Jeb Bush: Illegal immigrants should be punished……BY EARNING LEGAL STATUS

Jeb Bush told Megyn Kelly tonight that on the topic of illegal immigration, that illegals should indeed be punished. But apparently his idea of punishment is not the same as yours or mine:

MEGYN KELLY: You told our own Shannon Bream not long ago that [illegal immigration] is not a felony, it’s an act of love. But lots of crimes are committed out of love. That’s my question to you. It doesn’t stop their prosecution. So what is it about illegal immigration?

JEB BUSH: I think illegal immigration ought to be punished by coming out from the shadows, earning legal status over an extended period of time where you pay a fine, where you work, where you don’t receive government assistance, where you learn English, where you don’t — where you’re deported if you commit a crime as is the law.

There are no — there are very few other options that I can see. The option of self-deportation or making things so harsh is not really — I don’t think that’s practical. Rounding people up door to door isn’t practical either. We need to enforce, you know, the laws of our country for sure. Enforce the border. 40% of illegal immigrants come with a legal visa and just stay. We ought to be able to figure that out. But a practical solution of getting to fixing the legal system is also allowing for a path to legalize status. Not necessarily citizenship.


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