HOLY CRAP! 911 call of woman defending herself against stalker who broke into her house

This is an amazing dose of reality on many levels. It’s the 911 call of a woman whose house is being broken into by a stalker. The call goes on for a few minutes while the woman locks herself into her bedroom with her newly purchased handgun, as instructed by the 911 operator. Eventually the stalker breaks into her bedroom and, let’s just say it doesn’t go well for the stalker.

But what really struck me was the agony she portrayed after being forced to shoot him. Clearly it wasn’t something she wanted to do but this perp forced her into a difficult situation and while she still has her life, there’s no doubt that she’s traumatized immensely by the whole event and will now have to deal with that.

But thankfully she bought a gun that day and learned how to use it. And she’s alive to tell the story.


-HAMMOND, IN– An Indiana woman shoots and kills an intruder breaking into her home at it’s all caught on tape by the 911 call she was making at the time.

It turns out, the man had been stalking her and she bought the gun for protection.

The woman, who lives in a Hammond townhouse, had been complaining about her former boyfriend for months.

She had filed repeated complaints, said he slashed her tires and in a confrontation at the Legion Hall.

She said, he warned her it’s not over yet!

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