James O’Keefe: Gov. Cuomo is targeting us…

James O’Keefe says that Gov. Cuomo is targeting Project Veritas and the timing is very suspicious. O’Keefe says Cuomo has subpoenaed the last three years of his financial records just after saying that conservatives aren’t welcome in the state. But even more than that, Project Veritas is a citizen-journalistic outfit with sources to protect and he’s worried that his private information will leak out to the press, as it has in the past.


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111 thoughts on “James O’Keefe: Gov. Cuomo is targeting us…

  1. This is just the beginning, James. Get a visit from the IRS yet? Cuomo’s faux pas was an inadvertent admission of the truth.

  2. economic inequality…. pro lifers…. second amendment….. all just hateful rhetoric. Never EVER do any of these hate mongers stand on the principals of their ideas! .they only demean and dehumanize anyone that DISAGREES WITH THEM!!!!! Remind you of anyone? Go back to 1936 when a certain man spoke against the west and the Jews!!!!

  3. There are no journalistic outlets in the state of NY that has even covered this Socialists comments, much less anything corrupt or illegal would ever get covered here.

  4. Every single dirty little secret of Cuomo’s needs to be gathered against him, and then tell him: I dare you, you little worm.

    Move operations out of state and then expose him from your new home for the trash that he is.

    1. As HUD secretary, Cuomo was neck-deep in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac housing and loan scandal–‘He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded “kickbacks” to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced and unsupportable loans. Three to four million families are now facing foreclosure, and Cuomo is one of the reasons why.’ http://www.villagevoice.com/2008-08-05/news/how-andrew-cuomo-gave-birth-to-the-crisis-at-fannie-mae-and-freddie-mac/full/ 8/5/08. There’s serious dirt to be uncovered on Cuomo, and he knows it.

  5. Cuomo has a history of Selective Prosecution,

    anyone remember how ran after Gov. Paterson for some stupid Yankee tickets he received ???

  6. Cuomo like all other democrats turned thugs and tyrants can’t have the truth exposed. They fear the daylight it shines on their lawless, heartless ideology and it may take away the power and financial gains they have received thru the pain of others.

    1. Democrats have become freedom’s worst enemy.
      Nazi’s were that several generations ago, communists followed and now we have democrats taking over the dubious distinction of being lawless tyrants.

  7. The communist Russian regime, the Nazis, and all other tyrannical, power drunk despots all printed the news as they wanted. They left things out & they put propaganda in. They also demoralized ,persecuted and in many cases terminated anyone who stood their ground against the evil. The only difference with this government and those is this one doesn’t execute their opponents for standing up to them…….YET. The book of tyranny and submission authored by barack insane Obama is just on chapter one.

    1. It’s getting worse by the second. It use to be something that happened to other nations in other times, but it’s in the here and now and happening to ordinary citizens.
      My husband and I just got notice we’re being audited by the IRS for the last THREE years. They want every conceivable document you can imagine. After 44 years of marriage and my husband working since he was 14 years old, all of a sudden we’re being audited.
      When fascism knocks on your front door or enters by way of the mail box, you know it’s real.

        1. No, they didn’t say why we’re being audited. It’s not one of those “mail in” audits. They have set an appointment for us to meet in person.
          We can’t afford a tax attorney, we can’t even afford obamacare!
          They want ALL our bank statements for the last three years! I’m glad they’ll get to see the times when it said NSF!
          We do have a good CPA who has done our taxes for the last 12 years, but he’s in Idaho and I doubt he will come out here to sit in with us. My husband is putting in calls today, but I’m just hoping we can find ALL the paper work they want for three years!
          That’s the scary part, if you can’t prove what they’re asking they take away the tax deduction and then you get to pay the fines and late charges which are astronomical.
          Thank you for the prayers.

          1. Technically speaking the accountant has to represent himself. He signed off on the taxes and compiled them. If he made a mistake then he is financially responsible. I actually had that happen. You must inform that accountant because he has the right to defend himself. He could probably do it with a conference call. He doesn’t necessarily need to come to you.

            1. He is legally responsible for any fines we may incur?
              Can you give me any details on how that works?
              Since it is long distance, my husband compiles the information and then sends it (no hard copies) and then he proceeds to do our taxes. Does that make a difference?

              1. Shouldn’t make a difference. Yes if it is determined he made a mistake then he is responsible for the fines but you are still responsible for the tax portion owed.

                1. Only if he signed the returns. Many people have returns completed and only sign it themselves.
                  Most importantly, why is it so damn hard to do taxes? Why is it necessary for badlibs to 1. Hire an accountant, 2. need legal representation to answer questions?
                  This is insane! We are all held captive by a government agency that is out of control.

                2. I agree, it is insane and it’s nothing what the founders agreed upon.
                  The IRS should be abolished.

                3. Ok, good. The amount of taxes isn’t as bad as the fines and late fees they charge.
                  My husband faxed over the notice and the CPA seemed to think it was pretty straight forward, they want to see the receipts for write offs. They aren’t contesting the legality of the write offs.
                  It’s just a matter of being able to find all the hard copies from three years ago. And if you can’t prove it they can deny the write off and then you smacked with the bill of what’s owed plus their extra charges which are insane.
                  What we may not be able to find we’ll have to ask for new copies, hopefully they will give us any extra time that might be needed.
                  Thanks for your input.

                4. Ok, good. My husband is calling the IRS agent tomorrow, he wanted to get all the info he could from our tax guy. We have almost three weeks before a perfect stranger will begin rifling thru personal and private documents.
                  I feel violated already.

                5. Applepie gave me some good advice, record the meeting or take a witness. I’d like to do both.
                  Thanks again, Laurel.

          1. I know, bad. And I don’t know how they can be stopped. They have become very audacious and show utter contempt for the constraints placed upon them. Just look at the EPA stealing a million acres from Wyoming.
            George Washington supposedly said the following, though I guess it is disputed. Whoever did utter these words knew what he was talking about.
            Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.
            Just keep your head up and know that you have God’s protection. Let us know if you need moral support, okay?

            1. Thanks for the kind offer, Patriot.
              The government of this nation is no longer the one the founding fathers fought and died for, nor many other citizens who gave their very lives for our freedoms. What a sad commentary, that it looks like for future generations they would have died in vein. 🙁

              1. Oh, bad, you are welcome. I’m just sorry you find yourself in this position.
                Once again, I have to thank God that my husband, who did fight for this country in Viet Nam, did not live to see this tyrant elected. He passed away the day before the day of infamy. I tremble when I think of the future our kids and grandchildren could experience and pray that people have their gullets full of this horse puckey.

                1. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your husband, I wasn’t aware of that, Patriot. 🙁
                  Makes our problems pale in comparison. You’re so kind, that’s one way of being able to tell a conservative from a liberal, the level of kindness conservatives show and offer is wonderful.
                  “Horse puckey” is a great way to describe what this vile administration is unleashing on so many Americans just trying to live day to day in an honest and quite way.
                  Your husband is a hero and deserves a hero’s remembrance.

                2. Thank you for your kind words, bad. The reason I love TRS is that the people here are so kind and respectful. I always enjoy reading your take on things 🙂
                  You would think after 5 years I wouldn’t feel the need to mention my husband’s passing. I don’t do it often, but I am real happy he didn’t have to see bozo elected. He would be livid if he saw what is happening to our beautiful America and the divisiveness of this administration.
                  The day after he passed my son and I went to the polls and cast our votes even though we could hardly stand to leave the house.
                  Of course I still miss him and wish he could see our grandbaby. I’m grateful that I have him and can see my husband sometimes in his expressions. Such is the circle of life.

                3. My heart breaks for you, Patriot, really it does. That’s a loss that never gets light to bear. You’ve lost your best friend and life partner. God understands and knows the heaviness it brings.
                  I’ve experienced deep loss that lasts a lifetime too, not my husband, but another kind of best friend and other loves, so I know even though we get on with life there’s always that underlying heavy heart, beating just beneath the surface.
                  I’m glad your dear husband hasn’t had to witness the decline of the nation he served.
                  And glad that God has brought you another kind of joy in your grandbaby! I always tell my DIL that her son, our grandson who is five now, saved my life!
                  When I want to crawl away, he always brings me back! For that we can thank God, Patriot and I know you do. God bless you dear internet friend! 🙂

                4. Dang it, bad, you’re making me tear up! You are so sweet and understanding and it feels wonderful to be able to share a story with an internet friend.
                  I guess if we never suffered the heartache of loss we would never feel the all encompassing joys of love. The snapshots in our minds live on and the memories in our hearts remain.
                  God bless you and may you always have lovely grandbabies to tug at you when your spirits are low.
                  I know the days I get to spend with mine keep me going and thinking of new things to do.

                5. I’m so sorry for you losing your husband. And also my prayers will be with you for a successful uneventful audit..

                6. Thank you for your prayers, 12grace. I can always use them.
                  But at this point, I believe only badbadlibs is facing an audit. I will pray that I remain unmolested. 🙂

                7. Yikes, I messed up that post, huh?

                  But, sincerely I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose people that you love. It helped me thinking that my loved one’s last breath on earth was their first breathe in heaven.

                8. That’s a great way of thinking of it! I think it’s easier to let go when they have suffered great pain and you know they will have a perfect body in heaven.

                1. I can’t imagine him loving his own family so much he would die for them.
                  The only person he loves is himself.

              1. I thought so too, Laurel, but the Mt Vernon website indicated there is nothing to support that he did say it and they don’t know the source of the original attribution. It sounds like a Washington quote, and I like thinking he did say it, so I may try to look into it further.
                Would your daughter have something on it? She’s a history major, right?

                1. Oh she is has long since graduated with her degree. I will ask her but I have written material that attributes the quote to him. As a matter of fact this is the first I’ve ever heard of him not being credited with the comment.

                2. I wasn’t aware of any dispute over the quote either and wanted to quote it accurately. When I looked it up on the web I saw several remarks about misattribution so went to the Mt Vernon site.
                  Since you have written material you obviously trust, it makes me wonder if we have a revisionist at Mt Vernon. I pray not.

                3. Wouldn’t surprise me. I have dealings with Mt. Vernon and there is few less than stellar people on that board. They go where the money is and right now the money is primarily on the left.

    2. “Democrats” are deceased. There ARE no more Democrats. These are a new breed of fascist. They are liberal-marxists. They control what was ONCE the Democrat Party.

  8. Gov. Cuomo’s targeting ‘Project Veritas’ is just further proof he wants to replace the current thug in the WH. Cuomo wants all Democrats to know he will follow Obama’s unconstitutional tactics of going after anyone who opposes their dogmatic progressive values.

    Hillary will not defeat Cuomo who will attract the same socialists backing from people like George Soros.

  9. Obama, on many occasions, made it clear that people should turn off Talk Radio and Fox news. Like most bosses a suggestion is actually an order.
    You didn’t listen so now he and his kind have to remove those media venues from you.

    1. You’re right, I never thought of it as an order to his minions, I thought it was intended for the general public. Which he hoped for, no doubt. When the gloves come off, all these “subversive” news outlets will be muffled.

  10. O’Keefe has every right to be concerned. It’s time to stop these thugs and take the country back to freedom.

  11. Haven’t done buss with the (D)em-wits since 92’…Bubba/[email protected] crapola made lying the “new norm”..and (D)ung-Hole (D)em-wits are the BIGGEST LIAR ON EARTH…I Buy non-Blue State and Non-Union.

  12. The rest of the journalist in the good ole USofA should be very afraid. This is how it starts, with someone you think, well, they aren’t really like us at all and besides, “What difference does it make?” This is how it begins and it is then that slippery slope to the point where no one has the right to publish, talk or bring to the forefront what is going on in these United States. A chill is definitely in the air…

  13. Time for Conservatives to leave NYC and let Cuomo and the other liberal leftist fall on their own petard. Suffice it to say, Conservatives are paying most of the taxes in NY.

    1. What about those of us with 401Ks and other retirement accounts. How are we suppose to leave Wall Street? At some point there will be no escaping the clutches of liberals in Washington, NY, and Wall Street.. We have to stop retreating and start fighting!

        1. Nope!

          Republicans for decades have ceded ground hence the reason once red California is now blue and the ripple effect of that on the culture has been enormous.

          1. How do you suggest the few Conservatives left in NY fight back? Protest? Write letters? Send emails? Sign petitions? Call our so-called Representatives? Voting? We don’t get fair votes anymore. None of this has been effective.

            1. Since I don’t know much about state law in New York then I can’t tell you but what I do know is people need to get involved beyond the blogosphere.

        2. I am not talking about red states not fighting against the blue monsters. I am addressing the realistic battle of red people in notorious blue political climates.

          At a recent ICE protest in NYC, 10 Conservatives marched against Amnesty while hundreds of illegals and Dems marched on the other side of the street.

          The Illegals and leftists cursed, screamed, threw things and threatened violence. While the Conservatives, were polite and controlled. They carried tasteful signs, didn’t get into shouting matches with the leftist and simply marched.

          Cops harassed the Conservatives throughout the event and said NOTHING to the the leftist about their law breaking behavior. And the leftists continued to spit at, scream and yell racial slurs at the Conservatives.

          NY Conservatives are thought of but not treated almost as bad as the Jews of Nazi, Germany,yet.

          The media coverage stated that the Conservatives were Anarchist Tea Party people and the illegals were just poor, innocent, people that came to NY for a new and better life,

          This is typical NYC.

          Upstate has more Conservatives than the city and they are fighting a good fight. Communist Governor Che-Coumo is doing his best to see to it that they are all disarmed and defenseless..

      1. The plan should be that Conservatives relocate to Red or Purple states and let the Blue states fall on their own petard.

              1. I have never said that we should do anything that is illegal. And last time I looked it wasn’t illegal to relocate to another state.

                So how do we use the law to stay in NY and fight back?

                Make phone calls? Send emails? Send snail mail letters? Sign petitions? Protests? Support Conservative candidates and pray for a fair vote? Write stories for newspapers and hoping that they publish them ( most NY papers do not print the Conservative point of view).

                Go to court and file against the injustices lodged at NY Conservatives ( have you seen the number of liberal judges in NY?). Use the internet patriot sites, etc

                I think you are a true patriot and wonderful, Laurel and I get that it’s unfair that we should have to relocate because Fascist have taken over our city and state. I just don’t see how NY Conservatives can win this battle while residing in NY.

                I am not suggesting that we should concede to the oppressors of freedom and violators of our Constitution.

                1. What exactly is your panties in a twist about here?

                  We have ceded ground for decades at all levels of life including the culture. Due to that we now have a dictator for a president. So in short…ceding ground doesn’t work.

                  In the mean time learn the law and fight back against the discrimination using the law. Also pull a Guy Fawkes and start communicating anonymously with your neighbors for starters. Do you know how to write to get people’s attention? Do you know someone who does? Do you have a printer that goes with that computer you blog on?

                  It’s time to kick it in high gear and start asking people if they like being a dictator or participating in oppression for starters. Ask them if they worry about what comes around. Start with your neighbors and do it anonymously. Or do a You Tube video. There are ways to fight back.

                  Freedom isn’t free. It costs time and yes sometimes money as well.

                  Do something, anything besides ceding ground because I can tell you for starters that is exactly what the left and Cuomo want.

                2. What exactly is your panties in a twist about here? Your comment was Nasty and unwarranted, Laurel.

                  We are on the same side, we are just approaching the problem from different vantage points.

                  There are many ways to fight back but it is not wise to fight in the same way and get no results and continue with the same ineffective strategies.

                3. No your comment was unwarranted and the sheer fact you keep posting to me on this topic tells me you don’t like to be disagreed with. You are the one that started with the vociferous posts. Not me.

                  And no we aren’t on the same side on this issue. Passive aggressive blogging and continually attacking me because I disagreed doesn’t get the job done.

                  What are you willing to risk for freedom 12grace? Anything? Everything? What is it going to take to fight for what is right?

                  And I didn’t suggest using the law as point to suggest you are doing anything illegal. Use the anti-discrimination laws on the books for pity sake. You are in such a high gear over nothing you aren’t reading things as written.

                  And so far all Cuomo and DeBlasio have done is shoot their mouths off. That is why it is imperative to start communicating with your neighbors so that the likes of those never get elected again. They have been accused of discrimination but it must be proven. However one can show a pattern to their behavior so do it!

                  And you contradicted yourself here with this statement: “There are many ways to fight back but it is not wise to fight in the
                  same way and get no results and continue with the same ineffective

                  I do believe that is what I said to start with. And results are measured over time. Very rarely do they get measured in the immediate. Ask the Founding Fathers. Ask the abolitionists of the Civil War era. Ask the civil rights marchers of the 1950’s and 60’s. Ask the communists who infiltrated our culture and government over a century ago. Evil and ignorance are patient and persistent so too must good be to be counter effective.

                  You need to start changing minds of those around you. Changing my mind is of no value since I don’t live in New York and quite frankly I won’t even go for a visit. That state will not get my money…and that is a point to bring up with your neighbors as well.

                4. Laurel, you are the one that doesn’t like to be disagreed with and your snide remarks ARE unwarranted.

                  I was not attacking you at all, I asked you directly how you thought New Yorkers could fight. I thought perhaps you could offer some constructive idea’s, rather than just stating that Conservative NY should stay and fight it out.

                  I don’t care if you mind is changed or not as you are NOT in the trenches fighting in NYC, I am.

                  And let me tell you, Lady its been one hell of a fight.

                  No need to continue this conversation as until you walk in my shoes or other New Yorkers fighting the fight,. you have nothing constructive to offer us. And it’s sad.

                5. What in the name of heaven are you talking about?!!!

                  I didn’t make a snide comment. I stated an opinion. You countered…and not very nice at that and then went to pull stuff out of thin air. I gave you a few suggestions as you asked for but the reality is you didn’t ask because you wanted suggestions. You demanded because you thought you would corner me. What I suggested is starting a grassroots movement. Ironically I’m answering this comment from a Mark Levin thread where he also makes suggestions. Outside the box suggestions.

                  As to walking a mile in your shoes…I HAVE, DID, STILL DO, AND AM! I live in California and my husband and I both work in government! The reason I gave the suggestions I did because even the libs here are shocked and less than impressed with Cuomo and DeBlasio and their comments. If you can’t impress the progs in SF then I find it hard to believe the progs are impressed in New York.

                  And since when is it incumbent upon me to offer you a solution to New York’s problems?! Since when??! I really would like to know that. Get creative and get cracking…but stop blaming me. Have you even looked at what other grass roots movements have done and how they started? Instead of using your computer to berate me and insist I provide solutions to NY’s problems perhaps you should use it to find some for yourself.

                  Yeah go ahead and play victim, blame me, boo hoo about invented snide answers….BUT IT WON’T DO A SINGLE SOLITARY CONSTRUCTIVE THING TO FIX NEW YORK.

                  And what is this comment by you? “I don’t care if you mind is changed or not as you are NOT in the trenches fighting in NYC, I am.” You proved my point about not reading things thoroughly through as written. Get a grip….yeah that was snide and on purpose. Your comment is incorrect completely because you didn’t read what I posted properly. Try again.

                6. I read your comment and don’t appreciate your rudeness and inability to apologize when you are wrong.

                  Hey, sweetheart, I am not playing victim and I and others like me have managed to do more than you with your empty suggestions and inaction.

                  I’m done with this stupid discussion.

                  No need for me to try as I’ve already succeeded..

                  I’m done with you.

                7. No you didn’t read my comments as written hence your mistakes as I pointed out.
                  And you really are a hypocrite. You complain about snide then use words like ‘stupid’ and a very condescending ‘sweetheart’. Perhaps you should take the plank out of your own eye.

                  And once again I’m going to ask why is it incumbent on me to come up with answers? I gave you a few suggestions that worked for me. What the real problem is people like you want maximum reward with minimum to zero risk. And here is another reality check…you have absolutely no idea what I have ever accomplished in my life so stop with your rampant emotional blustering because that is what progressives do. It’s not intelligent or even logical.
                  Yeah I bet you are done…which is good if you are incapable of reading and absorbing information properly.

      2. Not leaving our country but supporting like minded people in red states until we are strong enough to take our blue states out of the hands of fascist.

        1. You will never be strong enough since we conservatives have a thing called ‘states rights’.

          You are either for them or against them.

    2. With Socialism spreading like a cancer and technology in the hands of government, we are running out of places to hide. We take a stand or we fall, but I do understand the frustration and a desire for a quick solution.

      1. I understand that it goes against the grain for people to be forced by the political climate to leave their homes. But, think about what life would have been like for the Jews that were able to escape Germany but instead decided to stay and fight the Nazi’s in Germany. Instead of staying in Germany the Jews relocated to countries like Israel and as you know Israel has one of the strongest military’s in the world. They came back to fight and win.

        1. I am sorry I will not be watching. When I watch Obama speak I yell at my t.v. set too much. The neighbors don’t like that. Too stressful listening to lies.

  14. So when will a million Americans march on DC and these leftist hellholes demanding these tyrants step down?

    1. Actually we have. There are continuous gatherings and marches since 2009. We have also started smaller demonstrations in our small town. Reactions are generally positive. Even the cops give us the thumbs up. Check out overpassesforAmerica on the internet. They are doing work that encourages just this.

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