Hilarious! McCain mistakenly refers to Romney as Obama

Oh man, this is classic. McCain totally referred to Romney as “President Obama” and went on for a few seconds before Gov. Haley corrected him. Hilarious!

You know what they say about drunk people being more truthful, right? I think that applies here too.

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95 thoughts on “Hilarious! McCain mistakenly refers to Romney as Obama

  1. God speaks to the heart. He was speaking to Mccains @ a Great Time. When I Watch TV News prog, aft the Debates they question people who Identify as Rep they realize Romney cannot identify with the Majority of Americans, because he has been Rich since birth, unlike Pres Obama whose Mama once had to rely on Public Assistance to make ends meet

  2. God speaks to Ones heart. I guess he spoke to John Mccains to speak the truth
    @ the Right time. Just listening to News Progams & comments from People
    who Identify themselves as Republican, they know Romney does not Identify with
    the Majority of America,he has always been Rich & Priviledged unlike Pres.
    Obama’s Life who”s @ Mama for A Period of time when he was a child received Food Stamps to meet their needs.

  3. I had to put down a bit of bile when I heard that McCain was endorsing Romney. It got worse when Romney went on stage with him. Now it turns out his brain function is beginning to slow as well. Still, since that endorsement, it seems Romney ticked up in every poll.

    1. I think you are going to see the polls start changing…very soon…Everyone is really giving Rick Perry a strong second look…and well they should.

      1. Well if you want ideological clarity and commitment, then Perry is the guy. He calls Obama a socialist. He doesn’t talk about ‘getting things done’ with the ‘other side’ like Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and pretty much the rest of them. Perry has no interest in compromise in his messaging. He even wants to send the legislature home and cut their pay so they stop doing harm.

  4. This old man is a complete bafoon and his daughter is following in his footsteps. I wish he would just go off in the Az. sunset and retire and rid us of his rhetoric.

  5. Keep on talking McCain, you like Ron Paul ,you just continue to reveal your FOOLISHNESS THE MORE YOU TALK!

    1. I don’t know why, but when I see McCain and Romney together it remines me of two used car salesmen. I don’t like the used car salesman we have and would like to get a recall on the lemon he sold me and everyone else.

  6. I disliked McCain from years ago when he sold out Native Americans in AZ. He was instrumental in stealing the mineral rights off their reservations for the mining companies. Billions were made and the Indians got food stamps. That tells you what kind of politician he is! (Typical)

  7. I can’t understand a loser that was defeated by Obama would be endorseing the loser he defeated for the nomanation. What a hell of a note. Romany needs a winner on his team. Gop help us and let someone like Col. Allen West step up to the plate! We need a Millitary man to fight both sides of the aisle.

  8. I’ve been saying for a long time McCain is senile. Get off the stage ! Whatever you say is worthless! It’s because of you we’re stuck with the messiah!

  9. I was going to watch this..just can’t…same reason I can’t watch the really bad acts on the Idol shows, it’s just too frigging embarrassing to see him act like such a tool…I bet it’s funny though…maybe after a glass or two of wine I’ll be less compassionate-at which time I’ll post it all over the place..tee hee

  10. McCain, as a Republican, is a douche-bag, so is his liberal buddy Romney

    I’m a staunch conservative who is tired of these idiots.

  11. It’s the kiss of death as far as I am concerned to see McCain give his “support” such as it is to Romney. I wouldn’t vote for Romney now if he promised the moon, to cut taxes, to cut government– because with Romney and the likes of McCain IT IS ALL LIPSERVICE…all hat and NO CATTLE. Good bye Romney and take McCain with you. Sad day indeed. McCain has disgraced himself and Romney has discredited his own “platform” by saying one thing and doing another. RINOS!!!

    1. You said it right! McCain shot his self in the foot in the last election and now he is shooting Romney in the ass.

  12. Now we all know what Gov Palin meant about being “shackled” by the GOP! She has been there and done that!

    1. Romney is Obama i agree. But Newt is no better. He may even be worse given his past cozying-up to Democrats.

  13. Oh, yeah……………who would want this guy in their corner?

    And I don’t think he “misspoke”. That’s the party he really wants to get invited to.

  14. It shows a real lack of judgement on Romney’s part that he has the loser McShame campaigning for him.

  15. Talk about a Freudian slip that was actually the truth!

    Romney is Obama-Lite!

    This did not make the news because Romney has been pre-ordained as the Republican nominee.

    The only task at hand is to manipulate the Conservative base into voting for him!

  16. Romney speaking to the people ……

    i am… and always will be….and you can trust me on this….what ever it takes to get elected…and i mean it….so a vote for me is a vote for….well me…and what i want…and that is for you to vote for me and everything you think i stand for….which is what you will maybe get cause i will change tomorrow so…. grab the wind and tell me what you see …… that is me…..you can bet you wont nail me down on anything cause i’m jello and you know how hard it is to nail jello to the wall…so come on people vote for me……….

  17. When McCain began his 2008 campaign, at one stop he said “I’m what I’ve always been — a liberal ….. um… a conservative…..Hello” (slaps his face).

    1. “I am a proud, conservative, liberal Republican”.

      Interesting thing abut stuff like this is that if you look at McCain’s record it is Progressive. To paraphrase Michell Bachmann, “Fiscal Conservative” is another word for “Frugal Progressive”.

  18. I saw this video yesterday morning and I was wondering why it didn’t hit the airwaves. I mean, if it were Newt or Santorum this would have been all over the place. I blasted this on twitter even sent a tip to this site – nothing happened.

    Really folks this goes to show you that Romney is really no different than Obama for except the label. Even McCain thinks so too – being a progressive as he is.

    I look at his so called plan for America and I didn’t find anything in it that would benefit all of us. A little tweak here and there, but basically the same old stuff – maintaining the status quo. Fort instance, at first glance I didn’t see anything on what to do about Social Security.

    Now it comes down to the lesser of two evils.

    1. “I saw this video yesterday morning and I was wondering why it didn’t hit the airwaves.”

      Because McCain is part of the political class. Gaffe or Freudian slip, it makes Romney look foolish and that is outside the narrative.

  19. Here is what “DEMENTIA” does when set in. His real party politics coming to surface and I’ll bet Obama is laughing his ass off over McCain again.

  20. If i were Romney, I would slowly back away from McCain’s support.
    Think about it, McCain lost in 2008. Clearly the American people were not infatuated with a McCain administration. Why would Romney want to take support from that guy?

    Just saying.

  21. Considering how hard it is to tell the two apart how can you blame Mccain for an honest mistake. Let’s be honest Romney and Obama are like day and later that same day.

  22. Put a fork in that old man, he’s overdone. Sad thing is he keeps getting elected.

    Powder is dry

  23. Now I see why his Daughter is the way she is

    The turd doesn’t fall far from the butt

    Wait – That isn’t right.

    I’ll check and get back to you

    Hearing voices now – gotta go

    1. His ass sits on the elephant side of the aisle in the Progressive Theater. His principles are sold to the highest bidder on the donkey side of the aisle.

  24. Y’know… if Mitt Romney is so inevitable, how come he got trounced by this guy last time around???

    1. Lol, good point. I think it’s a bunch of bullcrap when we are constantly being told he’s the one that can beat Obama. He couldn’t even beat McCain and McCain got beat by Obama. We are being told this lie so people will back the establishment favorite.

    2. Simple. Once Hussein became the chosen one, McCain was willing to throw the fight as it was unlikely to affect the rest of his pathetic political career.

      They needed to save Romney to reign another day, as a Republican Progressive. This playing out now. Goldman Sachs and the other banksters are now fully funding Romney.

      It is our last chance folks. I wish it had been Palin or Bachmann but we blew that. Put your money and time behind Santorum.

      The Founders intended, no, expected us to reject a government like this. We better stand up!

  25. I must admit to NEVER being politically correct.

    But that don’t make me wrong either.

    Mr McCain -GO SHOVE IT! UP YOUR (you know where)

    The above verbiage is my version of political correctnsess, so that TRS will not censor me.

    Have a nice day folks

  26. Now that’s a freudian slip !
    His subconscious knows Romney is no different than Obama !!!

    lmao !!!

  27. Yeah he made an “oops”. At least it was just a “Perry” moment. Santorum on the other hand voted “Aye” to the appointment of one of the MOST liberal judges Sonya Sotomayo and McCain voted “Nay”. http://t.co/jY8SxQti

  28. Everyone if you want to know why Mitt Romney is obsessed with winning the Presidency, it goes back to his father. Read this. Please pay the $8.95 to subscribe. It’s worth it.

    HALF-FULL REPORT 01/06/12
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Friday, 06 January 2012

    As Jackie Gleason[1] always said at the start of his show, “And awaaaaay we go!” with the first HFR of 2012.

    The first week of the year got shot out of the fascist cannon with Zero declaring war on Congress by making four presidential appointments that are egregiously unconstitutional. Ed Meese, President Reagan’s Attorney General, explains why.

    The fury of Boehner Congressfolk means nothing to Zero. As an example of how hopelessly feckless the Pubtards are, Republican Senator Scott Brown (remember how excited we were about him a year ago?) announced his support for Zero’s fascism.


    Zero’s lawless behavior is such an overt example of the inertia of fascism we face today.

    As Newton taught us, inertia is double-sided: if something is moving, it will keep moving unless something else stops it; if something is not moving, it will stay not moving unless something else moves it. Further, the bigger something is, the more force it will take to stop or start it.

    Michael Savage is no doubt correct in predicting that Zero’s reelection will result in a Hugo Chavez-type banana republic dictatorship, for we are well on our way towards it right now. The fascist unconstitutional lawlessness of our federal government has built up a monumental amount of inertia, which won’t be halted or slowed down merely by Zero’s defeat. It will take an equally monumental effort to reverse its direction.

    Which brings us to the pointlessness of Mitt Romney. Why is he running for president other than to be president? That’s really what’s going on, you know. He wants to live up to his dad.


    There’s a couple of videos also. It’s just too involved to put here.

    1. If anyone wants to know what will happen starting day one when Romney gets into the White House, look at Scott Brown’s Senate voting record.

      The banksters own these guys.

  29. The people in that crowd need to take that as an omen. Voting for Romney is just voting for another socialist. Even if he’s a milder one.

  30. It is time for McCain and others to retire, they have been in the senate and/or house too long. They need to get a job in the private sector or retire, but it’s time to get them out of power. I suspect some are getting Alzheimer’s or dementia. My mother had it and I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy. I do not want to have to wonder about the members of congress. This is another reason for term limits, so that we do not have Strom Thurmond’s, Robert Byrd’s etc rolled out once in a while to show that they are still alive.

  31. Eh, my friends… (gurgle)… earmarks… Mitt Obama, I mean, Romney is an American. I’ve seen his birth certificate, my friends, with my own two eyes. He is a man committed to, eh, America. Freedom. Mandatory health care. And freedom. Not necessarily, eh, in that order. My friends.

  32. Wait, wait you two. Don’t interrupt me. I have this speech memorized for only a short time. Now where was I? Oh, ya. so if Im elected…

  33. Why in the world do people keep re-electing these senile gray-haired old idiots? There needs to be a mandatory retirement law for congress. And it needs to be passed ASAP.

  34. So this is Meghan senior? I’m sure glad he identified the difference between Romney and the sitting president.

  35. I think he really meant Pres. Obama. He campaigned for Obama in 2008 against Sarah Palin. Why she still thinks she owes this idiot anything is beyond me.

    1. Oh, I’m sure she feels her account with him is all square. She definitely held up her end of the bargain.

  36. And they said Reagan was suffering from dimentia. This guy needs to take his daughter and ride off in the sunset. He is a complete joke.

  37. McCain is on the Romney bandwagon hoping to be his VP or get some kind of reward. He should have treated this endorsement as high as Nikki Haley’s.

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