Here’s how ABC, CBS, NBC portrayed Hillary’s testimony at Benghazi hearing today on the nightly news


Normally I would ask you to rate which of the nightly news shows did best at portraying Hillary’s testimony today, but they were all pretty bad.

ABC News was clearly the best as they at least highlighted the email that Jim Jordan pointed out from Hillary to her daughter, where she told Chelsea that it was an Al-Qaeda linked group that killed Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. And they played audio from Jordan pointing out that Hillary told her family one thing, but the American people something different.

But it was still tepid as they did as little as they could on this, not really pointing out with any emphasis that she lied to the American people after telling the truth to her family, the Prime Minister of Egypt and the President of Libya.

Both CBS and NBC ran cover for Hillary Clinton hard. After seeing the CBS News report, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. But then I saw the hack job that NBC’s Andrea Mitchell did and clearly I have to award NBC as being the absolute worst.

Whether ABC News, NBC News, or CBS News, they all agreed that Hillary didn’t encounter any major pitfalls with CBS News Face The Nation host, John Dickerson, going as far to say that NOTHING came up that brought her leadership into question. Seriously. NBC News Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd, said there’s nothing from this that will be a hinderance to Hillary if she makes it into the General Election. And ABC News reporter Jon Karl says that Republicans didn’t draw any blood today because Hillary was calm, sober, substantive, and didn’t take the bait on getting into any political fights.

Watch for yourselves:




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