John Bolton gives TOUGH response when asked about the risk South Koreans dying if we attack N. Korea

The problem that many say we have with attacking N. Korea, whether it be to take out their nukes or to topple the regime, is that many South Koreans could die in the process. N. Korea could launch traditional weapons into South Korea and kill hundreds or thousands.

Bolton was asked about this yesterday in the wake of the latest hydrogen bomb test by N. Korea, as he was arguing that the only option left is for South Korea to take over N. Korea and reunify the peninsula. Here’s his tough response:

Bolton bluntly asks “what do you think about dead Americans?” in response, as he quickly notes that this is not going to be easy. He points out that the problem is only going to be tougher to deal with down the road if we let it continue.

Bolton argues that while they aren’t there yet, Pyongyang is very close to hitting targets all across the United States with thermonuclear-tipped ICBMs.

But they could also sell these weapons to Iran, who Bolton says is ‘flush with cash’ after the Iran nuclear deal. Or they could sell them to terrorist groups, or use them for nuclear blackmail, etc.

Bolton ends the segment by invoking the words of FDR from a Fireside Chat on Sept 11, 1941 where he said:

“When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you don’t wait until it has struck before you crush it.”

Bolton said North Korea’s ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, along with Iran’s, are the rattlesnakes of the 21st century. If we leave them be, there will just be more rattlesnakes in the world to deal with.

Watch the full interview for more:

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