Jake Tapper says Trump needs to CLARIFY his Obama statement if he’s gonna BAN media for reporting it

El Trumpo got his Depends in a bunch today and said that he is now banning the Washington Post for daring to report that he insinuated Obama had something to do with the Orlando slaughter. But Jake Tapper rightly says that if he’s going to ban the press, he needs to clarify what he said because so many of his fans thought just that.

Watch below:

Tapper concludes that if Trump intended to make such an insinuation, then it would be, “ridiculous and frankly, truly offensive.”

I think Tapper is on safe ground here, since Trump seems to be using this same tactic over and over again. He comes right to the line of saying something insanely outrageous, but says it just enough to let his fans think he said it. Then, after receiving all their praise and applause, if he’s pressured over it he denies he ever actually said it. I defended him when he used this tactic on Mexican illegal immigrants, but after seeing him do it the 20th time, it’s just hard to deny he’s doing it on purpose…

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