Howard Kurtz shows NYT story about Trump and Fox is FAKE news. Sorry, Newsmax.

“It’s been more than 100 days since Donald J. Trump was interviewed on Fox News,” begins a New York Times article that came out on Friday. In it, the leading evil newspaper in America claims that “skepticism” about President Trump “extends to the highest levels of the company.”

They say the network is “snubbing” Trump, and not “coincidentally” but as part of a deliberate effort to minimize him.

Howard Kurtz addressed it on Sunday. “I can report there is no edict whatsoever against having Trump on this network. I reached out myself with an invitation some weeks ago, and people close to the president confirm he hasn’t yes to any Fox show or been turned after asking to be on a Fox show. Just for the record.”

If there’s a Fox News divorce with Trump most MAGA would say “fine and good riddance.” I wouldn’t because that’s incredibly short-sighted considering the monster ratings Fox News commands.

But Kurtz’s brief remarks utterly disprove the premise of the NYT article. They claim he’s being shut down and shunned from Fox’s airwaves, and they start with the line about the interview. Their intent is that you think he’s being blackballed from interview requests.

The fact that Kurtz made one himself is definitive proof that their claim is false. He’s not prevented from being interviewed.

There may be bad blood — obviously there is, and their coverage shows it and has since the election — but the NYT lied by implication about Trump being effectively blocked from even appearing. Plus they are about ratings. Trump gets those for them. Let’s be real. The NYT tells little lies to help their big ones.

Those little one matter even more than the rest sometimes, because they are part of the thousand papercuts of the media’s overall propaganda strategy, they are relentless and ubiquitous, and most of the time nobody bothers to challenge them because individually they seem small compared to the big ones, if you see what I mean.

The NYT is fake news. They always were, they still are. Newsmax probably should’ve tried to remember that before writing this. But then again they are quoting Dick Morris so … you can’t expect too much.

Sorry, not sorry.

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