Here’s new video of the student takedown by the School Resource Officer

This is probably the clearest video I’ve seen yet of the actual takedown of the student in South Carolina and there are some points to be made. The new video still doesn’t contain any context, but it does show a lot more than the original video which I’ve included at the bottom.

First, here’s the new video:

Former police officer Lance Adams, who knows the officer in question, looked through the video and pointed out a few things that he believes are very important, and gives his own conclusion at the end:

1. Deputy Field is called to the classroom for an apparent infraction. A young lady is in the classroom and will not abide by what the teachers and staff are telling her to do. She is asked by staff to leave the classroom, but refuses several times. At this time, they are out of options. They cannot physically remove her from the class because it is against school policy to physically touch a student. Now, it is becoming a “Disturbing Schools” incident which is enforceable by law enforcement. If a teacher have to constantly tell a students to leave, and she is giving them constant defiance and back talk, she is now affecting the education of the other kids and proper running of the classroom. This is when Deputy Fields is called.

2. Deputy Fields enters the classroom and “ASK” her to get up, leave, and come with him. She refuses. This is asked of her SEVERAL TIMES! This is what the video DOES NOT show. She still refuses. This is not a elementary or middle school child everyone. This is a high school student who fully know that she is given a “lawful order.” Whether she is trying to show off in front of her classmates are unknown. The fact remains is that she was given a lawful order and refuses to comply.

3. Deputy Fields then walks over to her in an attempt to escort her from the class. If you see the video, he calmly walks over, places his hand on her arm, and tells her to come with him. Now here is when you have to watch the video carefully. The young lady snatches her arm away and pushes Deputy Fields in the chest. Did not see that did you? At this point, it becomes “Assault on a Police Officer.” It now has turned from an escort to an arrest. As he is trying to get control of her and take her out the desk, she HITS him several times on the side of the face. At this time, she is flipped out the desk, dragged to the front of the room and given lawful commands to put her hands behind her back.

4. CONCLUSION: As a law enforcement officer, I was taught three things in regards to a person or suspect. “First you ASK, Second you TELL, Third you MAKE!” This young lady had every opportunity for it NOT to get here. If she would have complied with the school staff from the beginning, it would never have gotten this far. Everyone is saying, “That big officer did that to that poor little girl..” Would you have felt better if he was 120lbs? Would it have made a difference? SRO’S have tasers and pepper spray. As soon as she assaulted him, he was well within his right to use it. What is he would have peppered sprayed her? She would have been blind and coughing, the students would be blind and coughing, and she would have had to go to the hospital to be decontaminated. What if he would have tased her? She would have had prongs in her body, lit up with electricity, and would have needed medical attention to remove them. But what was the option he chose. To physically subdue her. What did she suffer? Some embarrassment in front of her classmates, maybe a bump or bruise, and was released home to her parents…

While the video to the civilian eye may look bad, the fact that remains is what started it and could it have been avoided? We all talk about the “poor little kids.” But you don’t think that little kid is poor and little when they are shooting up the fair, breaking in your house, stealing your car, or bullying your son and daughter to tears. If any of these incidents occur to you and your child, you want steel justice! And if you don’t feel the police is doing what YOU feel they should do, you once again talk negative about them. I am the FIRST person to stand up and say if the police is doing anything wrong or unethical, they should be punished and charged like anyone else. We are NOT ABOVE THE LAW! But no person, whether law enforcement or civilian, should allow anyone to assault them in any form or fashion. I don’t care whether they are a teen or adult. And if someone in a position of authority gives you a lawful and ethical order, then it needs to be followed. Prayers to all the families involved in this incident. I pray that it will be resolved correctly through truth, and not by emotion.

Here’s the original video for comparison’s sake:

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