“Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its FOUNDING”

Obama said yesterday in his big speech closing out his summit on Violent Extremism that Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since it’s founding. Yeah I know, first you’ve heard of it to.

But the first concrete example he gives of this is in 1890, which is well over a century after America’s founding. I’m sure the press will jump all over this:

Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding. (Applause.) Generations of Muslim immigrants came here and went to work as farmers and merchants and factory workers, helped to lay railroads and build up America. The first Islamic center in New York City was founded in the 1890s. America’s first mosque — this was an interesting fact — was in North Dakota. (Laughter.)

Muslim Americans protect our communities as police officers and firefighters and first responders, and protect our nation by serving in uniform, and in our intelligence communities, and in homeland security. And in cemeteries across our country, including at Arlington, Muslim American heroes rest in peace having given their lives in defense of all of us. (Applause.)

And of course that’s the story extremists and terrorists don’t want the world to know — Muslims succeeding and thriving in America. Because when that truth is known, it exposes their propaganda as the lie that it is. It’s also a story that every American must never forget, because it reminds us all that hatred and bigotry and prejudice have no place in our country. It’s not just counterproductive; it doesn’t just aid terrorists; it’s wrong. It’s contrary to who we are.

I think we all remember the first significant encounter Americans had with Muslims:

CNS NEWS – According to a Heritage Foundation paper, shortly after America’s founding, the United States “was dragged into the affairs of the Islamic world by an escalating series of unprovoked attacks on Americans by Muslim pirates, the terrorists of the era,” who looted American ships and captured American sailors, holding them for ransom or selling them as slaves.

The paper notes that America’s struggle with Muslim pirates from the Barbary States (modern-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya) began soon after the 13 colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776 and continued for roughly four decades.

Funny how Obama didn’t mention that. In fact these Barbary pirates weren’t just random jihadis out to make an easy buck, they were Ottoman pirates — you know, from the great Ottoman Empire that Erdogan and Obama are in the process of recreating?

Convenient facts don’t fit Obama’s Islamic agenda. America might as well be a Muslim country to hear him talk.

But it’s not. And with God’s help it never will be.

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