IMPORTANT: CNN FALSELY blames Republicans and Democrats for funding Dossier; Here’s why they are WRONG

CNN had a panel on today to discuss the Clinton/DNC funding of the research into the anti-Trump dossier, at this point Wolf Blitzer and a Washington Post editor both falsely claimed that Republicans and Democrats funded the dossier (via The DC):

This is a distinction I have not yet made so I’m glad to do it now.

We know a Republican donor funded opposition research into Trump via Fusion GPS in the primary campaign during the election. We know that after the primary the Clinton Campaign and the DNC both funded research into Russian collusion and the dossier via Fusion GPS.

Here’s the distinction which explains why CNN is wrong to blame both Republicans and Democrats for the dossier:

Steele’s company wasn’t hired by Fusion until June, well AFTER the Republican donor had already dropped Fusion.

The Republican donor had nothing to do with the dossier it seems which is why CNN cannot honestly make this claim.

CNN needs a new commercial because clearly they are calling an ‘apple’ a ‘BANANA’ in this news segment.

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