Hmph: Rubio says he’s not going to join with Cruz to take out Trump and he’s not going to attack Trump.

One thing we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks is Rubio attacking Cruz relentlessly and, in my opinion, it hasn’t really helped him all that much. In the last two races he’s only barely beaten Cruz and still lost big to The Donald. And that’s with a load of big endorsements running to get into his corner.

The only thing Rubio really has won for himself is the media’s support, who insists he’s the golden child who can beat Trump and win in November.

Now, on the heels of another 2nd place finish, Rubio contends he is still not going to attack Trump like he’s attacked Cruz and he’s not going to partner with Cruz either to take out Trump.


Anyone looking at this race can see that Rubio and Cruz are neck and neck in 2nd and 3rd and if it continues that way, Trump is the nominee. But Rubio insists on taking out Cruz instead of Trump, even though that plan doesn’t seem to be working very well for him.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I really think Rubio and Trump chatted a couple of weeks ago and decided to both try and take out Cruz. They’ve both been employing the exact same strategy to attack Cruz as dishonest. They constantly both accuse him of dirty tricks and both call him ‘liar’ a lot.

The problem for Rubio is that he’s been so nasty toward Cruz lately, that if he were to side with him now to take out Trump he’d look like a hypocrite and charlatan. So I guess he’s got to keep attacking Cruz because he’s put himself into a corner.

Maybe it’ll work for him eventually, but he doesn’t have any state wins in his corner yet, nor in the foreseeable future. And he’s running out of time.

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