Hillary has THREE TIMES as many campaign offices in battlegrounds as Trump…

Weeks ago Trump supporters were justifiably saying that Trump was impressively polling even with Hillary even though he had an almost nonexistent ground game. Well now the polls have turned, and they can no longer praise his brilliance.

And his campaign still severely under-manned in battleground states – here’s an analysis from PBS:

offices in battleground states clinton to trump

More from PBS:

The contrast is a test for the conventional campaign model and points to the candidates’ stark differences in methods. Clinton is cleaving to the data-driven, on-the-ground machine that won two elections for Barack Obama. Trump, on the other hand, insists he does not need traditional campaign tactics to win the election, pointing to his overwhelming nomination victory achieved with a relatively small team and little spending.

Nevertheless, the ground game is poised to be critical in 2016. Undecided voters are becoming scarce, and targeted turnout may be the deciding factor on Nov. 8. That usually requires field offices with phone banks, organized volunteers and a coordinated effort to knock on doors and get people to the polls.

But if you’ll remember, Trump has actually, literally, said that he doesn’t think he even needs a ground game:

Asked by Fox News’ Eric Bolling about the open letter by 70 Republicans asking the Republican National Committee to redirect funding from the presidential race to down-ballot campaigns, Trump said he didn’t need their assistance.

“One of the big things about the RNC is they have this whole infrastructure of data and information and contacts and email lists and mailing lists and phone numbers. That is something that is important to your campaign,” Bolling said. “That’s not at risk. Is that in jeopardy at all?”

“I don’t know. I will let you know on the ninth, on November 9th,” Trump replied.

It looks like he’s already setting up the RNC to be his scapegoat even though it’s clear to anyone who isn’t a complete moron that he’s losing the election all on his own.

Here’s how he’s doing in polling in battleground states:

And on cue, his cult worshippers Hannity and Coulter are blaming “Never Trump” when they said it was irrelevant before…

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