IDF Spokesman: We have photographs of Hamas rocket launch that hit Gaza hospital

IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, made clear on CNN that they had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on Shifa hospital in Gaza. He said the IDF has photographs of the rocket launch in Gaza that struck the Shifa hospital:

BLITZER: What can you tell us about this destruction, this shelling that hit the hospital in Gaza today? Horrible casualties, children, a lot of sick people – we know Hamas blames Israel; you’re blaming Hamas. But tell us why.

LERNER: That’s just preposterous. We did not target the hospital.

BLITZER: Could it have been an errant Israeli rocket or missile or shell, something along that line?

LERNER: Absolutely not. We have indications and the chief of staff just presented photograph of the launch of the Palestinian rockets from Gaza this afternoon around 5:00 p.m. that struck those positions. Now, since beginning of this operation, we have noted 200 cases of rockets that have fallen short within Gaza Strip.

BLITZER: Rockets fired by Hamas?

LERNER: By Hamas, at Israel, that have fallen short in the Gaza Strip. This is just another case. It’s unfortunate that it lands in the Gaza hospital, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Israel.

BLITZER: One of our reporters told us he interviewed people there who said they heard an Israeli drone that makes a unique sound flying overhead just before that incident occurred.

LERNER: In the last three weeks, through your reporters, almost every time you can hear the drones, the Air Force in the background, there is extensive presence because they’re carrying out these attacks, these rocket assaults against our civilians. So we have capabilities in the air at any given time. We have nothing to do with this attack against the hospital, which was originated in Gaza and struck Gazans.

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