I will not watch Supergirl any longer after tonight’s episode….

I’ve put up with a lot during this season of Supergirl. The first season had its problems, but it simply wasn’t that compelling of a story. And while the second season has been an improvement, it’s still had its ups and downs.



But the biggest ‘downer’ for me this season is the very aggressive push the writers have taken when it comes to homosexuality. One of the main characters, Alex Danvers – the ‘sister’ of Supergirl – found out she was gay when she fell in love with a lesbian female cop in National City. So the Danvers character came out of the closet, telling her friends she was gay, and then eventually moved in with the female cop. And of course the writers made sure to include lots of gay drama along the way as this whole scenario played out over several episodes.

Thank God for DVRs as I did a lot of fast-forwarding this season. But for whatever reason I stuck with the show, even nicknaming it “Supergirl and her lesbian friends”.

But no more, not after tonight. I simply just cannot take any longer the liberal bent this show has taken.

For example here’s a short clip where Calista Flockhart’s character, Cat Grant, insinuates that a lying alien who deceived the American people to become president is still better than Republicans, as long as she is still a Democrat:

[wpvideo esmvFdN7 w=755]

Now that was just a small jab at Republicans and one I could overlook. But it got much worse.

In another scene where Calista Flockhart’s character was trying to create a distraction for the queen of the invasion force, she gives a ‘moving speech’ to the people of National City to RESIST the invasion, a speech that was almost certainly written with Trump in mind:

[wpvideo cCqLuOmy w=755]

They used overt Trumpian language in her speech that honestly reminds me of how Hillary tried to reverse it and use it against Trump:

“They promise to make this world great again, yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great.”

I think they would have used ‘illegal’ aliens here if they could have fit it into the plot:

“Aliens and humans, we need to band together and we need to stand up and fight back.”

This was obviously just a hue and cry to the liberal masses who are deranged over the fact that Trump won:

“Everyone needs to get up and say ‘not in my house’. Let’s prove to these thugs that we are strong and we’re united and we’re not going to be conquered.”

It’s almost like they brought Calista Flockhart’s character back to the show just so she could make these political jabs. The episode would have been much better without her and that’s saying something, because I really liked her character in season one.

There’s so much that could be said about the stupidity of certain scenes…for example the fact that the Democrat president (Lynda Carter’s character) flew Air Force One into National City toward the alien mothership, only to have her plane decimated by the queen of the aliens. As a friend of mine put it:

And there’s much more where that came from, but I don’t have all night.

The only other thing I will note, however, is just how forced this episode felt with all of the major characters/villains being women. It’s like because the show is about Supergirl they had to make all of them women, like for feminism or something. They even took out the male leader of the DEO (the group that helps Supergirl) just so they could put a woman in charge. It was like the episode was running on estrogen steroids and honestly, it was just annoying.

At this point I’ve had all I can take of these hollywood writers forcing homosexuality and liberal politics into Supergirl. I don’t even care how the finale ends at this point. Of course I do know that the main writer, Greg Berlanti, is gay. But his team has really gone way overboard in this show compared to their other CW shows, one of which is my favorite – The Flash. I just pray they don’t ruin The Flash the same way they’ve ruined this one.

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