Illegal alien advocates PROTEST Coulter book event; Ann responds, ‘at least they weren’t MOLESTING 4-year-olds’

A bunch of idiotic illegal alien advocates tried to crash a book signing event by Ann Coulter, but all the did was elicit an idiotic insult from Ann Coulter.


As dozens of fans waited their turn to have a book signed, several people rose from the tables in the adjacent Starbucks and began bellowing slogans:

“Undocumented, unafraid!” they yelled. “Ain’t no power like the power of the people ’cause the power of the people don’t stop!”


The protesters inside the store, unfurled a large banner reading “Adios, Ann Coulter,” and brandished Mexican and anarchist flags. Some approached the front of the line and attempted to confront Coulter, but were rebuffed by security guards.

“Go back to Europe, Ann Coulter!” one particularly vocal man screamed. “When our communities are under attack, what do we do? Fight back!”

The guests waiting in line, including some young children, mostly ignored the protesters. Some defiantly held up copies of their signed books.

The furor did not seem to faze Coulter, who cheerfully signed books and posed for photographs with her fans.

After getting escorted out of the store by security, the protesters reconvened outside the entrance, shouting “Shame on you!” to those who walked out holding a copy of Coulter’s book. At one point, the group ripped up a copy of the book, littering the space outside the store with paper.

“Don’t have kids! Don’t have kids!” one of the protesters screamed at an older couple exiting the store.

Way to make sure those people hate illegals and all immigrants even more, idiots. And then, just to make things worse, Breitbart got Ann to make sure more Americans hate conservatives:

“You have to understand,” Coulter told Breitbart News, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

Wow. It’s really a shame that she has to sink to this level to sell books. She has to say even more and more bigoted and racist things to get attention, and I really hope more conservatives tell her to shut up. I am very much against illegal immigration, but you don’t have to be a racist idiot about it – this kind of crap just helps liberals paint us are extremists. And most Americans aren’t against immigrants, they’re against illegal immigrants. Ann is really hurting us more than she’s helping.

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