Huckabee is really considering a run for the presidency…

According to the interview below, Huckabee says that there are plenty of people asking him with ‘conviction’ to run for president:

One of the things Huckabee has going for him is name recognition, so he won’t have to overcome that hurdle. And if for some reason he became the nominee, something tells me that more conservatives would vote for him than they did Romney in 2012. Sure, some may stay home, but my guess is most wouldn’t find him as bad a choice as Romney.

But Huckabee is no Ted Cruz, Allen West, or Mike Pence. He’s not even a Rick Perry. So honestly I don’t see how he gets the nomination considering the potential we have for awesome candidates this time around.

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102 thoughts on “Huckabee is really considering a run for the presidency…

  1. I don’t know anything about his chances – positive or negative, and neither does anyone who posts below me. And that goes double for any and all pundits who weigh in from now going forward. He could get the nomination or not. He could win, or not. The only thing I know for certain is that I am done and quits with any “expert” bending over backwards to tell me why this guy or that gal has no chance or is a shoe-in. Think I’m being too hard on our dear pundits, see if you can locate Dick Morris and ask him if I’m being too harsh.

  2. liked him in 2008 but the party elites did not so we got McCain. Too late for him now but he is a very effective spokesman for conservative causes.

  3. i supported Huck in 2008, and then went on to support mclame. Then we got “the one” which changed so much during those first two years that we actually took back the house with the tea party movement, which I consider myself to be a part of. My point is that the country is a different place now than it was in 2008 and many people are seeing things in a different light now due to the political and fiscal mess we are all in. Perhaps Mr Huckabee sees this as well. I would support him for another run but yes I would prefer a Cruz, Paul or someone of their type. Just sayin…

    1. Huckabee was really bad on illegals when he was governor. Scroll down and see the links I posted. Paul supports amnesty and Cruz does not have natural born status.

  4. Yaaaawwwnnnn. But I am getting ads for Bruce Rauner for governor. I guess the interwebz thinks I still live in IL.

  5. Huchabee was a left leaning governor of Arkansas. His big thing is the
    “pro-choice” baloney which will turn off woman without whom the GOP can’t win. I reject that Romney was a poor choice. He was honest and knew how to get America’s economy going, and would have granted state’s waivers from Obamacare.

  6. Not again, Mr Huskster wouldn’t you say you and McCain did enough damage to America and Americans your first ,his 3rd time around? Lets ask Mr McCain if he’s in for another do over, you two guys really pulled a bait and switch on American’s that got Obama elected the first time, so sure have it again. We’re not surprised by either of you, we Americans have learned the hard way that we can always count on RINOS and oath breakers to stick together like krazy glue.

  7. “So honestly, I don’t see how he gets the nomination considering the potential we have for awesome candidates this time around.” I agree. He needs to stay out of it and not split the vote.

  8. If there was ever a perfect balance of progressive ideology and social justice all wrapped up in a soothing mental salve of artificial conservatism, it is Mike Huckabee.

    His level of popular support proves that low information voters are not sole purview of the democratic party.

  9. Go away Mike, just move on and go away. And, take Chris Christie with you. Perhaps a weight loss ranch out in Arizona ?

  10. Love Allen West but I just don’t see him as president since Ted Cruz hit the scene. I just think Cruz is much more polished, more wily and just better equipped to methodically dismantle the lefty drivel due to his background. Huckabee? Meh, seems like a nice guy but nothing to get excited about…

    Cruz/West would be the kickass ticket by my reckoning!

    1. Cruz does NOT have natural born status.
      I find it truly disturbing that conservative posters keep posting “Cruz for pres”.

    2. I wouldn’t mind having Dr. Ben Carson in the mix, or maybe better yet have all of the good Tea Party politicians like the Mike Lee’s, wind up in key positions, to drive all the ‘good ol’ boys’, you know, the establishment that are like an ingrown toenail, out of their comfy set ups. We have a pretty good bunch that we’re looking at currently, we need to back every one of them to the hilt.

  11. Ok, lose a radio show and now your bored then you decide to run for President? What a shyster! No one is going to vote for you, Huckabee. But perhaps he will be there to decipher votes away from our other much younger and more articulate candidates.

  12. He is one of the reasons the republican party loses elections. Nominate him and they get the religious fundamental vote but not much else. The guy is a big gov’t advocate. He was all on board with Common Core, Let’s Move, schools overseeing student weight and body mass. If there is a gov’t program that is invasive, huckster is all for it.
    And his kid tortures puppies.

  13. Has the huckster done anything since 08 to indicate that in anyway he has become more conservative, more presidential or that he could garner any additional support than in 08.

    Maybe he thinks running for president will get his name out there to help promote his next radio gig.

    1. He got dental implants, lost weight and now pretends to be against Common Core. Don’t forget his promotion of Michelle Os starving children, he must think he’ll get the liberal vote for that.

      1. Have you seen him lately? Chris Christi’s older, fatter, brother?
        All he is doing is mudding up the race to help elect his brother in fat Chistie.

  14. I see Huck as a real good man with a heart as big and soft as all outdoors, and unfortunately, a head to match. That’s what let a murderer out.

    1. Must disagree. He refused to go after a rapist who attacked a relative of Clinton and he swept under the rug his son torturing puppies.

      1. Ouch! “Affluenza” strikes again? I’m real sorry to hear that. The son will progress in some bad direction. Thanks for the correction.

  15. Huckabee is just a Southern fried Rick Santorum. He’d make a few waves in the primaries but if by some miracle he got the nomination I don’t think he’d carry any state outside of the Deep South.

  16. Now Chrissy Chris will have to work extra hard to get boehner the complainers vote from going to the huckster.

  17. He might get the nomination by the RNC (I think I’m saying that right). Huckster is superficially conservative, he’s eloquent and likable, and yes, he has some background and name recognition. But he’s at best: a moderate and more likely a RINO/Establishment-type. I think he’s a poor choice. I would have gladly pulled the lever for him in 2008… but now he’s known and what he stands for isn’t conservative values (at least not 100% – or even close to 100%). We could do worse (McLame, Romney), but I won’t vote for him again. Not when we have a deep field of serious and REAL conservatives to choose from.

  18. As was noted previously, the establishment is getting nervous about Gov Palin’s book tour, her speeches and the positive reaction that she had received – that it was only time that we would start hearing that Santorum and Huck would be considering a run-

    A way the establishment will try to diminish the Palin Effect

  19. Check out Huckabee’s record as governor. His spending. His pardons. Check out his purging of his sermons from when he was a preacher. Check out his behavior in the 2008 elections. Deception and political gamesmanship.

    Huck is no conservative.

    Sad so many pastors and religious people think he is.

  20. Hillary needs to watch her back. Huck and Hill running against each other in the Dem primary would be great to watch.

    Oh, wait, he’s not thinking he’s still a Republican is he?

      1. Nice reminder. I can’t see how anyone who is somehow “against” the Democrat party could possibly think of Christie or Huck as a solution.

  21. He’s not a constitutionalist. He might be a social conservative, but he’s a Common Core proponent. He might be backtracking now, but that just stained him. Plus, I don’t think he will be fiscally restrained as other conservatives.

    There are a lot of things I am looking for in the folks running in the future. I’m sorry, Huck.

    1. Yes to the former governor re executive experience.

      But what did he do with the exec experience?



      Social justice through government spending.

      Not much different from Christie or Romneycare.

      1. Well, I didn’t say I liked him, just that being a governor seems to mean something to some people. I have noticed that, similar to Clinton, he has some charisma about him. It must be something in Arkansas; the state sits on a bed of crystals,,,woo-woo- very new age spirituality there; maybe there is something to it.

  22. We could do a lot worse! I would prefer Ted Cruz & Mike Lee, but I would vote for Huckabee if they didn’t run.

    If it were between he and a RINO piece of crap like Christie, who are you going to choose?

    1. Never again. Write in a better candidate,. You don’t owe the Republican party anything (other than a boot to the face), and voting for either Huck or Christie is not going to help the nation.

      Never again.

      1. Well said!

        However I must caution one thing. Check the write in rules in your state because you could void your entire ballot depending on the state and the rules.

          1. Cruz 2016. I want West as SecDef, SecState or VP.

            Would vote for the man without hesitation if he were the candidate though.

    2. As I typed elsewhere, Pssst: Huck’s not much different from Christie. An overweight bully with a Southern accent and progressive record..

    3. Oh man, did you have to bring that up again? having to vote again for the umptied time holding a hand over my eyes?

    1. Yeah, really. I suppose all those people that don’t watch his TV show or didn’t listened to his canceled radio show urged him to run.

      God doesn’t condone lying.

  23. Good guy, pretty darn good bass player, respect the whole pastor thing, boring show on fox, couldn’t do it before, will not do it in the future. bounce dude, bounce.

  24. Huckleberry is just fine where he is. A voice for some conservative values on his talk show. We need someone 10 times better who can drive home what a conservative direction really is and where it will lead the entire country should we abandon the progressive dictatorship.

    1. Yup. Agree with all you said. He is a good man but too willing to change directions. We need someone who knows what America needs and can stand up and persuade others with reason … not bow to dissenting opinion as Huckleberry (like that name) is wont to do.

        1. You probably know more about him than I do, Lonestar. I know I was very, very disturbed that he commuted the sentence of a convicted felon with a really violent criminal history. Maurice Clemmons moved to Washington state and proceeded to murder 4 police officers as they were having coffee; he was also a child rapist and much more.
          So I don’t care one bit for Huck’s judgement. And his smooth (greasy) words probably allow him to be the snake you feel he is. 🙂

  25. Another progressive wolf in conservative clothing.

    Problem is, too many well meaning conservative voters are ensnared by his folksy Elmer Gantry routine.

    1. I dunno…his folksy manner is one of the few things I like about huck. It sure as hell beats the elitist, condescending, insulting noise that we get 24/7. Johnny Boehner. Johnny McCain. Yeah I know G. W. Bush and Palin have their “folksy” routine. but let the leftist media soil their pants over it and I like it when they do. Government is supposed to be for the folks after all. Still agree with you on huck’s moderate stance

      1. I don’t have a problem with folksy. I like folksy. It is the fact he uses it to obscure his progressive political positions and to bamboozle well meaning conservative voters.

        Many of Huckabee’s positions aren’t that different than McCain’s or Boehner’s, (i.e. amnesty or the debt ceiling). He’s just not as abrasive.

        In the case of Palin, I think the majority of her folksiness is genuine. She is not using it to obscure. I think she uses it to relate to us folks.

        1. Yeah I hope I know the tricks he and other politicians play. Rick pulled one in my home state back 2008 to benefit McCain. Still have a bad taste over that.

  26. Huck had his chance. He, a Baptist minister, could not bring himself to say that homosexuality is a sin. If he is that disloyal to his Christian faith, will he be trustworthy in politics?

    I don’t believe it. Also, as Scoop says, conservatives have several much better choices. Either huck is an egotist who won’t face reality, or the GOP is testing for a candidate to split the conservative vote and make darn sure Cruz, Allen West, or Mike lee, etc. don’t win the nomination. For BOTH reasons, there is no way I will vote for huck.

    1. Let’s hope so.

      However, he could still play spoiler. He has done it before.

      The role of stalking horse can be quite lucrative, depending on who one is stalking for.

  27. I am certainly not of those who are asking Huckabee to run. He’s shown himself to be a RINO and I wouldn’t support anyone who supports or has supported Common Core.

    1. Just what is needed another RINO in the 2016 primaries. These guys just cannot adjust to the lack of attention.

  28. Would pick him over Chris Christie. That’s saying something.

    Here’s another something, If either Cruz or Lee were in that mix, Huck would not even be in the running, just as he was never in the running up against Rush on the radio.

    1. Where’s the executive experience of either?

      It matters.

      Legislators are not executives.

      Let’s look to governors.

      Pence. Walker. Palin.

  29. Do yourself a favor Huckster and just sit this one out. We’re bringing in the A-Team this time around. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee… and while you’re at it, why don’t you get Christie to have a seat with you. You can have a beer summit while the rest of us try to actually win.

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