Here’s why Angela Rye was CRYING on CNN…. because racism

In a very weird segment on CNN last night, the entire panel ganged up on a Republican lady and berated her for not screaming “racism” enough.

And then Angela Rye started crying:

It’s just very odd because they’re talking about incidents of racism in America, and they want Alice to blame Trump and the GOP for every instance of racism. Now, I think there’s something to what they’re saying – it does seem like SOME elements of the Trumper brigade approve of and encourage racism. But liberals just push it too far – they want Alice (a former Cruz aide) to disavow ALL Republicans, when the GOP itself has disavowed the scumbag open racists who are running as Republicans.

Don Lemon just can’t BELIEVE that Alice might support policies that Trump supports because his character doesn’t match her principles – honestly, I have some sympathies there too. BUT whatever Trump does has NO bearing on the things I believe as a conservative. So it’s stupid for Lemon and the rest of the panel to demand she disavow conservatism because Trump doesn’t have the character that most of us want in the oval office. It’s just a bad argument, but because there’s three of them and only one of her, they look like they’re in the right. That’s how these dumb shows and their “debates” operate.

At least Rye acknowledged that Democrats have some racist blood on their hands too, but of course, she insanely opines that Republicans have more, as if things are way more racist now than they have been 70 years ago or 150 years ago or 240 years ago. OK lady.

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