Is Ted Cruz voting for Trump?

This morning Eliana Johnson and Tim Alberta wrote an article for NRO on the backlash Cruz has received from donors after his convention speech.

In the article they posted this little nugget:

Many of these supporters celebrated with Cruz the Friday before the convention began, when the Texas senator came to Cleveland to address a private gathering of several hundred conservative leaders. Over the weekend, as word spread that Cruz would not endorse Trump, tension began to build.

Several of Cruz’s prominent allies — including Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, whose endorsement Cruz had spent two years courting — caught wind of his thinking and urged him to reconsider, according to sources familiar with the discussions. They feared that he would weaken the Republican nominee heading into the general election and damage his own presidential prospects in the process.

Cruz received similar warnings from members of his team. While an explicit endorsement was out of the question, his advisers and confidants were bitterly divided over whether he should announce that he planned to vote for Trump in November: His campaign manager Jeff Roe and his longtime best friend David Panton were in favor, according to a source familiar with the internal debate, while finance chairman Willie Langston, campaign chairman Chad Sweet, and chief strategist Jason Johnson were against.

If what I highlighted in bold is true, it sounds like Cruz intends to vote for Trump in November.

Now I know some of you may begrudge him for doing so or even intending to do so, but as I’ve said all along, this is a tough election and people are between a rock and a hard place. I don’t begrudge anyone for choosing to vote for Trump or deciding, like I have, to instead write in a candidate.

Whatever you think about this, Cruz did stand up for principle at the convention, even if he was also planning ahead for another presidential run.

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