If FBI had ignored MY CHARITY FRAUD, MAYBE they woulda stopped Orlando terrorist!! – Brown

In an unbelievably hilarious statement, the troglodyte Democrat indicted for stealing money from kids in a scam charity says that the FBI might have been able to stop the Orlando terror attack if they had left her alone!!

This seriously blows my little brown mind:

“These are the same agents that was not able to do a thorough investigation of the agent and we ended up with 50 people dead,” Brown told reporters.

What a wretchedly stupid fool.

What’s even more amazing, is that rather than having competent counsel who should have smacked the microphone out of her face when she tried to make such an absurd statement, it looks like her lawyer actually said it first!!!

WOW!! LOL!! If she hired such an idiot to represent her, I can see her going away for a long long time!!

Corrine faces more than 300 years in prison if she’s convicted of scamming people with a fake charity that was intended to give out scholarships to poor kids, but investigators say simply funneled donations into her pockets.

[h/t Daily Caller]
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