!”

    Why can’t anyone say that to him? Nevermind 🙁

    1. Harry has been testier than his usually obnoxious self this week. More name calling and projection on his part. He’s stepped up his game, but this time he seems more frantic. In his little shriveled black heart he knows that he isn’t popular. Ted Cruz really PO’d him and he just hasn’t recovered. I can’t predict what he will do, but he certainly is distressed.

  14. Boehner said this morning, “The President said that he will not compromise.” Boehner also said, “Well Mr. President, that isn’t the way it works!” I said, “There ya’ go!” Did anyone see that? It’ll be interesting to see what comes back from the House to the Senate.

    He might have a mild case of Cruz envy.

    Did he have back surgery recently, or does he just have a bunch of 2010 House members with guns to his head?

    1. LOL, Rs! “Cruz envy”, I think you nailed it. Whatever it takes to give Boehner his manhood back, I’ll take it. He will be put to the test soon, though.

  15. Of course he won’t compromise, only the GOPe RINOs believe in compromise. Which in common parlance means moving relentlessly to the left, as McLame admitted in his rambling apologia.

    1. Actually the do believe in ‘compromise’ – but their ‘dictionary’ defines it as everyone else sitting down, shutting up and doing everything their way.

    1. Schumer is a shmuck and an idiot to boot, but accusing him of hiding his horn is an age old antisemitic comment. At some time all jews were believed to have horns, this time is long gone, we should however refrain from this kind of accusations lest they be misunderstood.

      1. I don’t have an anti-semitic bone in my body. I am a big fan of the Jewish people. It has nothing to do with that. He looks evil. And acts evil. That’s my only point.

        1. Thank you Mark for saying that. I beleive you and when it’s about calling evil I am with you on Schumer being evil. Just did not want the trolls go at you.

          1. I guess I didn’t even realize that was an old anti-semitic ploy. Had I known I may have refrained. And if a troll wants to go at me about Jews, I would love to expound on what a fabulous group of people they are that have overcome hatred and bigotry for thousands of years, yet thrive. Like any group of people, they have their bright lights and their dim bulbs. Schumer would be the latter.

            1. I think you’re meaning was pretty clear. Besides, I don’t think many of us even knew or care that Shumer is Jewish.. he’s evil thru and thru.. doesn’t matter what damn race you are or come from to see that.

            2. I didn’t know either, and I’m a Jew. So, don’t be hard on yourself.
              Thought I had been called every name in the book concerning being Jewish….someone missed that one on me!

        2. Trust me, he’s no Jew not in the classical sense. Jew in name only or when it suits him for sympathy. You can bet this moron knows nothing of being Jewish like so many others on the left. God will ultimately punish him.

    2. Schumer is always behind Reid, leering… like a jack-o-lantern. Good observation. I despise that wretched puke.

  16. Hey Harry, stupid is as stupid does! Those words were spoken by a man FAR smarter then YOU, Forrest Gump!
    And Harry, YOU REALLY ARE STUPID! I will also add, arrogant, petty, tyrannical and self-absorbed.
    Hopefully before I suffer my second stroke, YOU’LL have YOUR first! See how much I love ya Harry? I’m willing to share!

      1. My bad, Sentinel. Not very Christian of me, was it.

        It was my way of expressing just how much I want to see a sweeping change in the Senate and House.
        We are lead and governed by fools who need to be replaced asap and Reid is a great candidate for replacement.

        1. Dear friend, these monsters that are destroying everything Godly known to man kind make it nearly impossible to conduct one’s self as a Christian!
          God understands, I have no doubt.
          We can rejoice we have the Blood of Jesus to forever make intercession on our behalf! 🙂

        2. No worries my friend – not judging. You simply wrote what I am unwilling to say but am thinking. It’s not right… but most of us cannot tolerate evil in any of it’s many forms. And from a secular perspective, common man despises idiots. Those two have it in spades.

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