Homeland Security Senior Advisor: America is an Islamic country


CLARION PROJECT – A senior advisor to the Department of Homeland Security, Mohamed Elibiary, says that America is “an Islamic country” and continues to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is comparable to Christian evangelicals.

Elibiary is a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and was promoted in September. He also served on the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and the Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.

Here’s the offensive tweet:

He also made this blatant comparison:

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124 thoughts on “Homeland Security Senior Advisor: America is an Islamic country

  1. This muslim is nothing more than a fascist goat humper. That’s the only “pieceful” aspect of their religion.

  2. These Moder Effers are the Mercenaries of ISLAMIC FASCIST REPUBLIC Occupying IRAN and working via American Organizations called CAIR, NIAC (National Iranian American Council ) sister Company PAAIA, Muslim Brotherhood ….


  3. We are in such deep chit as a nation with yahoos like this spouting off, my gosh, what is happening to us?

  4. what a bunch of garbage, when does the revolution begin ?, gawd, will these lefties EVER lay off the kool aide ?

  5. When are we going to stand up to these people. It is time we take our country back. We have lost so many of our rights that it is almost at military state. We need to stand up for our Constitution and get this riff raff out.

  6. You can thank pigslamic loving filth like Grover Norquist for getting this trash into our government and security systems.

  7. I wonder if I hit the wrong button or if a moderator removed my comment that fast – only about a minute ago I posted a scorching comment and it doesn’t appear … moderator?

  8. Pathological camel-loving liar. How did such a severely inbred congenital idiot as this develop enough language skills to speak comprehensibly?

    You cannot reason with those who have chosen lies as their way of life.

  9. Just how long are we going to sit back and keep talking about this problem and what is happening to our country? Talking is NOT getting our country back anywhere in the near future! Talking about NOT liking the Muslims infiltrating our country and our government is NOT getting the problem solved. Talking about NOT liking the Core Curriculum where they are teaching our children the values of being Muslim and their faith is NOT getting us Christ back in our own schools! TALK IS CHEAP! IT’S RIGHT UP THERE WITH ROLLING OVER AND PLAYING DEAD!

    1. Well they litter our streets here in Santa Monica, CA. I think they look hilariously funny wearing their black tents with sunglasses over those little slits and tennis shoes… Looks as intellectually limited as they are!

      I’m given to understand that comes from inbreeding.

      SM is supposed to be a resort…I think folks should stay away between the earthquakes, the ‘black kill whitey’ attitude, and being over run by ‘muzzies’ who are doing a lot of killing all over the world.

      Santa Monica has quickly become a not-so-safe place to be…

  10. Thank You to all that voted for the Muslim in chief and the Americans who did not get out to vote Against the destruction of Our Country.

    1. Exactly. A lot of people don’t get it. The worst Republican we could nominate and lord knows we’ve tried (with McCain and Romney), is better than what we have now. And even that isn’t the point, we have to get rid of Obama’s ‘machine’ in the government. All the people he has appointed are the one’s doing the real damage. He’s nothing but a fast talking ‘suit’.

      1. …but no one would listen to exactly that, and they WERE told, when the jerk first came on to the scene.

  11. He tweets that the Constitution is ‘islamically compliant’.
    Note well that he sets islam above the Constitution.
    Imagine what would happen if someone in his position were to say that ‘The Church’ (any denomination) is above the Constitution!
    In this case – where are the militant anti-Christianity activists who throw tantrums when the notice a cross in a public building? Are they ok with the thought that islam is above the Constitution? Or are they simply too scared of taking on islam in the way they take on Christianity?

    1. They’re scared. Yellow. They don’t want to face the fact that islam is at war with all of Western Civilization. Something has to break soon.

  12. I cannot write how I feel about this TURD. In fact, I better shut up about now because I am fuming with disgust and loathing, among other things.

  13. If anything, we are CINO — Christian In Name Only — since our country began abandoning the God of the Bible in favor of our own greed. What is so “Christian” about this country anymore? We went from a nation that accepted no Earthly king to one where we put idiots up on pedestals if they preach smooth things to us and promise us the fat of the land. We threw God out of our schools, yet the hypocrites in Washington still say a prayer in the Capital building before they begin again the work of punishing achievement with high taxation and rewarding stupidity with ever-increasing benefits. We now “bestow” rights to favored groups rather than honor and defend everyone’s God-given rights. We kill the unborn without trial and give mercy to the heartless — provided he or she has popular support — so we can feel good about ourselves. People rally around someone and defend him to the death because he shares their skin tone in spite of the fact that all evidence shows he holds them in worst contempt than any racist of any other color. I won’t even go into specific matters concerning God’s view of human sexuality, but lets just say that, if we are allowed to continue on the course we’ve set, nothing will be taboo within a generation.

    1. I think it will be far less than a generation before the last taboo is removed. Of course, with islam taking over – if they manage it – there will be some new taboos.

    2. The most popular during the war of independence was
      it is about time to tar and feather the stinking lawyers and creeps who are destroying this country. Remember December 16, 1773.

  14. obama’s plan to “transform” America is being perpetrated on us through various government agencies, including Homeland Security. Funny, I feel much less secure with obama in the White House. He’s a foreigner running our government, and I am very concerned about his master plan.

  15. As in other countries, the muslim brotherhood is getting organized here to move in in the event of a power vacuum. With the help of 0 and his minions, of course

    1. I’d be willing to see a power vacuum right now. At least until we have time to drive Ted Cruz to the WH.

    1. We WERE a Christian country. Right now we’re about halfway between totally pagan and some weak, watered-down, apostasized version of Christianity.

      So of course the vultures are circling and the hyenas are closing in.

  16. obammy WANTS this country to be muslim – that is one of his goals – the Tea Party AND the evangelicals are the only ones standing in his way .

  17. OK….is this when he resigns??? A little over a decade after 9/11 and a Muslim on HSAC says America is an Islamic country???

    1. Fat chance. He has power now, and his muslim bros installed in every fed agency. Which to me means that there is zero legitimate government in America. I will comply with certain rules for expediency’s sake, but I owe no federal authority compliance, obedience, and definitely not respect.

      From my point of view, all federal agencies and officials in America no longer have any legal authority.

    2. HA!…Since when does a DICTATOR resign? He is a dictator and has no intention of leaving the White-house! You’ll see…

  18. seriously muslim brotherhood the same as evangelical christians!! not even close! what an insult to christians!

    1. What they can’t accomplish yet through the use of a machete to your neck, they perpetrate through liberal-coached propaganda. It worked so well for ObooHoo’s campaign. Repeating a bunch of carefully crafted lies until folks with the IQ of a rock begin to believe it.

    1. Take Obama’s first two years multiplied by 50. He is coming out of the closet now and is blatant about where his loyalties really are now that he’s been reelected.

  19. I guess it’s no wonder that Homeland Security and TSA and these agencies are bent on oppressing all of us and our freedoms when they are staffed with freaking Islamic thugs.

    1. There was a day when Muslims and communists wouldn’t have a chance to be on a President’s cabinet or as an adviser. That day seems like centuries ago now.

  20. Looks like we have been compromised! Where are the G-Men sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution! If they are not upholding their Oath…. Then they are Complicit!

    1. Well before the muslim invasion, the federal authorities were corrupt. Ruby Ridge. Waco. And before those events.

  21. I read this earl today … and yet not a word on the so called conservative talk shows.. Levin, beck, wilkow, webb, Hannity… not a single word…. one would think it would at least be worthy of a mention…. not even on the blaze news on xm patriot…

    1. But Beck did manage to squeeze in an hour of Poe. I thought it was a nice little diversion in the rather repetitive talk show day. You’re right, though, not a whisper. And Rush was too busy promoting his new book to mention it.

      1. yes that was a nice diversion … but there was another 2 hours that he could found it in that time to squeeze it in… they are aiding this president just like the liberal media…. just like they dance around the B/C issue… which is a very important issue…

  22. Hey professor, try your revisionist crap somewhere else. Your narrative does not fit in American society. As more and more of your fellow Muslims prove themselves to be rigid, fanatical, intolerant murderers, the more hollow your words become. You need to go back to the drawing board on this one, pard because I’m not buying the crazy you’re selling.

      1. Yes, Jazzee…and it needs to be stomped out, extinguished like a small fire. Before it becomes a raging, destructive blaze.

    1. Well I’m about to get upset
      Watchin my TV
      Checkin out the news until my eyeball fails to see
      Just to say that everyday is just another rotten mess
      And when it’s gonna change, my friends, is anybodys guess
      So I’m watchin and I’m waitin, hopin for the best
      Even think I’ll go to prayin every time I hear em sayin
      That theres no way to delay that trouble comin every day.
      No way to delay that trouble comin every day!

  23. Islam is a disease. It’s perverted to even imply that the United States of America is an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution. That’s blasphemy and treachery! Lies and ignorance do not become you Mohamed.

    1. Oh, I think lies and treachery do become mohamed. They are all he’s got and all he and his followers ever had.

      1. True. He’s like that kid who makes a nasty face and then it freezes that way for the rest of his life. He chose a dark path and forever has it guided his steps. It would be nice if he found Jesus… but…

  24. MB, mainstream? You gotta be kidding me. By the way, what’s the kill count for MB vs Egyptian Army? We don’t hear that much from these folks.

    1. The Washington Post editorial board argued strenuously for years that the MB was innocuous. Also, the Economist magazine considered the targeting of Christian Copts by muslims overblown. The Western elite truly believe this stuff. And they are running our societies.

    1. Thank God for people like Mr. Gohmert. At least the vile likes of that woman, or whatever she/it is got an ear full. Some, at least in the gestapo of obammy know not everyone is fooled by their stinking lies.
      Thanks for posting the link!

  25. Talk about the fox watching the hen house! This a$$ probe in homeland security?!! Well, when the prez is a muslim what to expect. The roaches are invading & just like real roaches, when they get established they are near impossible to eradicate. This crap needs to stop now before we get like England.

  26. I hate to tell this ignorant asshat but just because he says it doesn’t make it so.

    What has happened to the background check system in our government?

    whoever we elect in 2016 we need to make sure a thorough purge of these types of guys happen. That includes not doing any private sector business with them as well. If the libs cry just tell them we our bringing home our outsourced jobs.

    P.S. Some days happiness is a belt fed weapon.

    1. Background check? To qualify for a position in this gov’t you need to be American hating, evil people and if you are Muslim awarded bonus points. This guys fits the bill.

    2. I would have then tweeted back and asked him to present evidence that this is a truly Islamic country and wait to see what kind of insane garbage he tried to pass off as “fact”. If he is like the majority of leftists, he probably would have tried to deflect and then proceed to insult me.

      1. Have you seen his twitter feed? Go look and take a good look at the symbol he has posted on it. Look up what R4BIA with the hand print is and what it means.

        He never ever should of gotten any type of clearance.

        1. …oh but Premier O isn’t a Muslim, noooooooooo. All of those who say he is are just crazy tea baggers. Just because he has members of the MB serving in his admin doesn’t mean a damn thing. All it proves is that he’s an equal opportunity employer…except if you’re a Christian.

  27. If this wasn’t so frightening, it’d be laughable. But it is so frightening, y’all should pass up on the laughs. They came saw and conquered us in Europe before we could say Muha-who? Now its your turn. Better wake up, yanks! Prove you deserve the legacy your fathers left you or be like the unworthy bastards we’ve become here in lil ol Engand.

      1. … Is a changed and penitent one, redeemed by the blood of Jesus and walking in the light of Christ’s gospel. 😉

        1. That is such a rarity. Better to finish with them joining ole’ Teddy the Oldsmobile Admiral down below.

  28. Not to fear fellow Americans, our beloved Muslim president will eventually admit his true beliefs and all will be apparent to non-believers in the USA. It is perfectly logical and permissible to lie in order to advance the Muslim beliefs as well as sharia. This man would unquestionably say he would “follow” all laws and the constitution, but who would believe him?

    1. Neither can 2014. Forget 2016, Be anxious for nothing, and first elect an impeachment congress in 2014!

      1. That would require replacing all but 3 or 4 in both the House and Senate. Unfortunately, a small % of Senators are up for tossing out.

          1. True. I have to believe that Crazy Joe still thinks that Premier O shouldn’t have become President, since the office doesn’t lend to on-the-job training. I wonder if he is secretly stinging from that one to this day.

            1. I think he’s known he was essentially done, politically, when it became obvious Hillary was going to run in ’08. So he’s just having fun being a court jester and raking in the money. When he gets out, someone will put him in a law firm doing diddley-squat for big bucks.

              Even so, I think we’d still be better off with him screwing up everything he touches, than barack’s insane hatred of America.

      2. Impeachment! Wouldn’t that be something, but I unfortunately see an R landslide composed mostly of RINO’s.

    2. 2016 is NOT the answer! It is only a changing of the guard from one bureaucrat to another, not a solution.

  29. A guy like this is inside Homelnd Secrity, that is scary.

    Islamists are nothing like evangelicals. For one, they aern’t blowing people up all over the world. Two, they don’t tell anyone to convert to Christianty – or else, if we decide not to chop your head of right then and there, you will live as a 3rd class citizen or slave.
    The Constitution is only compliant to moderate, assimilated Muslims who are tolerant of other religions, show me a SINGLE Islamist who’s OK with that.

    1. Hmmm…and DHS bought a bunch of ammo and military-style equipment. Nah, Premier O was just blowing it out of his azz when he talked about a civilian army just as powerful as the military.

      1. Don’t worry dump, you can give a cockroach a toolbox, but he ain’t gonna build you a bridge.
        It takes continuous training to handle that type of firepower, and these metrosexuals Oblammy has on his side aren’t exactly Green Berets.

      1. I don’t know any, that’s how hard they are to find.
        Show me a Liberal who’s tolerant of evangelicals.

  30. More: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2560

    In October 2011 it was reported that Elibiary had recently been given access to a highly sensitive DPS database (the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest, or HS SLIC) containing hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports intended solely to aid law-enforcement agencies. In fact, Elibiary was the only Homeland Security Advisory Council member (out of 26) who was permitted to view the HS SLIC.

    Elibiary abused this privilege, however, when he gathered together a number of classified documents that, in his view, promoted “Islamophobia,” and presented them to a left-leaning media outlet, in hopes that the latter would write a story about DPS’s bias against Muslims. But the media outlet declined to do the story, saying: “We looked at the reports, and they weren’t as he [Elibiary] had billed them to us. They seem to be pretty straightforward, nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia that we saw. I think he was hoping we would bite and not give it too much of a look in light of the other media outfits jumping on the Islamophobia bandwagon.”

    In early November 2011, Elibiary’s access to the HS SLIC database was revoked. He retained his post as a Department of Homeland Security advisor, however. In September 2013 he was promoted to senior advisor at the Advisory Council, a title held only by a small number of select members.

  31. Of course who said America is one the largest Islamic countries in the World ? President Obama did in his Cairo Speech just after he became president, and he has been misleading the American people ever since..

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