House kicking the debt-ceiling can down the road to May 19

Instead of standing strong and taking the bull by the horns, Republicans are agreeing to a three month short-term debt ceiling raise to move the fight to the middle of May instead of fighting it out now. I’m not sure what this accomplishes, but unless they are willing to fight tough this is probably going to end with Republicans agreeing to cuts in the growth in spending in a Senate budget or something meaningless like that:

THE HILL – House Republicans on Monday unveiled legislation that will suspend the debt ceiling until May 19, setting the stage for a floor vote as soon as Wednesday.

While past measures to address the debt limit have simply increased the borrowing cap, the House bill would actually suspend the debt limit until May 19. On that date, the debt limit would be automatically increased from $16.4 trillion to accommodate whatever additional borrowing the Treasury had done during that time frame.

The arrangement provides some political cover for Republican lawmakers, since they will not be required to vote for a specific dollar amount that could be used against them in campaign ads.

The House Rules Committee posted the text of the legislation as Washington prepared for President Obama’s second inauguration. In addition to preventing default, the bill would withhold members’ pay if Congress fails to pass a budget by April 15.

The Rules Committee will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the legislation Tuesday, setting up a vote as soon as Wednesday on the House floor.

House Republican leaders are using the bill to put pressure on Senate Democrats to pass a budget, which they have failed to do for over four years.

“Before there is any long-term debt-limit increase, a budget should be passed that cuts spending,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told the Republican Conference on Friday in remarks to close the party’s three-day retreat in Williamsburg. “The Democratic-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget for four years. That is a shameful run that needs to end, this year.”

Leading Senate Democrats have said they will produce a budget resolution that will include increased revenues, and will consider the debt-limit boost set to come from the House.


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109 thoughts on “House kicking the debt-ceiling can down the road to May 19

  1. The Republicans stated in 2010 give us the purse stings and we can stop the madness.. Stop the funding for obamacare, abortion and a host of other things… It’s been over 2 years and the host of items has bot been stopped or even delayed and abortions are paid for with tax dollars… Such a amazing job the leadership of Bonner has been doing for over 2 years…

    I mean if he can not get 100 + Republicans to vote for something he still puts the bill to the floor and he and rinos and the democrats pass the bill… Just who the he!! is Bonner leading??? This House and as many times Republicans controlled the House in the past is the worst of them all and Bonner is the reason and the republican members of the house are equally at fault for what happens from 2010 till 2014 period…

    Bonners A$$ should have been thrown out weeks ago but nooooo…. Who continues to pay the price for this ineptitude everyone of us… Not Congress!! Not Government!! Not the brain dead libtartds – Democrats as far as they know!!! no just everyone that has a brain and ears and sight…. He!! even the true blind and or deaf know they are getting scre*ed… Read “A Retreat Emanating from the GOP Retreat?” over at RedState….

    1. This don’t mean by any stretch of the imagination we need a libtard controlled house- no what we need is to replace every single rino- one at a time rino by rino and demand a leader of the republicans choosing to lead the GOP and rid the GOP of establishment Republicans once and for all time… This establishment republican idea is not one cats hair different then the insane branch of the Democrat side… Can we even tell them apart anymore???? No debt ceiling allows the president to spend insane amounts of money for four months with no top limit… With obama 4 months equals 4 years to the people of this country that give 2 sh*s about her…..

  2. I am so sick of every legislative decision in Washington being determined by politicians’ re-election campaigns. This is getting so out of hand that they have forgotten there are actually American people out there. It’s time we sent them a message loud and clear – it’s We the People, A-holes, not we the politicians.

    Get it right or get the H*ll out.

  3. We all knew this is what Boner had in mind from the get go. The pressure toact responsively is to great for his little brain to grasp so he’s doing what every great PoS politician does, kick it down the road.

    If we ever did have enough balls to revolt, I would jump at the chance to execute this one as well. The only thing these bastards are good for is ruination of the country. I would be mad as hell except that it was totally expected on Boehner’s part.

  4. I’ve taken a Democrat Strategy approach. Never never ever ever no matter what ever criticize a sacroscant member of our party. When the sitting Pres Clinton is having sex with Monica they stood by him. When 0bama ran up the largest debt in the history of the world, they stood by him. When Anthony Weenie was photographing his stuff, they would have stood by him. Democrats never eat their own. We do it all the time, except I’m not doing it any more. Alinsky philosophy put 0bama in La Casa Blanca in 2008 & 2012, Because We Eat Our Own. I would have voted for Charles Manson against Barqck Hussien 0bqma, humm humm humm.

  5. Time to start up Tea Party protests again. I miss ’em. I still have a garage full of signs and I’m itching to make some new ones.

    1. Scary as hell and the GOP handed the Dems the checkbook. WTH, the House is to control funding. I personally don’t give a rip he11 about a budget compared to charges against Barky and Holder for murder for Fast and Furious and Benghazi. And honestly, I also hold them responsible for 100% of the NY crimes committed against residents that can no longer protect themselves (along with Cuomo and the entire Dem establishment)

      1. Yes..very scary. Agree with…with you about Fast and Furious..and Benghazi. GOP..has NO..back BONE. They been…Blamed for so LONG..that..No Matter What they…Do..or Don’t Do..They will be …Holding the to speak. My question..Would Be Why NO…Budget?! Every one I know…has One! As far…as New York crime…you Can also..Look to the windy city…Chicago!

  6. Deficit Spending and NO Budget should be a felony or even treason.

    Lock’em up and throw away the key.

  7. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not ever contribute anything to the RNC.
    They are destroying our country. We must unite as anew party.

    1. They keep calling me and I keep telling them I’m a registered Democrat and to quit calling. Screw with them, tell them you’ve switched to D since the GOP is failing to uphold the Constitution! Send them into panic mode.

  8. This is why our nation is going to collapse. One party is hell bent on overloading the system to force a colllapse and the other party isn’t serious about stopping them. Both parties are a joke.

    I don’t think the Republicans are in it for us. They are in it for the power and money. They have done nothing but give Obama what he wants and have gotten nothing but promises in return. They think we’re stupid.

    It makes me want to give up on the Republican party altogether and stop voting for them.

      1. If I thought it would do any good I would. We told them how we felt with the surge of electing Tea Party candidates. That spoke loudly. Not only did they ignore us, the old-timers like McCain and Boehner badmouthed them and us for it.

        The establishment of the Republican party wants to be pushovers. I am all for working with the other party, but you can’t work with them when they are so irresponsible that they will collapse the nation. If you meet them halfway, they still spend way more money than we can afford. Republicans WANT to keep going down the same path. Screw them.

  9. It is not Obama dividing the Republicans. Its Bonehead Capitulating Boehner and his sing along glee members MaCarthy and Ryan. Senator McConnell has always been a “lets make a sell out deal” behind close doors. Just a big self righteous talker with no action. Win or loss because the House and Senate will not engage in a real dog fight using all its constitutional leverage in hand, the USA and the US dollar are soon to become irrelevant. The debt is killing us. The so called middle class obama wants to protect is only a pawn in his mastermind scheme . In the end the middle class will cease to exist. America will only be the super haves, the have nots and the do and know nothings. Next up. Bailouts for Democratic states (CA,IL,etc), teachers, unions, and payback for the green energy loons and party bundlers. Way to go Rinos. The republican party is now mostly led by Spineless and Shameful idiots. The only way out for the GOP is more young leaders like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Those that still have a conscience to save America. It will be the young Americans who are destined to be enslaved due to the failures and power grab of this Democratic party and its tyrannical king. These old intestinal gases in the GOP will go home and be forgotten while living in a very wealthy lifestyle. What a sham this is.

  10. I expected nothing better. I knew we were being lied to the last time we heard this, and I knew we were being lied to when they promised to get tough over the so-called fiscal cliff deal. Nothing but liars – all of them.

  11. Did anyone expect anything else to happen???? The party at Williamsburg was just a conferece on how to CAVE and look like we are fighting the fight. Our new Congressman was on the local news this weekend saying the “stategy” of the Coward Party is so goood. Granted he is a Rookie but he was emailed and told not to buy a house in DC yet. He was sent their to STOP the spending not kick the can down the road. He probably was co-pted when he got his free laptop for being a new congressman ???????

  12. WAY overdue to KICK the house down the road & replace them with Tea Party CONSTITUTIONAL Conservatives.

    1. The establishment just runs them out by gerrymandering or squashing them. The problem is the Republican party. I’m about to the point where I want the Tea Party to become a third party and tell the Republicans to go to hell.

            1. Yes.  Unfortunately the Republican party is the closest thing we have to that.   But even they are sparrows that are appealing to us as Bald Eagles.  The Democrats are vultures and bats.

        1. I will tweet her now, but what is CFP? Certified Financial Planner is all I can think of, but I’m sure that’s not it.

            1. Yeah, the same link you gave me. Before you told me I had no idea it existed. It sounds like the perfect party for me. I might give up on the Republican party and the hope of replacing them from the inside with Tea Party candidates. The establishment is effectively resisting and telling us to screw off.

              The CFP might be where I go if they become viable.

              Thank you, by the way.

  13. WHEN are we gonna GET A GRIP ???? Why not drop the laws against chain letters? Then we could all get rich, pay more taxes, and maybe help the USPS become a government operation with the opportunity to actually make a profit….

  14. As if I didn’t need any more encouragement this settles it. I will not vote for any Republican’s in 2016 unless the presidential nominee is Rand Paul. I will vote 3rd party or abstain. I have never not voted for a Republican, but I’m done.

      1. Agree, would like to see SP run for the Senate in AK. She is young enough and 6 years in the Senate would set her up for a run at POTUS. She needs more experience in DC.

      2. If she runs she has a good shot at getting my vote! Especially if there is no “R” after her name!

      3. I would much rather see Sarah Palin get behind 10 solid Tea Party Senate candidates like she did Ted Cruz. The media will attack her again if she runs for potus and we will end up with a Dem, again. She does a FANTASTIC job stumping for Conservatives. She needs to get behind Mia Love so she gets elected in 2014, she needs to help us in MN so we can get rid of Franken-Fraud. Key races with Sarah’s outreach will win us the 2014 Senate and more Conservatives in the House.

    1. Agree but have to put Rubio and Scott Walker, Gov , WI in that mix. Other than that the Coward party will lose, AGAIN with another RINO.

      1. Rubio is an amnesty guy and I worry Walker is as well given some things he said during the Romney/Ryan campaign. We need a potus that represents We The People NOT We The Lawbreakers!

    2. I agree with you, although I won’t narrow myself to Rand Paul yet. Others may emerge in the coming months and years. I changed my voter registration to Independent after this last election. I work hard at the local level in my community, I am active in the tea party and other conservative groups. I donate to individual conservative candidates, not to the RNC. I voted for Romney. I also voted for McCain. However, the days of this conservative voting for losers is over. Not again.

    3. The problem with rand is the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree. I want someone strong on pro-life!

      1. And strong on foreign policy and will fight the Islamist drug, porn and human trafficking cartels operating in the US. Even untaxed black market cigarettes are being used to fund Islamist terrorists.

        1. And someone that stands up for taxpaying Americans NOT illegal aliens with promises of amnesty, free pass for tax evasion, free college, etc.

    4. And that’s why Ron Paul would not ask his followers to support and vote for Romney. He wanted his son to run in 2016 and knew that would never happen if Romney/Ryan won. Makes me really distrust Rand along with Rand’s illegal amnesty desires.

  15. Nothing new here! Same old bunch of limp-wristed go-along-to-get-along Repubs. I’m thru with BOTH parties and just about EVERYONE in DC. They can all go to hell. We the People are on our own. Lock and load, the second American Revolution is coming soon. Either that, or we’ll all be slaves to the State as Obama, the Demunists and the Republicans bend us all over as they rob what little is left in the treasury and sell us all out. God help us!

  16. Why don’t we petition for a national vote of no confidence in this administration AND this congress and recall every single loser who refuses to do the job they were sent to do?

    1. Already told my Rep if he votes the wrong way one more time I’m going to start his recall. He was almost defeated by a Democrat. 5 terms is 4 too many, time for him to go.

  17. What they should do is ask NY’s speedy law writers to come up with a budget before February. Then we will see there is no need to raise the debt ceiling or tell them we will and do a Lucy on them for a change.

      1. More likely the problem would be the people who do not vote. When only 35% of registered Republicans get off their asses long enough to vote then we are guaranteed to lose the elections and wind up with these idiots in office. We are reaping what we are sowing my friend.

  18. Like I keep saying, the Republicans are big government, they always have been. We cannot depend on them to do the right thing. They are liberal elitists, who got beat up in school and learned to capitulate after talking up a big game if the bully actually did not back down.

  19. Lol… morons. They keep giving away the farm and get nothing in return. It must either be comedy night or amateur hour down at congress…

    Imagine what their secret meeting was about a week or two ago… Boehner: “Okay, I know what we’ll do… we’ll baffle them by giving in to their demands… and we’ll ask for absolutely nothing in return. They won’t know what to do!!!” Cantor and McConnell: “Yeeeeaaaahhhh… very tricky! I like it!!!” Everyone else, smacking their foreheads.

    I’ve never seen nor heard of a more spineless, whimpy, clueless GOP in my life. You gotta laugh because to get mad at their consistent incompetence is no longer an option… I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    1. I heard Alex Jones say months ago that B.O. and Romney are backed by the SAME interests and gave Goldman-Sachs as an example. What if A.J. turns out to be a modern day “Paul Revere” rather than “chicken little” ???

      1. That would reveal quite a bit. And why were the establishment Republicans so eager to push Romney on us? There’s a bit of truth in there…

        I don’t know Alex Jones… apologies. Glenn Beck was accused by some to be a chicken little also… but man, Glenn sure was right about a lot of things. I’ll try to learn more about Alex Jones… thanks.

  20. This Republican Congress with the exception of several TRUE CONSERVATIVES are Obama’s kiss-ups! The American people need to wake up and vote these jerks like Boehner, Cantor, et al. OUT of OFFICE!

  21. This is the President’s plan—–divide the Republican Party. It doesn’t look like they are divided at all. They just laid down and died. Replace them.

    1. You say it well, Betsey.

      As, Republicans, I think it time to admit, the strategy of anything other than getting our own house in order, FIRST, is not going to work…

      Nor, should it …

      Thanks again. Well said.

    2. The old guard, those established Republicans have to go. They think this is a parlor game, but the country is on the verge of collapse. Some of the younger Repub’s are standing for the constitution and still have moral values.

  22. Many throughout the centuries have tried to point to various antichrists and indeed the Bible says there will be many…1 John 2:18 for example.

    Food for thought:

    Most of us know that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and that Satan is none of those things. Therefore Satan has no idea when Christ will return, so does it not make sense to consider that there is always an antichrist at the ready?

    What does this have to do with this thread? Well, these House members will either be raptured or left 🙂

    1. I would only add God is also the Supreme Intellect; therefore, Satan is the epitome of stupid and always, always makes mistakes because he does not know what God will do.

      Now thinking that Satan is the eternal dunce look at what’s going on in the world. I’m just looking up to see how God is going to make a fool outta Satan this time. Looking forward to it.

  23. All this accomplishes is that it gives Showbama and his cronies yet one more example of how they can openly label them a ‘do nothing Congress.’

  24. So basically, the entire United States Federal Government has boiled down to:

    A) Congress rubber stamps to extract as much money as possible from the private sector, without the citizens finding out and revolting. (boil the frog)

    B) The Executive Branch borrows and prints as much additional money as it chooses to without causing immediate financial collapse.

    C) The Executive Branch spends all of the above on whatever it so chooses so long as it lets Congressmen send home some bacon, and transfers enough of it to entitlement voters, Unions and corporate cronies to keep the political class in power.

    1. You can also look forward to what the Supreme Court will look like after 4 more years of B.O. Any takers on the bet we`ll have a muslim on the Supreme Court ???

  25. I’m waiting to see what magic trick the Senate will come up with this time (like Obuma(no)care which carries a Senate Bill number which Roberts made illegal by rewriting the Bill to make the mandate a tax in his make it legal illogic and “fiscal cliff” taxes initiated by the Senate but put under a House Bill number) to get around the Constitution this time since Budgets must be initiated in the Senate and taxes, D’s call taxes revenues, must be initiated in the House. Of course the Congress doesn’t seem to even know the Constitution even exists so they will do whatever they want and continue their “we don’t need no damn constitution” illegal Law making.

    1. Correction: the Obuma(no)care act substituted HB 3590 as its Bill NO. and the House accepted the PPACA as an amendment to that House Bill. Sorry for the confusion. A Bill originally submitted by Rangel in Sept. 2009.

  26. The GOP is really committing collective suicide.

    I am sorry for the few good’uns in the House, and for the new Senators like Ted Cruz and Tim Scott, because they will also get to feel the full ire of the people – the people who have not voted for that POS and are getting angrier by the minute when they see how the cabal in Congress is blatantly selling them down the river.

    1. Don’t ya just love the ‘we’ll withhold congress’s pay’ but never finish the sentence – soon as we pass the budget, we get all our backpay in one lump sum.

  27. House Republicans on Monday unveiled legislation that will suspend the debt ceiling until May 19, setting the stage for a floor vote as soon as Wednesday.

    Does this mean, we don’t have to pay any taxes until May 19th?

    Is that it?

    Because, there is a term we use for the actions of those. who take our money and put it into “shady” investment schemes … where the risk of default…. is purposely undisclosed….

    More to the point: We, call it a felony, where I come from. Go ahead. Ask Bernie Maddoff. He’ll tell you all about it….

    Every single Republican who goes along with this BS needs his ass kicked to the “proverbial” Capital Curb….

    1. If the Debt Ceiling is suspended, i.e., no debt ceiling, does that mean Gov. spending is now the sky’s not even the limit for the next three months.

      1. I don’t know.

        But, there certainly is no effort by John Boehner to put forward his ideas, in detail to his own party. Let alone, to all of the American People.

        These are the actions of gangsters.

        Gangsters, with their hands in and picking the American People’s pocket, ….

        1. SO NO LIMIT until May???????????? is boehner brain dead???I know it does no good but we have got to start calling and emailing these idiots
          they are taking us with obama down a rat hole…………..WAKE UP

      2. Yes it does. They can spend whatever they want and that includes Barky moving as much money to his anti-2nd Amendment organization as he wants.

      1. The federal gov’t and our Congress is nothing more than a ponzie scheme

        The truly sad part is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

        But, unfortunately, gangsters know of no other way to do business…. Better said: It’s their tell. And they “tell it” very clearly…

        It’s like a bad habit they have, or something….

  28. So, the House held a weenie roast where they all volunteered as bun fillers. Those with chips on their shoulders were also able to contribute those.

    P.S. These wimpy, weenie, can-kickers need their own cans kicked.

    1. I am sooo… stealing that line. Oh, yeah. You betcha’ I am taking it as my own. It is mine, I tell you. All mine..

      Thank you.

      (FYI, I always tell my friends that I cannot promise to NOT steal from them. Because, as a friend I have duty not to lie.

      But, what I do promise, is to tell them. And, then provide them the full honor of getting even …… Or, better said: “That sandwich you had in the fridge? I was hungry. It was great.

      Thank you…


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