‘If they don’t DO SOMETHIN’ we gonna start KILLING COPS!’ – Princeton prof gives ‘insight’ to whites

After Al Sharpton gave his idiotic performance blaming the cops for the assassinations of Dallas police, Morning Joe thought it would be a good idea to ramp up the racial division and brought on another moron.

This guy is the chair of African-American Studies at Princeton University, and he tries to give an insight to white people about what black people are saying in barber shops all around America. And what he says they’re saying is that something needs to be done, or they’re gonna start killing cops.

Watch below:

Unbelievable. He offers this as “insight” to white people about how black people think. But I thought we were all racists for saying that “Black Lives Matter” was extremist and targeting cops – now this dumbass is telling us that ALL BLACKS want to kill police!! They really need to work on their messaging.

I really don’t think this moron is representative of blacks. Just the fact that he’s the chair of African-American studies means that he’s most likely skewed to extremism. But if he isn’t, then we’re in way more racial trouble than I thought we were…

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