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Here’s your Midterm Election Night Thread including the latest exit polls!

This is your midterm election night thread where you an chat about and keep up with all the House and Senate races you care about.

But first let’s talk about the latest exit polls, which has apparently shocked CNN.

Dana Bash noted that the one issue that’s notably missing from the top 5 issues is ‘threat to democracy’:

Amazing. They really thought people bought into that garbage about Republicans being a threat to Democracy??

So what made the list? The top issue, according to election polls, is the most obvious: Inflation. The next on the list is abortion and the others were crime, gun policy and immigration:

Inflation tops voters’ list of concerns in this year’s midterm elections, with abortion a close second, according to the preliminary national results of the exit poll conducted for CNN and other news networks by Edison Research.

Approximately one-third called inflation the most important issue to their vote, with about 27% citing abortion. The remainder were roughly divided between picking crime, gun policy and immigration as their chief concerns.

The electorate’s views of the economy are largely gloomy. Only about one-quarter of voters felt positively about the current condition of the economy, with roughly three-quarters viewing it negatively – and about 4 in 10 saying it’s downright poor.

That’s more pessimistic than in the 2018 midterms when 68% of voters said the state of the economy was excellent or good, and the 2020 presidential election, when 49% said the same.

About 46% of voters in this election say that their family’s financial situation had worsened over the past two years, while only about 1 in 5 said it had improved.

More than three-quarters of voters in this year’s election say that inflation has caused hardship for them and their family over the past year, with about 20% saying it’s been a severe hardship. And about 6 in 10 say that gas prices, specifically, have recently been a hardship.

I’m glad immigration made the list of the top 5 concerns. That’s anotehr good sign for the election results tonight.

Here’s a tweet that shows some other exit poll results, including how most people are unhappy with Slow Joe:

In terms of election results, here at TRS we’ll be focusing on the more important races given that there are so many, and who wins the House and Senate. We’ll update this threat from time to time but I’m sure you guys will be keeping up with this in the comments.

I hope it’s the biggest red wave we’ve ever seen, but I’m not counting my chickens until they hatch. That’s what tonight is all about.

Since it’s an election thread, here’s a couple of other things from today:

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