Here’s how @CNN covered the March for Life vs the Women’s March…and it ain’t even close

This weekend the breaking news app on my phone was going crazy with alerts from CNN for the Women’s March, and that got me thinking. I didn’t remember any such alerts for the annual March for Life that was in Washington DC on Friday, so I decided to do a comparison on how CNN covered both events.

Instead of combing through their TV coverages which would take precious hours, I decided to use their CNN breaking news account @cnnbrk on Twitter instead – since that was the source of the alerts I was getting on my phone. To be fair, I also checked CNN’s main account @CNN to see how they covered both events.

You should also know that I did not include duplicate tweets from CNN on the Women’s March, which were many. I instead tried to focus on the unique tweets on each Twitter account for each event.

Prepare to not be surprised.

March for Life

CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk:


CNN @cnn:

Well that was quick.

ZERO breaking news tweets and only TWO from CNN’s main account, and those two tweets only focused on Trump’s speech. If he hadn’t spoken at the event, it would have gotten zero coverage from CNN on Twitter.


Women’s March

CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk:

That’s TEN tweets from CNN’s breaking news account.

CNN @cnn:

And those are another EIGHTEEN tweets from CNN’s main account.

Undoubtedly you noticed the tweet from CNN’s Newsroom account. It’s only there because @CNN retweeted it.

So there you go. The Women’s March event got massive coverage by CNN and the March for Live got nearly nothing. And if it weren’t for trump speaking at the event, it would have been nothing.

And just in case you think that maybe that’s because the March for Life event didn’t have that many people show up, think again. Here’s a time lapse of the March for Life:

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