Here’s the latest dumbassery from the transgender crowd. PERIOD!!

Every now and then we like to peek over at our mentally unstable friends in the transgender advocacy world, just to see what new and stupid insanity they’ve stumbled into, and boy, have we got a doozy.

Check out this absolutely bat-crap crazy thread from a transgender…. person.

Yeah, how dare you say that boys who are pretending to be girls can’t have periods? Menstruation is mostly in your BRAINS. If you’re transgender. I guess.

I’m not pissed. I’m very confused.

Yeah, we’re the fragile ones in this discussion! LOL!!

This is like saying a person can’t debate rationally just because they’re missing a brain.

Kinda… ironic.

Yeah, guys-pretending-to-be-girls, the science is behind the phantom periods, they are, I promise!!

“I’m gonna keep doing a crazy stupid thing because it pisses off the right people!!” – kinda sounds like a political principle of another cult I know of…

This is just a constant paranoid theme with these people – trying to conquer every tiny instance of “shame” in their life. Could it be that their brains and their souls are screaming out to them that their transgender fantasy isn’t quite aligning with reality? NO, of course not. It’s not their feelings that is the problem here, it’s reality. Reality is transphobic.

Also, this… person… is not very tolerant:

But we all knew that already, right?

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