J. Christian Adams: It’s frightening that criminally-convicted illegals have been released by Obama admin

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report, that the Obama administration is not disputing, that shows in 2013 that 193 illegals who have been convicted of MURDER have been released by ICE back into the general public. 426 illegals convicted of sexual assault and over 16,000 convicted of drunk driving were also released in 2013, according to the same report.

J. Christian Adams says these numbers are frightening, especially when you consider that this report only accounts for 2013. And as he points out, these people being released aren’t simply an oversight:

Make no mistake, this is not an accident. This is reflective of an ideological worldview. This is a product of agitation by racial interest groups, particularly pro-open borders groups, to stop deportations. This is not merely an oversight, that someone lost the key to the jail. This is a deliberate effort to placate an activist base. And so it’s no accident.

Watch the full interview:

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