Jim Jordan puts Peter Strzok’s firing in a very interesting perspective…

Congressman Jim Jordan just added some very important perspective to Peter Strzok’s firing.


Here’s the important part of what he said:

You now have at the FBI something I’ve never seen at any federal agency.

James Comey, fired.
Deputy Director McCabe, fired.
Jim Rybicki, former chief of staff has left the FBI.
Jim Baker, chief counsel at the FBI was demoted, then fired.
Lisa Page, FBI counsel, demoted, then left.

And then of course you now have Peter Strzok who was demoted, and now fired today.

These are the six key people at the top of the FBI who ran the Clinton investigation and who launched and ran the Trump/Russia investigation. I’ve never seen anything like that in any other federal agency.

That’s really interesting when you put it all together like that.

Now some of you might point out that Trump is the one who fired Comey. But it was the deputy AG that said he should be fired and gave Trump the justification for it. So paint it however you like, but Trump had the DOJ’s blessing.

And as Jordan points out, these weren’t just low men on the totem pole. They were at the top, and that says something very disturbing about the FBI.

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