IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump tells House Republicans he’ll support amnesty even for Dreamers that did not apply!

The White House is now telling House Republicans that Trump will not only support amnesty for DACA recipients, but also for ‘dreamers’ who didn’t even apply:

And you want to know the kicker? It’s what Grahamnesty and Durbin were proposing!

So I guess that makes it the official position of the White House now. Ugh.

I’m all for a ‘dreamer’ solution if we can really get a secured border (wall or otherwise) and the other immigration proposals Trump is calling for, like ending chain migration and so forth.

But a path to citizenship is just too far. And unfortunately, Trump has now officially put it out there. Which means, as Ted Cruz put it, Republicans will fall all over each other to make this happen.

Once they do that, ‘amnesty slippery slope’ here we come! Because it will have set a precedent for giving the other illegals in this country a path to citizenship, and that will become the cause celebre of the day of Democrats. Because hey, Republicans have already done it! And next thing you know, amnesty for 30 million illegals (or however many there are here now).

Thanks Trump.

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