Hey remember that Antifa THUG who cracked an old man’s skull open? Yeah, he’s going bye-bye. For YEARS.

The media may give a pass to every Antifa transgression but there’s a least one judge who did no such thing, because an Antifa thug from Portland is going away for a long time.

Y’all might remember the 20-something loser caught on camera cracking people over the head with a baton at a so-called “protest” in Portland, America’s combat zone. The story and the dramatic photos and video went everywhere. Well, everywhere on the right, at least. A bit tougher to find in the MSM.

Oregon Live reports that Gage Halupowski, 21, was sentenced to SIX YEARS after he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in that June attack. The specific victim in the charge is named Adam Kelly, but there were others (see links above) including John Blum, who was identified and interviewed by Michelle Malkin and also cracked on the head.

Recently two “Proud Boys” were sentenced to four years for their brawl in NYC. That got a lot of mainstream press coverage and blue check toldyaso and cheers.

We’ll see if this gets the same. So far, nope.

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