“It’s one thing for a candidate to change his mind, it’s another to be an UNINDICTED FELON”

Mark Levin said last night that the presidential race is crystallizing for him. He characterized it like this:

Here’s the thing. It’s one thing for a candidate to change his mind. It’s another thing for a candidate to be an unindicted felon.

See what I’m saying? more and more this race crystallizes for me. But I see Hillary Clinton as an unrepentant crook and criminal.

That was just the beginning. Listen to the rest below:

Now before you jump all over Levin for this, let me show you something from Erick Erickson, the chief of the #NeverTrumpers:

The Unhealthy Anger of #NeverTrump’ers:

We spend a good bit of time writing about and documenting the unhealthy anger of Trump supporters, some of whom have quite literally shown up on my doorstep and yelled at my kids in public places that their father is destroying the country. But what of those of us who are opposed to Trump?

There is an unhealthy trend at work. The sufficiency of opposition to Trump and duration of opposition to Trump is now a benchmark and if you were not opposed all the way and forever, you lack integrity without some meaningful act of penance to be judged by those who never liked him anyway. Most of those same people were Rubio fans who hated Cruz too. So if you were willing to support Cruz, you thereby enabled Trump and you are to blame.

It is as unhealthy and bizarre as the Trump supporter who will only believe polls that show Trump in the lead.

The day after the election is going to come. The country will not collapse. And there are going to need to be people who are around to pick up the pieces. It’ll take a lot of us working to find common ground. Certainly, I think there are people who will no longer deserve a seat at the table. But they are the people who went early for Trump with gusto and some who went late, but threw themselves into it with reckless abandon. Those numbers though are small and those opposed to Trump need to be cautious of becoming as angry as so many who flocked to Trump. “Convert or die” is no more appealing for those opposed to Trump than it is for those who support him.

You can read the full article at his website.

My point is that just because someone decides to vote for Trump, even if they said they were ‘never trump’ at one point, doesn’t mean that they are selling out. As I’ve said many times before, this is a crappy election and many people find themselves between a rock and a hard place. If someone votes for Trump because believe Hillary is worse, then I would never hold it against them.

In fact, I feel like I’m am beginning to moderate on my #NeverTrump position. I was furious after the convention and I was right to be furious.

But the criminality, corruption, and radical left Marxism of Hillary looms over the country. And despite how terrible a candidate I feel Trump is, I’m left with knowing if he loses her evil will reign supreme, and I just don’t know if I can live with myself knowing I didn’t do what I could to keep her out of office.

So that’s where I am in a nutshell at this moment, and where it sounds like Levin is as well.

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