Jeff Sessions: Ted Cruz was on MY SIDE and fought the Senate Amnesty bill to the end

Jeff Sessions defended Ted Cruz in a recent speech he gave, explaining the backstory on the 2013 Gang of 8 amnesty bill that many of us have forgotten and just how determined the Democrats and the Gang of 8 were to get this bill through the Senate and the House. He explains some of the tactics used by the Democrats and says that Ted Cruz was on his side the entire way through as they fought this bill that eventually died in the House:

It’s a really great point that Sessions made about how this fight isn’t over, that the next president will likely find themselves in a position to approve or reject another amnesty bill. We know this is extremely plausible, with the RINOs in both the Senate and the House just ready and waiting to do another comprehensive immigration bill.

Now who do you trust to stand firm against such a bill? Marco Rubio, who has already advocated for it once? Or Donald Trump, who really isn’t a known entity when it comes amnesty and immigration?

Or Ted Cruz, who we know has already fought to defeat it once and succeeded?

Yeah, the choice is obvious.

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