Huffpo tries to debunk Rush’s Polar Vortex comments, fails miserably…

Yesterday we brought you Rush’s comments on the new Polar Vortex, arguing that the media is trying to blame this cold on Climate Change, aka Global Warming. Huffpo picked up the article we posted and then decided to try and debunk Rush’s comments via an Accuweather Meteorologist. The problem is, he didn’t really disagree with Rush’s main point:

So he basically agreed with Rush, that you can’t blame this storm or any storm in particular on Climate Change, aka Global Warming, and then went on to thank the IPCC for pointing out there is NO proof that any of these earthquakes or hurricanes are related to Global Warming.

Now you may be saying to yourself, yeah, that’s a fail but it’s not all that miserable. Well, what’s miserable about it is Huffpo posted that video under the title “Rush Limbaugh’s Polar Vortex ‘Hoax’ Comments Knocked Down By Weatherman“.

As Dan Riehl points out, it’s like they didn’t even listen to what the meteorologist said. Ha!

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42 thoughts on “Huffpo tries to debunk Rush’s Polar Vortex comments, fails miserably…

  1. The clown Zach Carter gives us more of the typical leftist playbook – use a little sarcasm, ridicule, etc. when you don’t really have a basis in fact. I don’t believe there’s any honesty among leftists – anyone seen any lately?

  2. Here are some good questions to ask the warmongers:

    Has the Climate changed in the past?

    What caused this change?

    Why has there been a ‘warming plateau’?

    Was this predicted by the warmongers?

    Their response will invariably be an attack on your intelligence – but those questions discern the warmongers IQ, not yours.

  3. The polar vortex has been around for a long time, it’s just a new strategy for the global warmongers.

  4. Rush Limbaugh’s Polar Vortex ‘Hoax’ Comments Knocked Down By Weatherman

    This title was used with the knowledge that most of the HUffPo’s readers would not read the article and conclude that the scientist did in fact disagree with Rush. Liberal deception is always in play.

  5. More proof that MSNBC are just cheerleaders for positions on issues they don’t really understand.

  6. You’re surprised they obviously didn’t read the article, i.e. the obamacare bill, … or anything else ? ! The juxtaposition of a lib to a conservative is the fact of no accountability whatsoever for the lib.. Otherwise we might not have had this mess we have in the white house.

  7. Well, at least the second person interviewed stuck with the MSNBC theme of being a completely wacko network. I’m sure HuffPo is trying to vie for that.

    Let’s assume man IS causing global warming (I don’t, but for argument’s sake let’s do). What the AGW people are trying to do to our country, and the industrial countries of Europe, will do nothing to stem the tide of Climate Change as long as they completely ignore China, India, and all of Africa.

    Now granted, the UN is controlled by these and other third world, anti-US countries, so we know why the IPCC originally went the way they did (until they were caught red-handed). But it MUST be brought out that the amount of pollution these countries are putting into the atmosphere is a vast majority of the pollution in the world today and the reduction of ours (especially since we are over-regulated as it is) will not make a dent in any way, shape or form.

    Having said that, I believe man-made global warming is merely a localized phenomena anyway. If the polar vortex breakup of the arctic is causing frigid climate change in the northern hemisphere, then certainly there must be an associated polar vortex breakup in the antarctic region, which should be causing mild summers in the southern hemisphere right now.

    I have heard of no such thing and I certainly don’t think that Global Warming is discriminatory toward the USA. Or is it?

  8. …it’s like they didn’t even listen to what the meteorologist said.

    That’s because it’s a LOT easier to just scream “Science!” than it is to actually comprehend it.

  9. Cold air dropping from the N Pole into the US is the opposite of what the term Polar Vortex means. Maybe these MSM/Press college educated nitwits should buy a dictionary…Oh, never mind, they have been making up their own definitions pretty much forever…

  10. Interesting, libs not listening to those who are the “experts” in the field they so want to agree with them….no way!

    1. Wow! I thought our -5 temps yesterday were bad – I know it hurt exposed skin when I went outside.

      Up to 20 today! Global warming!

  11. Hadn’t seen the Rush commentary, but I thought something similar about
    this “Polar Vortex”. It was just something the media could do to try to
    give the event a name to make it sound different since mundane severely
    cold weather would just lead to people thinking that global warming is a

    Can’t have that now can we?

    Yeah, the Accuweather guy agreed with Rush but still tried to make it sound like all sides had something wrong.

    1. To rephrase: Did coal power plants, car and humans cause the warmest period during the medieval times, when the climate was on average 1 degree higher than now?

      Could it have been solar activity, volcanic activity, or cow farts?

  12. #polarvortex is another SCAM being pushed by the Old Media & Global Warming *true believers* on gullible citizens. ~>

          1. I didn’t say you want to trash it. I was just stating the rule. People can mention C4P, we just don’t want threads being hijacked to carry-over some flame war from C4P here to Scoop’s site. That’s why he banned the “topic.”

            (People were actually doing that).

            But that’s not the same as mentioning it or even linking to something there if it’s relevant to the thread topic. Scoop never said he had a problem with C4P, the website.

  13. Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts.
    Hey! I remember snow in January… looked a little like this. This was about 20 years ago, my last winter ‘back home’.

    1. Most liberals that I know refuse to let the facts get in the way of what they want to be true.

    2. That looks mild. We used to walk off the roof of the chicken coop on my grandfathers farm when I was young. The snow piled pretty high back then. 🙂

      1. Oh this is nothing compared to some. This is the only pic I had though in my computer lol. I know what you mean. We had piles like that too. 😉 Used to build snow forts in them.

  14. Nothing that the progressives say or do is rooted in logic and reason. Logic and reason to progressives is as detrimental as sunlight is to vampires.

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