INSANE VIDEO: Antifa members don Andy Ngo masks, stalk his HOME banging on doors, windows PURGE-style

Journalist Andy Ngo documents the crazy Antifa “protests” in Portland, filming them blocking intersections, fighting with police, destroying property, and attacking people – including him – on the streets of an American city, which they do because they don’t like Trump. And because he films them, they really don’t like Andy Ngo, either.

The fascist violence of Antifa is well-documented. There is simply no question that it happens often and goes unpunished routinely. The press simply don’t want to tell America about it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. (Same press who were beside themselves with joy over two Proud Boys getting long prison sentences for beating up Antifa members.)

Well a bunch of obvious Antifa members in hoodies and masks (practically the group’s uniform) visited Andy Ngo’s house this week, menacing him and his family, ringing the doorbell and taunting him with cries of “trick-or-treat” in a full on “The Purge” style, sinister act of intimidation.

And to add a level of Purge-like creepy, their masks were print-outs of Ngo’s own face. Watch.

[wpvideo FGVrCOyU]

Remember how the media collapsed into seizures of melodramatic panic over threatening letters sent to CNN? Yeah well they don’t have anything to say about this. They don’t care if Antifa comes to your house. YOU deserve it, you see.

Here’s Ngo’s tweet, describing the behavior.

So yeah, they are also doxing his family members.

This is criminal behavior. It’s stalking and harassment and it’s politically motivated and they are singling out a journalist and the media doesn’t give a flying rat about it. In fact, because Ngo (who is filming VIDEO not writing opinion) is documenting Antifa instead of documenting some MAGA group, you won’t catch the press calling him a journalist very often at all. They did when, briefly, they offered weak sauce minor objections to his being beaten in the streets, but after liberal Twitter took the MSM to the woodshed for daring to defend him, they stopped calling him a journalist or even covering the continued stalking and abuse.

And now this. This obvious menacing and harassment and intimidation. And they don’t care.

America 2019. Anything goes as long as you’re anti-Trump.

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