Horrible: State awarded permanent custody of Justina Pelletier

Not the news I wanted to read when I woke up this morning. I am simply stunned that Justina’s parents don’t have their daughter back. Is there not a judge with common sense in all of Massachusetts?

FOX NEWS – A Massachusetts juvenile court judge on Tuesday awarded “permanent” custody of a Connecticut teen at the center of an interstate custody battle to the state of Massachusetts in a major setback for her family fighting for her return.

The ruling by Judge Joseph Johnston leaves it up to the state Department of Children and Families to decide whether or when 15-year-old Justina Pelletier should be returned to her West Hartford home, The Boston Globe reported.

“I’m numb. I’m stunned. I’m beyond furious,” said Lou Pelletier told The Wall Street Journal late Tuesday.

In an extended interview with MyFoxBoston.com, Pelletier said he wasn’t surprised by the decision by the judge, who he accused of “kicking the can down the road” and ignoring evidence.

“She needs to be home,” Pelletier told the station. “She is mentally, and more importantly physically, dying under the care of the state of Massachusetts.”

The judge is expected revisit the decision to award permanent custody in a follow-up court hearing on May 25, the station reported.

Watch Lou Pelletier’s interview with Fox Boston below:

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68 thoughts on “Horrible: State awarded permanent custody of Justina Pelletier

  1. Since we have many goals to consider pursuing, the basis for deciding which efforts are worth the risk must be estimates of useful value rather than useless merit.

  2. So…since her health has been failing under the hospital’s care and getting no schooling…the State thinks they can do better? Who’s responsible if she dies? The State?? Can the parents then sue for wrongful death? This is a travesty!!!!

  3. Why did we have to go all the way to Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and Germany? As if atrocities abroad are greater than those in our own backyard. Mocking the BLOOD of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to annihilate the disrespect for life is unacceptable and treasonous- who will stand up to this?

  4. I hope they can push this out of state court and into a federal court, but I don’t know if they can get standing.

    Massachusetts is about the bluest state on the map. I wouldn’t live there if you gave me Zuckerberg’s money.

  5. Not only do we have corrupt and ignorant people in the white house, we have them in the courts as well.

    1. Might I add that they are throughout the United States in all local governments as well. We have more than a few here in Maine.

      GOD help us!

  6. This is why elections matter and who they appoint to benches matters even more.

    This is scary. We essentially have a judge saying he knows more than her doctors. He needs to be removed from the bench.

  7. Lots of surprise about the action of a judge. Three supreme court judges who are charged with the responsibility of evaluating the constitutionality of the ACA law, as it relates to religious freedom, think that Hobby Lobby should terminate its insurance plan and send the employees to federal exchanges. That will solve the problem. That’s their answer from deep knowledge of the constitution? From hack appeals court judges in TN, to these idiot Supreme Court members, this Mass judge fits right in.

  8. Judge Joseph Johnston’s decision is what normal people call
    retribution and revenge. And the “judge” has declared his wholly
    unscientific belief that Justina suffers from a “somatic” symptom
    disorder. Gee! I guess that Justina can go live with her new doctor
    then…. doctor and judge Joseph Johnston. She’ll be perfectly fine
    after she moves in with him.

    Do they practice law or haruspicy in Massachusetts?

    In tone, Johnston’s ruling made it appear he had lost patience after trying for months to carefully orchestrate a resolution to a case that has drawn nationwide media attention. So it’s all about the judge now is it?. He’s hurt. He’s upset. He’ll set things straight. He’ll learn them darn parents a lesson… as well as denying them damned Christians from Liberty Counsel to represent the parents.

    God forbid that the system and their dutiful gnomes ever be put on trial. Turn it all around and put the parents on trial. So what if parents get upset and use bad words. They were done an injustice from the beginning. Expect to see more judicial jihad practice in America.

    1. she is worse! Amyone see the pics of her now? Hairline receding badly, you can see the red marks all over her belly… they are going to kill her

  9. This is no surprise to me at all. They can’t let this girl go home or get medical help from the original hospital at this point, she might get better and that would put the state of Mass. in a real CYA moment. :-{

  10. “Is there not a judge with common sense in all of Massachusetts?”


    This kid is to be placed in the care of the obamacare death panels for healthcare.

  11. I honestly didn’t expect that. Just goes to show how naive I still am …
    Are there any judicial means the poor family can now take, or is this the end of the road for them?

    Meanwhile, I’m praying for poor Justina and for her family: let justice be done, oh Lord!

  12. Last I heard, this “child protection” organization has lost about 124 children and about 94 have died while in their “care”.

    It seems that the girl needs medical care for a disease, and the “child protection” org, as well as this overly arrogant judge, are the ones in need of the psychiatric counseling.

    Can you imagine being the parents? My guess is that they were simply not acquiescent enough to the irresponsible “authorities”, and this is their punishment for not subordinating themselves in full prostrate, kowtow fashion.

    1. It’s not called “progressive” for nothing.

      There is a consistent agenda to progressively train citizens in the understanding that the state now claims the role of co-parent. They are the co-parent in the schools and in the social services. Satisfaction in any conflict will always default to the co-parent with the most power… the state.

  13. As I posted on another site last night, they all are covering their asses because if she was free and at home she would begin to tell her story and throw the curtain back on the whole thing. My continued prayer is that she is returned home before it is too late.

    1. I think you’re right. Now it’s not an issue of even saving face for the state. It’s an issue of not letting some horrible issues come to light. She might know bad stuff about how others are being treated there in addition to her own treatment. The curtain needs to be thrown back, though. I’ll be praying for this family as well.

  14. There’s a facebook Free Justin petition at

    I got a Grassfire alert on this this morning with a fax request link and . Can’t post the email, but here’s what I added to the Grassfire fax message. This is my second fax message about Justina, and I also sent a message to the Mass governor’s office last week. What is being done to the Pelletiers is evil and should be stopped. If anyone cares to copy any or all of my content in your own faxes or emails, you’re welcome to do so.

    To every Massachusetts lawmaker: you have a responsibility before God and the nation to FREE JUSTINA PELLETIER! Any lawmaker who fails to act to FREE JUSTINA is guilty of child abuse, unlawful restraint, wrongful imprisonment, and EVIL.


    To every lawmaker who will do the right thing: the horrible perversion of justice in Justina Pelletier’s case is obviously symptomatic of systemic child abuse by every element of government involved in Justina’s case. It is obvious that every element of the child welfare system in Massachusetts MUST be IMMEDIATELY investigated by an independent counsel. There is NO EXCUSE for the evil that has been done to the Pelletier family, and there is NO EXCUSE for not IMMEDIATELY bringing swift and harsh justice to every person and organization that caused her torment.

    To the judge who condemned Justina Pelletier to the living death of Massachusetts custody: you are EVIL, and you should be sentenced to a long term among the general population of a dangerous, overcrowded prison.

    As an American citizen, I am outraged by Justina Pelletier’s horrifying story, and the fact that this ABUSE has been allowed to continue for more than a year in America.

    This is the kind of report I expect from the world’s worst hellholes. How is it that Massachusetts, once the cradle of liberty, has allowed this to continue for more than a year?

  15. The state of Massachusetts is one big cesspool. How ANYONE could live there is beyond me. The entire system there is corrupt, fascistic and deranged. I have followed this story and I really thought that the family would win this, but then, it’s Massachusetts.

    Remember, this is the same state that legalized “same sex marriage” and is trying to export it to other states.

    This is the same state that brought us ObamaCare (thanks to RomneyCare).

    This is the same state where Boston Children’s Hospital is performing transgender surgeries on children, where the state has imposed homosexual sex education on school kids, where parental consent is denied if you disagree, and where the “gay flag” has been flown over the state capital to show solidarity with homosexuality!

    This state is a sideshow carnival, not a civilized community.

    1. Read the hospital policy for children admitted that are under “care of the state”, they can do “experimental” surgery” on children. WTH?

  16. When you have a County agency judging another County agency, who do you think is going to win? This office has lost almost 200 children, and 96 children are dead under their care. So my question is when this child ends up dead, will the parents have a unlawful death case?

  17. This high profile case, along with the Terri Schiavo case, clearly shows that gov’t is removing the obligation and decision making by parents for their own flesh and blood family. Years of the torture of legal battles and expenses are caused by the agencies created by our gov’t.
    From grade school allowing teachers to determine ADD and nurses providing Ritalin, to boys pretending to play soldier, to suspensions for normal childhood behavior to Common Core, to promoting Gay lifestyle, to gender sensitivity training….WE have allowed our government to get OUT OF CONTROL. As gov’t takes action against it’s citizens we no longer have the liberty to ignore the damage our gov’t is doing. Citizens must take action or accept being wards of the state.
    We are becoming everything that we have fought against, Dictatorship and loss of freedom.

  18. I thought the parents got her back. If so, if it were me, I wouldn’t give her back. Damn that. You aren’t taking my daughter, period. They better be ready to cut me down.

    1. The court did give her back to the family but she was never allowed to leave. The state stopped the family from taking her and raised more challenges.

  19. This is why we have a second amendment, and if anyone from the NSA is reading this, I am not threatening any one. But if it was my daughter they would have to kill me. Of course I would never live in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

  20. Horrifying, Chilling, Outrageous, Wrong, and most assuredly… Unlawful!

    When are Americans going to wake the f’ up and take back custody of their rights and country. This story makes me sick in the pit of my stomach, in the core of my heart…. actually both.

  21. This is the mentality of the left. It’s on full display on a regular basis these days.
    When the courts are infested with leftists you can expect leftist outcomes.
    “It takes a village”, remember that little evil book written by a very evil woman?
    These leftists are about control first, last and always. They know best, parents need only supply the bodies, the state will handle the rest…after robbing you of your pay check in order to implement their sick fantasy that government knows best.
    I hope they are able to rescue their daughter from the clutches of the state before it’s too late.
    If they are not successful in that rescue, it will say much about the power grab that is taking place.

    1. Change is coming for the good I hope , and this Nannie State BS needs to stop . Most people know the difference between right and wrong decisions that these so called judge are making today . They think there gods , but there just Drunk with Power , and most have no common SENSE .

      1. Drunk with power is right, they are corrupted men and women sitting on the bench. Of course not all, but Clinton had 8 years to stack the courts with evil and the con man is getting 8 more years to make it worse. The dirty rats.

    2. Well said badbad! Especially your “It Takes a Village” comment. If it takes a village, why are only the village leaders allowed to have a voice? Village member Mr. Pelletier was given a gag order that he eventually had to break to let people know what the leaders were doing.
      This is just a small example of what obamacare is going to do to the entire nation, Damn all of those who perpetrated the lie to make it a law!

      1. obamakills is the most damaging lie of all. I wish someone could or would bring the proper case before the SC. I’m sure those who are in the know concerning the unconstitutionality of this law remember the SC hinted if a case was brought against the act they would revisit it. Roberts ruled that it was a tax, but left opened the door for the act to be repealed based on the fact taxes must originate in the House.
        I don’t know why that hasn’t been pursued.

          1. Thanks to Obama we are finding out just how corrupt our gov’t career employees are. Think GAO, IRS, EPA, NLRB. We’re living the propaganda dream US gov’t is good, but we find they are a den of snakes.

            1. It used to be that some good things would happen just so that it wasn’t so obvious. Now they have thrown away any appearance of integrity.

        1. RINO’s want to TWEAK the bill. When did any party do away with a law or gov’t agency?

    3. I agree with everything you say, but I would add that “the government knows best” isn’t what the leftists really believe. That’s the public excuse they use to cover their obscene lust for power over other people. The mental sickness of leftists is far more foul than most people realize – until they gain power.

      1. Good point, Lawngren. I agree completely, especially with the mental health assessment you gave.

  22. Did anyone ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, the judge did the right thing here? I think there’s a lot more to this story than a dispute about treatment methods between the family and the doctors. At least more to the story than Glenn Beck (who seems to have taken up the cause of the Pelletier family) is letting us know. I don’t think we’ve gotten the full story from either side. Yes, I share everyone’s concerns below about judges and bureaucrats run amok but that might not be the case here.

    Now go ahead and flame away. It’s a message board and you’re entitled to do so.

    1. Tufts and Boston Childrens hsptl’s made their diagnosis, not the father. The argument should be between the treatment centers.
      CPF took the daughter away and limited visiting rights of the parents and with no privacy allowed.
      Judge issued a ‘gag order’ for the father.
      Daughter is in failing health everyday under state control.
      The State has no right to do what they are doing. At this point I would no be as patient as the father.

      1. Yes, I stopped and thought that. Did you ever think that perhaps they didn’t? Perhaps this girl has been abused or perhaps the physicians at Children’s Hospital are correct?

        1. With the mounting evidence that the state is treating this patient and the patient is getting worse, the state should not step in and force this patient to continue to be treated by the state. The state is getting too big for it’s britches.

      1. Thanks for that link, RightScoop – the comments there (well, some of them) are also worth reading.

      2. as reported by jeff kuhner of the “kuhner report”, this is same agency that has not been able to conduct or account for their failure of supporting foster children. the head of this agency will be or is being considered for a 10k raise, even when she cannot produce documental facts of proper support of foster children

    2. Flame away? – I don’t think so. We agree far to often. The Scoop posted a link and I might be repeating the information, but in this case it’s important to do so. This began when a young lady came down with the flu and was treated at a hospital whose doctors are inferior to those who had been treating her at Tuffs.

      “…The Department of Children and Families took emergency custody of the teen on Valentine’s Day 2013 after a diagnostic dispute arose between doctors at Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital over the causes of her medical problems, including difficulty eating and walking.

      Tufts doctors had been treating Pelletier for mitochondrial disease, a group of rare genetic disorders affecting cellular energy production, but physicians at Children’s concluded that her symptoms were largely psychiatric in origin. Her parents rejected the new diagnosis, and when they tried to move the girl back to Tufts, the Children’s team notified the state that it suspected the parents of medical child abuse…”

      And that’s the facts of this case that are relevant.

    3. my question to you would be, If the parents aren’t getting the whole story and if we’re not getting the while story then what’s the big secret? What so secretive that even the parents shouldn’t know, maybe the daughter has and is being used as a government healthcare ginny pig? and what is the problem with Glenn Beck or any other public figure taking up the families cause. Why isn’t there out rage from the local congress and senate and the US Congress and the US Senate?
      Sorry but I think thee puts to much trust in the state authorities and the medical experiential authorizes.
      Brings back memories of the NAZI regime where they told the German mother and fathers ruled by Hitler, your child belongs to the state. We know how that worked out for the Germans.

    4. Never ever start with the assumption that the government is doing the right thing or has anyone’s interest except their own.

      There are grand exceptions to this, but it is the rule.

    5. One question. Have you ever had to deal with the Department of Children and Families in any state?
      You would not believe what they are capable of doing in the (so called) ‘interest of the children’. :-{

    6. Crassus… I could agree with you if we were living in America back say thirty… even twenty years ago. Your concern occurred to me also. I thought… what the hell! There must be something more to this story.

      But considering that the first hospital, Tufts, was ready to take her back… in fact they didn’t raise any objections concerning her care under the family. I think that child protective agencies are becoming a fiefdom unto themselves with all the power of the courts behind them. Things have changed in America… and that change is reflected in the courts.

    7. Good points. ..certainly.

      However, normally hospitals will provide joint news conferences early in this sort of high vis situation. TUFT’S has remained conspicuously silent until very recently.

      Had there been hard evidence against the parents, they would have been formally charged by this point in time. I suspect DCS would have certainly ensured that hit the news.

      In addition some of great links already shared, check out some of the video news coverage by FOXCT local news. They even shared a portion of an email from the original Primary Care Physician to the family’s attorneys where a number of concerns were cited including withdrawal of meds and separation from family. The family also has documentation of each of the surgeries/procedures that were physician recommended and approved by the insurance company covering the family. These are the procedures in question.

      The saddest part here is the degradation of Justina ‘ s health followed by the suffering of her family. Next is that a few unethical people among BCH, DCS, and the MA judicial system are TOTALLY disrespecting others in their organizations that do care and making it harder for them to do their work for people who really need their help.

      As it is, this seems to have moved from Justina being merely a “voluntold” research participant (as a ward of the state) to being a victim of MA DCS, BCH, and judicial CYA effort.

  23. How violently sickening and presumptuous that ‘the state’ (government) can provide better care to a child then the child’s biological parents. Now I’ve known parents who shouldn’t be parents… but this is not the case here and it’s disgusting. Pray for this family…

    1. Dang Sentinel, your hitting the bullseye with every point.
      And just to let you know we are praying for this family.

  24. Bureaucrats Gone Wild. This is but a small taste of what awaits under ObamaCare and the State’s control over our everyday lives

    1. Yep! death panels, experiments and then when all else fells, remember what Obama said was the remedy? take the pill.

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