INGRATES: Leftists ATTACK Nikki Haley on social media after getting what they want!

Of course these idiots who were demanding that the confederate flag be taken down from in front of the capitol in South Carolina are now attacking the woman who changed course and is advocating for what they want. Because liberals are just filled with blind stupid rage and they can’t actually be happy ever.

Leading the imbecile parade was CNN’s Sally Kohn, as always:

What a sad pathetic existence. They have to rage because they’re so mired in their victim mentality they just can’t allow themselves to be happy for one second.

But my favorite is this one:

LOL! Nikki Haley is East Indian, but that won’t keep this moron from whining that people only listen to whites. Maybe it’s a reverse Rachel Dolezal thing – she “identifies” Nikki Haley as white for the purposes of her tweet stuffed full of stupid. She has since deleted this tweet.

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