HORRIBLE: Egypt Christians killed for not paying ‘Jizya’ tax to Islamists

Last week we reported that since the fall of Morsi, Islamists had taken over the Egyptian town of Dalga and were terrorizing Christians there. Now we are hearing that some Christians are being told to pay a very expensive ‘Jizya’ tax (a protection tax) or they are told they will be killed. And that is exactly what happened here:

CBN NEWS – Muslims in southern Egypt killed two Christian men for failing to pay them protection money.

Muslims in the area are demanding Christians pay them “jizya,” a kind of tax that Islamic law requires religious minorities to pay Muslims.

However, the tax is so high many Christians simply can’t afford it.

The Voice of the Martyrs reports that a Muslim man demanded a Christian in a village in Assiut pay him nearly $1,500.

The Christian sought help from local police but to no avail.

When he failed to come up with the money, several Muslims went to his home and shot him and his cousin to death.

Here’s more detail from Voice of the Martyrs via CBN’s Chris Lane:

“The incident had started yesterday at 9:30 pm when Emad received a phone call from a Muslim man called Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed. Ashraf threatened Emad that he would be killed if he did not pay it. Emad with a close Muslim Friend named Helal Abd Elhamid went together to the vice security director of Assuit governorate and told him about the threat that Emad had received from Ashraf!!! Today (Thursday) at 10 am, some Muslims led by Ashraf came to Emad’s house while Emad was inside the house with his cousin Medhat and they attacked the house and kept shooting Emad and Medhat and killed them!!! We do not know why the government is not protecting Christians especially in Dalga in Menia city and in Assuit??!!!! Please ask for prayers for both families.”

Lane adds this as well:

Emad leaves behind a wife and five children. Medhat’s wife is now without a husband and their three children will grow up without the loving guidance of a father.

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57 thoughts on “HORRIBLE: Egypt Christians killed for not paying ‘Jizya’ tax to Islamists

  1. America had better wake up to reality. Stories like this represent the truth of Islam. The lie is what Dear Leader, the progresssive democrats and the left tell us.

    If we ask why they would provide cover for totalitarian tyrants you are on the path of discovery about who democrats really are, and what their agenda actually is.

  2. Notice that the President or State Department have spoken out about the killing of Christians…nor will they.
    The Socialist President,on behalf of AMERICA’S AND AMERICAN’S Values Should INSIST that the safety and security of Syrian Christians and Egyptian Coptic Christians will be the lynchpin in them receiving American aid.
    Then again…according to the Paper tiger Americans must not harass the Islamic faith.
    What about standing up for Americas Judeo-Christian beliefs
    DON’T EVER SCHEDULE an international conference at VERSAILLES..because this President would be stuck in the Hall of Mirrors.

  3. when I see muslims, like in this photo, screaming for the blood and headless bodies of Christians I just want to pour molten gold down their throats…..call me crazy

      1. Sooner or later they’ll try it. Whether they actually win in the end will depend on whether we’ve managed to throw out the obama regime first.

        Actually, it depends on whether or not Jehovah helps us. He has recorded the conditions for His assistance:

        “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2nd Chronicles 7:14)

        I don’t see that happening to any significant degree. That may be because another factor has intruded: the Apocalypse. America, the last experiment in human government, is over, having failed, and the only play left to run is Satanic government: Revelation chapter 13.

      2. Actually, Muslims in the UK take jizya all the time. The men will have four wives and 3 of those wives will be on welfare and they justify this to themselves as jizya.

  4. How about calling it what it really is……Blackmail and Murder. Maybe Extortion with intent. But you cannot call it Peace. Let’s see, as peace that come from Religion. Perhaps a peaceful Religion. But it seems the Religion of Islam is not a very peaceful Religion. Honor Killing? Honor? HUH? Send a few of us good ole boys over there without restrictions and see how fast that mess is cleaned up. That is the only way to stop those bastards.

    1. The Colt Single Action used to be called the “Peacemaker”. I favor more modern designs, but the principle remains the same.

      “Millions for defense, but not one cent for primitive, murderous extortioners.”

  5. I watched another video of McCain getting slammed by a citizen for his support of the rebels while Christians are being slaughtered. Just like he did with the lady from Syria, McCain smirked, smiled and laughed all the way through it.

    McCain is a major pile of donkey dung and he needs to get his arrogant stupid a** booted out of office. Tattoo “I am Christian” on his chest and drop him off amid the rebels in Syria. I am so disgusted with his laughing at people that complain about his position while Christians are getting butchered.

      1. If we have a lineup next Presidential election that includes the likes of Palin, West, and Cruz, yet Republican voters still choose the most moderate in the group….I’m done with the party. There’s no hope for it.

  6. But Mubarak was a despot, so Google had to unleash an ‘Arab Spring’ to liberate the Egyptian people. Never mind that Mubarak managed to keep these hyenas in check for 30 years. I hope someone’s keeping count of the bodies.

    1. “… managed to keep these hyenas in check …” Superb comment.

      Gaddafi was able to do the same thing until Caliph Obama sicced his army after him.

      Assad is currently doing the same thing. He knows that Caliph Obama is after him, though. Right now, Putin and Russia are supporting him, but we shall see.

      God help us – and the Jews and Christians in Syria – once Assad is toppled.

    2. B/c he kept those “hyenas” in check, Mubarak kept Egypt from becoming another Iran or Afghanistan. Hard to believe that Egypt was once a hot tourist destination …

    3. Yes, you can thank OBummer for the demise of Mubarak. By the way the Egyptians were not enthralled with him either.

    1. Really! You better have heavy artillery and a large country with power behind you. It shall be a big task. They are everywhere those jihadists!!!

  7. I thought the new gov’t under Gen. Asissi labeled the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. So, why are they unwilling to provide their citizens protection from terrorists? Only in the nutty Islamic World.

    1. Christians are not going to be able to defend themselves!

      But if a muslim kills a muslim, then yes I agree with you.

  8. Come here Christians. We have taxes too. The more you achieve the higher percentage you pay. It’s called progressive. I know. One would think the better you do, the better you do. Not true. Once you employ people you move from being an independent businessman to being a potential criminal. So whatever you do, just don’t ever hire anyone or earn anything.

    Don’t try to establish a tax free non-profit in the name of our Constitution or it’s patriots either. These days it’s radical to be for our founding document. I know, I don’t believe it myself. These days one can adhere to our founding documents to the letter and be called an anarchist by the Senate Majority leader and a Neanderthal by the Vice President. By the way, welcome to America. Keep your head down, much like you would back at home.

  9. And to think the left in this country more often than not defends and aligns themselves with these 7th Century savages.

    Since the American left likes to defend them, is this what American leftists mean by “tolerance”, ‘inclusiveness”, “civility”, “human rights”, “multiculturalism”, “freedom of religion” “free speech”?

  10. Religion of Peace.

    Peace just as soon genocide on Jews then Christians is complete.

    Well actually they also commit genocide on all other Muslim groups they dislike. So actually there is no peace possible in Islam.

  11. ‘Muslims in the area are demanding Christians pay them “jizya,” a kind of
    tax that Islamic law requires religious minorities to pay Muslims.”.
    I’ll pay then ‘Jizya’. They can recycle my spent shell casings. 😉 😉

  12. At least those children will have God our father.
    This is terrible and so sad. Can anyone name a place or situation where when Muslims are introduced, things go well or better? Any situation where there’s less crime? Less murder? Less suffering? I thought not. Islam is a fungus… a plague of evil.

    1. In my view, Sentinel, it’s not Islam itself that is a plague of evil. It is simply a man-made mechanism to help release the constraints on the unlimited evil of human nature.

      Consider how the Bible describes the condition of humans as Sha’ul Paulos of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) wrote to the Ephesian Messianic assembly:

      There is no one righteous, not even one! No one understands, no one seeks God, all have turned away and at the same time become useless; there is no one who shows kindness, not a single one! Their throats are open graves, they use their tongues to deceive. Vipers’ venom is under their lips. Their mouths are full of curses and bitterness. Their feet rush to shed blood, in their ways are ruin and misery, and the way of shalom they do not know. There is no fear of God before their eyes.
      — Romans 3 (CJB)

      Does “[t]heir feet rush to shed blood” sound familiar?

      It is only by the transforming and life-giving blood of Yeshua HaMoshiach (Jesus Christ) and only by his trusting faithfulness that we humans are cleansed, given spiritual life – transforming us from death to life and into “new creations” – and thereby seek life rather than death.

      1. Be careful GD, not to fall into the trap of semantics. Any great deception is build on some truth. Yes, mankind is inherently evil but that does not mean that Islam is not an evil, religion.


        Twelve Tactics of Taqiyya – lying and deception for the benefit of Islam

        Raymond Ibrahim: “Islam’s Doctrines of Deception”


        1. From my perspective, the root cause of the evil perpetrated by humans is humans themselves, not the means by which they carry it out.

          Humans do indeed create all kinds of means – e.g., Islam – as a way of obtaining or carrying out what they want.

          Islam and many other human organizations are a simply a reflection of the human condition, that is, the rotting stench of spiritual deadness within them.

          Islam is simply another means by which humans perpetrate and carry out their evil.

          To blame Islam as the problem is precisely the same behaviour that humans have been doing since their creation, namely, blaming something else or someone else for their own evil. In the case of Islam, humans blame their own creation to justify their behaviour.

          As for myself, I will not let humans get away with justifying their behaviour on anything else or anyone else. As he has from the beginning, God will hold each person accountable and responsible for his/her own behaviour and he won’t let any excuses get in the way of his judgement.

          1. Islam is a problem if not THE problem. One truth is that we are born with a sin nature. One lie, ALL religions are the same.

      2. I see your point and agree with it. Interesting perspective and insight.

        I still consider Islam inherently evil… even if it is man-made.

  13. How amusing…. THEY call it a ‘Jizya’ tax…. we just call it extortion in this country. But aren’t we already paying a form of ‘Jizya’ tax via the IRS to the current “administration”? And speaking of “administration”….how do you all LIKE the way obama is “administering” things? Like that Syria thing?…. whoa! Way to “administer” PeeBo…. We’re like all impressed the way you “administered” that one. I feel like I’m really gettin’ my money’s worth after that little fiasco. Oh, and the EPA? Yup, they’re “administering” the HELL out of environmental wacko job-killing regulations, so our ‘Jizya’ tax there is really paying off. I could go on, but you all get my drift.

    1. Only God can keep Obama from doing that he has over three years and has carefully planned the destruction of not only America but all western nations. You really think this Putin thing was not planned all along to weaken America?

    1. Now you know why Obama has no issue with Muslim’s and must be in nirvana. Just imagine finding a cult practicing the same Mafia principles of “protection money” as he is used to in Chicago.

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