HOLY CRAP! Trump campaign says Trump NEVER saw the Iran video he described in DETAIL!

Trump’s campaign is now saying that the top secret Iranian video Trump described yesterday in front of a crowd in Florida never happened. Or rather, he never saw the video he described in detail!

ABC NEWS – Trump’s campaign told ABC News today that Trump was referencing a video he’d seen on Fox News of the American prisoners released in Geneva. However, a campaign spokesman could not explain why the images he described did not match the Fox News video.

Some have speculated that Trump may have seen a classified video, since he described it as “top secret.” But intelligence officials say they don’t know of any such video and that neither of the presidential nominees have received a general intelligence briefing.

Speaking at a news conference in Buenos Aires today, Secretary of State John Kerry said he was “not aware of any video.”

“I obviously haven’t seen it if I am not aware if it,” he told reporters.

So Trump’s campaign isn’t aware of the video he described in detail? And intelligence officers aren’t aware of it either?

Maybe the intel officers have to deny it because the video is top secret? I don’t know, but either way, Trump’s campaign denying it while he’s out there talking about it is utterly amazing.

And if that doesn’t beat all, here Trump is talking about the very same top secret Iranian video again today!

Either Trump is making this up out of thin air or people in the know can’t say the video exists. The trouble is Trump is still saying it exists, which is a big problem if it really exists!

Something has to give here. Either we find out Trump is lying or Trump gets in trouble for talking about a top secret video.

Oh well, just another day in Trump-election-geddon 2016!

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