Hillary campaign chair says CRUZ will be GOP nominee, not Trump!

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta said that he expects Ted Cruz to be the nominee they’ll be running against, not el Trumpo.

From Politico:

Donald Trump’s apparent belief that the Republican primary contest is now a two-person race between himself and Ted Cruz isn’t exactly shared at the top of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta handicapped the GOP race for 90 Democratic donors assembled at a private fundraising event in Berkeley, California, on Thursday night, according to a Clinton backer who was in the room, telling the crowd that he viewed Cruz as the likeliest nominee, followed by Trump, and then Marco Rubio.

In a poll just released tonight, Cruz jumped ahead of Trump in Iowa with a yuge lead of 12 points. 

But that won’t keep the Hillary camp from using Trump’s comments to help destroy their competitors:

Podesta’s remarks — which he made sure to say represent his own views, not an official campaign position — came after the real-estate magnate proposed a blanket ban on Muslims entering the United States, and Podesta suggested that the resulting surge of attention being paid to Trump didn’t change his belief that Cruz was the likeliest pick.

But he did confirm that the Democratic front-runner’s recent moves to use Trump’s remarks as an anchor to drag down the rest of the Republican Party was a concerted political strategy — and that the donors shouldn’t expect the strategy to go away anytime soon.

The crux of that argument is not that the other candidates are afraid to criticize Trump, Podesta told the donors: it’s that they agree with him.

I wonder how Trumpo will react to the big news! Stay tuned, amigos. And the rest of you too.

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