Hot Off The Presses: Devastating New ‘Executive Power’ Video Nails Obama

Obama in 2008 might have some words for Obama in 2014. Thanks to The Foundry for this perfect boom.

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91 thoughts on “Hot Off The Presses: Devastating New ‘Executive Power’ Video Nails Obama

  1. Obama is America’s punishment for the murder of 55 million plus innocent lives sacrificed on the alter of “womens choice”. I’m afraid this is only the beginning of our pain and suffering. GOD help us!

  2. I’ll bet you my blue ox named Babe that the idiots clapping in 2008 are the same idiots clapping in 2014. It doesn’t matter what he says. ’cause he The One.

    Or “The Zero”, as we in the real world call him. Among other things.

  3. Good up until the end. We always cop out by saying things, “Mr. President, please…” When are we going to understand who he is and what his intentions are? It is his conscious choice to violate the Constitution. He’s made it. He’s not going to unmake it. It’s who he is. Stop asking, imploring, hoping. Start taking action.

    1. Exactly. Great video but until there’s some corrective action it’s all talk. The states need to follow Mark Levin’s advice and call a convention.

  4. The thing about tyranny is that the Democrat voters may be giving their approval now, but it will crush them as well and they don’t know it. A tyrannical leader must have control over EVERYONE, not just his enemies.

    Dems will regret the day they supported what Obama is doing. They too will be oppressed in the end.

  5. The only way we can get Democrats to be outraged and call for restraints on the abuse of power of the Executive Branch (POTUS) is to elect a Republican president. So let’s do that.

  6. “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  7. Anyone that truly knows the Constitution of the United States, knows that what he is currently saying and doing is not Constitutional. Ah, but then again, he is “His Majesty” as Gerr aldo would say and the Constitution only applies to President George Bush, not him! Do as I say, not as I do…and trust me with this. Like we blindly trust all our politicians! Excuse me Mr. Pre$ie, your lips are moving!

  8. If he did indeed teach Constitutional Law, I have to wonder… did he ever actually READ the document?

  9. this guy should be impeached then tried for numerous crimes against citizens of the USA, then incarcerated in gitno

  10. Outstanding video. This type of messaging is super important and needs to be plastered all over the place!!!

  11. So what?
    His entire life is a composite lie what’s one more.
    The real problem is much deeper than him. He’s just a tool of Anti American Marxist cabal. Starting with Soros, Reid, Shummer, Pelosi and the rest of American Communist Party a.k.a Democrat Party.
    This ad should air in every TV station from now until 2016.

    1. Dems drool and the GOP are scared of being called racist! Obama has covered all the bases, NO ONE will impeach! All we have is the next elections, we had better get out and vote or we will have another Socialist Hillary in office!

      1. We have military personnel dying on foreign battlefields, painting the ground red with their own blood because some fool politician demanded we fight a war we had no intention of winning, but yet these same political cowards can’t even exert MINIMAL effort, ranger up and friggin VOTE against the destruction of a country some soldiers will never see again.

        Politicians are gutless cowards.

  12. Obama lies, America dies! Those who voted for him should be immediately removed from this great nation and take your king with you!

  13. This is a great ad.. but it’s backwards. What Obama originally said in 2008 should be shown first.. and then his lies and actions.. always leave the negative at the end. For many lemmings, hearing Obama speak about his actions because of Congress’ dysfunction makes a lot of sense… that he lied in the beginning and his actions since then have revealed what a liar he actually is…

    1. you’re right….they need to show Obama great defender of the constitution first….then the 20 clips of Obama shameless hypocrite and liar.

      1. And then at the end.. leave them with the clip of Obama saying that “he’s the president and he can do whatever HE wants….”

          1. Perfect evaulation Moon Pup…. how do we let “them” know in order to make this video perfect so it can be shown daily?

  14. Why are we surprised. Obama is a Muslim. Muslims practice taqiyya. In Islam, it is ok to lie if it furthers the Islamic agenda. Americans have installed a Muslim plant as president.

  15. I agree with Mark Levin its time for the state legislators it do their constitutional job, because Washington lawmakers are standing in the corners sucking their chicken-hearted, pusillanimous thumbs.

  16. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few like Lee, Cruz, and Paul, we have no opposition to this tyranny. Kentucky, don’t fall for the millions of dollars of advertisements Ditch McConnell will throw in your faces. Sorry that Rand Paul thought he should endorse Ditch. Boot him out!

  17. Rand Paul and some folks at FreedomWorks have filed a lawsuit against Obama and others in the White House over NSA. Even the ACLU is getting in on the act claiming that NSA’s phone records program is unconstitutional. Good luck Rand…you’re gonna need it. In other words, I doubt this goes very far…hope I’m wrong though.

    1. I don’t think he wants it to go very far. It is a meaningless gesture. If he really wanted to step on Obama’s toes he would sue him for overstepping his authority.

  18. Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely. Satan tempts all with their weaknesses, knowing the human will can be weakened. For some the weakening takes years and many plights. Job is a great example. For others, the fall from grace and strength is no more than a squabble. Obama didn’t even put up a fight against the need for more power. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

  19. Where is my representation?
    I don’t have any.
    Taxation without representation. We overthrew a Government over that once before.
    Time to roll up our sleeves.

  20. There’s first degree murder and there’s first degree assault on the Constitution. Obama is guilty in the first degree.

  21. That was an entirely different person. Obama will tell you, he was a liar and a fraud unlike the guy he is today, a liar and a fraud. Hope this pronouncement clears this up once and for all.

  22. It’s essential that the Republicans, made up of a Conservative majority, win the Senate and replace the House leadership in this election.

    This will allow committee chairmen in both Houses to open investigations on all the shinola Obama’s done. It will drag Obama’s remaining time into the mud. He won’t be impeached but he can be cornered like the lying POS he is.

    1. “The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason….” – US Constitution, Article III, Section 3
      Treason carries the death penalty (worst case).
      It would be extraordinary to bring charges of Treason against the President (although possible), but our current Congress is completely feckless and can’t even entertain a trial of Impeachment!

      1. They’re afraid because he’s the first “Black” president. They don’t want to be called racist. I’m stating the obvious though

  23. Yet they stop short of impeachment – for all of the many Constitutional violations this Socialist has done. Its a start, but we better start really fighting now and fighting hard for the foreseeable future (Socialists are doing a lot of damage)

  24. Obama is a manufactured entity that was groomed for the role he is in.
    He was covertly placed in the White House, via subterfuge and intrigue on an epic scale. His role is that of a salesman for a select group of globalist elitists, (George Soros, etc). Agenda 21 is one diabilical attempt by these elitists to consolidate power with the intent to use the U.N. as the seat of power for the globe. The elimination of national sovereignty along with the eradication of three quarters of the world population is the intended goal to achieve total control.

    Looking around at what is transpiring here and around the world, the above paragraph is not as far fetched as it might seem to be.

  25. It’s a great point… painfully obvious what a flaming hypocrite Obama is. A liar and a crook. I wish things like this were played all over and repeatedly. But even then, many useful idiots in America wouldn’t listen. Obama thinks he’s a god or king… and the GOPe, Demoncraps, corrupt media, and lemmings of America just let him go right ahead and pretend. The sad thing is, that he’s destroying this nation in the process – and those idiots are helping him.

    1. the ‘idiots’ are tuned in to another channel… they wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the face.

  26. It really does no good to focus on this crook. He is a puppet. A post turtle.

    Our enemy is within. It is the GOP. It is the vast majority of republicans in Congress.

    They do not intend to fight the lawlessness. They intend only to improve their place in the oligarchy and get their turtle up on the post..

    1. You are right on the money sDee! This power hungry, narcissistic, ideologue exists because of feckless quislings.

    2. Post turtle! I love it.

      If we had leadership in the house, charges would be brought against this POS regardless whether the Senate would take action.

    3. Well Dee, I disagree, but, only to the fact that it isn’t just the republicans in Congress, but Congress as a whole. Congress was NEVER intended to be a career, for anyone. What I’ve seen in my years, 66+ and still counting, is that Congress, or, “the good old boy’s club” as it is known by the majority of it’s members, has morphed into a get rich quick for life job. These crooks have been stealing our money, lying to our faces, and making us fools, for as long as I can remember. They face no consequences when caught, ‘doing wrong”, just a slap on the wrist without loss of pay or retirement benefits. This MUST be stopped! We must STOP electing people with “careers in government” as their agenda. Also, who decided that a person MUST have little letters after their name to be effective leaders? Another thing that “grinds my gears” is that 70% of the Senate, and over 35% of Representatives are lawyers. We all know that lawyers are trained to utilize 3 paragraphs to answer a yes or no question, without ever committing to either… that is their game plan. Let’s start electing people who’s first priority is their love for America, and what they can do to make her better for us all.

      1. You are right. It comes down to money lust and power.

        I have been Republican since Nixon/LBJ days. Never been happy 100% but, 100% conservative.

        I know now the GOP and RNC wants conservative votes but not our candidates.

        I’ve never worked so much for the party as the last 7 years, finally getting enough local grassroots support to see true conservatives into the primaries.

        I say our enemy is the GOP, first hand. After the last election and now this upcoming Primary, it is crystal clear ot me that we do not have principled conservative leadership because the party destroys them before the Primaries.

        The GOP at local, state and national level IS WEEDING OUT CONSERVATIVES.

  27. I was able to see it. Didn’t like it, but I saw it. No surprises either. Lies, lies, lies and lies…

    I think there might’ve been one last lie near the end.

    1. There was a few unconstitutional threats thrown in there too, along with the lies.
      Throw a ballot into a presidential jack-in-the-box and out pops a Marxist dictator.

  28. dysfunctional Congress??? We the PEOPLE are the CONGRESS!!!!
    He really does think we are stu stu stUPID!!!

      1. Then why did he sic the IRS dogs on the tea party? Fear! That’s why! New blood, fresh bold ideas that are Constitutionaly based! The kind that would land him in jail!

      1. Are we really? How many states electronic voting machines are maintained by union thugs and how many are bought from George soros?
        Here in texas an election watchdog group got a court order to examine such machines in Houston. That night a “FIRE” damaged them all.

        1. I totally agree. The idea that people just didn’t go out to vote is a lie made up by the msm. The msm kept telling is Obama was ahead in the polls day in and stay out. This was so that when the election was STOLEN people wouldn’t question it. Americans were pd off at this point and we were out THER to vote out Obama. How do you explain precincts that had no votes for Romney? That’s impossible. Individuals were caught voting multiple times. Early voting, missing votes, dead people voting?? Fellow Americans, we keep waiting to vote, to turn everything around with our votes. It ain’t gonna happen. Listen to what Obama just said about doing whatever he wants. We the frogs are being slowly boiled. It’s almost too late.

          WE HAVE TO SHOW UP IN DC ON MAY. 16 for the protest against Obama. And we must stay until this criminal is thrown out of office! This is our only hope to save our nation.

    1. It’s a youtube vid, so it ought to play on almost any device.

      Sometimes youtube screws up, but usually if you wait a moment and try again it will work.

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