HERE WE GO: National race-baiter headed to McKinney to stoke the flames of racism

al sharpton

McKinney is about to turn into another Ferguson. Al Sharpton told the USA Today that he’s going there to hold a rally to demand that the police officer who pulled his gun should be fired:

USA TODAY – The Rev. Al Sharpton told USA TODAY on Monday that he was alerted to watch the video by the Dallas chapter of his National Action Network (NAN). He described McKinney as indicative of a police community that has a “tendency to throw police procedures into the wind.”

“I was praying it didn’t end in (the officer) shooting someone,” Sharpton said in a phone interview from New York. “(He) was a trigger away from yet another police shooting, which is why he should be prosecuted.”

Sharpton said cellphones and technology are bringing to people’s living rooms evidence of what activists have been saying all along — that some white officers have a complete disregard for black lives.

Sharpton said he is considering holding a rally in McKinney as early as this weekend to demand that the officer who pulled the gun be fired.

It’s plain to anyone who has watched the video carefully that the reason the cop drew his gun is because two punks ran around to his side as if to threaten the him and one looked like he was about to pull a weapon.

Notice in photo below the officer catches a glimpse as the guy’s hand goes behind his back:


Even if they hadn’t acted like they were going to pull a weapon, the way they threatened him with their body language was enough to justify the officer pulling his sidearm. What no one is saying is that he had enough wits about him not to fire his gun prematurely.

After those punks run off, being chased by the other two cops, the officer re-holsters his sidearm when he returns to the girl:


Sharpton isn’t an idiot. He can see this just like the rest of us. He just wants to go down to McKinney and set the place on ‘fire’ just like he did in Ferguson.

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